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Web Application Developer - PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Postgresql, Drupal, Linux, HTML, Apache | WordStream

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Position Title: Web Application Developer - PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Postgresql, Drupal, Linux, HTML, Apache

Location: Boston, MA (Commuter Rail and T Accessible)

Status: Full Time, Regular

Responsibilities: The Sr. Web Application Developer will be responsible for developing and administering all Web marketing infrastructure for the Web site. Typical day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Writing Drupal Modules

  • Writing & Customizing Drupal Themes
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How to structure my e-commerce site?

Im making a site selling tea. The default url structure would be;
(Home Page)
(Category Pages)
(Product Pages)

The Category Pages list about 10 teas. Each has an image and a paragraph of text.

Should I not use Product pages? All the information about each Product could be seen on it's Category Page. Presumably this will optimize for the Category terms or ‘black’ and ‘green’, more than the Product names?

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Continually being penalized

Hi there,

This is my site:

I started to build it around 15 months ago and by the end of this January it had made the top two spots on Google for my target terms. However, one day I noticed that my homepage had completely disappered from Google's index.

In the end I submitted a reconsideration request to Google and it reappeared back at the top shortly after it had been processed.

A week later the same thing happens again.

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Version 2 of Content Optimizer readying for release

We finally got version 2 of the Content Optimizer module release candidate ready and would appreciate any additional input. The purpose of the module is to help people audit their content for SEO statistics and provide best practices recommendations. Version 1 analyzed nodes during editing. V2 now has a modal interface thanks to Chaos Tools and adds the ability to analyze all Drupal pages including views and panels, free form content or any accessible web page on any website for that mater.

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7 Drupal Modules to improve SEO of your Drupal website

Drupal out of the box has good SEO features that makes it Search Engine Friendly (SEF) instantly, just converting a website to Drupal has positive effects on the SEO side. With good themes that have SEF markups and things like javascript (JS) and CSS aggregation in Drupal core it helps to speed up a website and attract search engine bots. Core modules like path helps to define SEF URL for the content of your website with clean URL without the ?q=. If you have path on, I guess the obvious next step is to get pathauto, so I will not include pathauto in my list below.

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Google will use site speed to set its Page Rank, will that matter to Drupal 7 sites?

Hola gente!

Pues bien, habrán leído la noticia que Google va a utilizar para indexar sus sitios la velocidad de carga como un elemento más a medir. Si bien no es un elemento que va a pesar mucho en la determinación del PR (aparentemente menos del 1% del total de sitios se ha visto afectado hasta ahora), creo que es un tema de discusión interesante.

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Google is using site speed as a factor in search rankings

It's no surprise that site speed offers visitors a better experience, but Google just announced that site speed is now a factor in search rankings. I think this has actually been true for some time, but it's worth mentioning here. This is definitely another feather in the hats of performance specialists who offer high performance tuning services to their clients.

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How To Generate The Dynamic Meta Tags In Views Or Panels...

I am new bee in drupal still i had developed a small website in that i am using views and panels now i want to give the dynamic meta tags is it possible any how....

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Quick SEO for Drupal?

Ok, so I'm new to Drupal and THE main reason I'm new to it and not been using it over the past couple years, is because it doesn't have good SEO techniques defaulted or easy to adjust to.

I've tasted the power of Drupal though (finally), so I need to develop with it, which means I need to learn to make sites:

  1. Be good SEO friendly, quickly.
  2. Be good SEO without any trouble for a new user when I hand the site over.
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auto meta-tags

I want use use metatag for my content. instead of typing tag for each node. I want to module do it for me. like google keyword page. module check my content and generate tag according to my content

how can i do that?

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301 redirect is working for but not for ....

I am getting a strange problem with 301 redirect it the code is working for with www in the link and not working for with out www

RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^api$ [R=301,L]

if i type it works but if i do it doesnt work \

Adv thanks

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Pay Per Click Marketing Coordinator | Volacci

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Location: Austin, TX is currently seeking a full-time, on-site PPC coordinator for our Search Engine Marketing department. We need a doer! Someone who really knows how to get things done for our growing portfolio of new clients. We have plenty of programmers, designers, writers and SEOs and we need to add someone to handle the PPC to our team.

Primary qualifications:

Sets and meets deadlines
Closely follows procedures
Someone who knows how to get things done
Quick learner
Fantastic Communicator

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Site move caused a change in taxonomy term tids; serp implications

In the process of converting a D5 site to D6 (with a major structural redesign), the tids of terms were changed (there was no way to prevent it - the changes were very broad).

Unfortunately, I just discovered that we had some serps for high-value keywords attached to some /taxonomy/term/tid pages, which now point to completely different terms.

I had an idea of how I might ameliorate this, and hoped the group might have some feedback:

1) Remove taxonomy/term/tid pages from search engine indexes, moving forward, replacing them with a custom URL

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?q parameter

I just discovered an unfortunate function in Drupal 5.x (Drupal 5.20) which creates multiple content in Google.

Where Drupal is an url alias.
are offcourse the same but google catches both and indexes them.

adding Disallow: /?q= to robots.txt wil block these multiple urls.

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Duplicate URLs are being generated

My google webmaster tools is showing many node URLs on the site being gotten duplicate. Actually I used Quick Tabs module almost a month ago and it created duplicate URLs such as, etc

for the actual URL

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Comment Permalinks and Duplicate Content

I'm working on backporting the comment permalinks from Drupal 7 to Drupal 6 and am curious what the SEO folks think about the way it works.

The code was added to Drupal 7 in this commit as a result of this issue which is really about making the "recent comments" links work properly regardless of which page comments are on.

What this code does is:

  1. Create a new path - "comment/CID" which points to comment_permalink
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taxonomy and views pages and SEO -- what's the best practice?


If you have a site where the same teasers can appear on many different pages -- such as taxonomy pages that show all teasers with that tag, or views pages that use arguments -- what's the best practice for SEO?

I'm concerned that by having the same teasers show up on so many pages/urls may be hurting over all SEO status.

Should some of these taxonomy and view pages be excluded in robots.txt and an xml site map, so that search engines only index the pages that really count. Or is there no penalty for having the same content show up on many urls?

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Kristen Pol's picture Website Traffic Going Up and Up and Up

I've been getting tons of calls/emails about Drupal work in the last 6 months. I just did an alexa search today since I was curious what traffic has been like on It's gone through the roof over the last 6 months:

and based on this, is now ranked in the top 1000 websites!

Note that also saw the same pattern during that time period and has a higher rank that

It will be interesting how this plays out over the next year.

Go Drupal!

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Google Caffeine - Improvements to search algorithm

On Tuesday night at the Melbourne Drupal Meetup, there was some discussion on the relevance of meta tags in helping search engines classify content..

While RDF in core will move us a long way toward more relevant semantic data, the major search engines continue to work on their search algorithms...

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SEO Checklist Module version 2 released today

Version 2.0 of the Drupal SEO Checklist module was released today. Check it out and give me your feedback!

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