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Thought for food?

I am not a drupal expert. About a year old, but I offer SEO along with the site to my clients which makes me write the article here. If we need to tweak Drupal to make a site as per the clients design, we end up using a lot of very useful add-on modules like the Sidecontent, Content Template, CCK, Views, Taxonomy list etc. End result, a beautiful CMS that the client can manage herself, but from teh SEO angle a horror..
1. Alinks will not work anywhere but in the [body].

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Proposed SEO Session at DrupalCon DC

I've proposed a panel session on SEO and Drupal for DrupalCon.

Ben Finklea and Greg Knaddison are going to be on the panel with me.

Please consider voting for the session.

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Duplicate Content

I have built this site
All content in the site is created as a "product". Now since we needed the get this product page pulled from the taxonomy list page, I created a view to do this. Now from the seo point of view I just realized that i have duplicate content:

How do I solve this issue? Will the site get banned because of this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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DUG-TO Meetup Presentation on Drupal SEO & Internet Marketing

Here is the link to the SEO/SEM document that I presented at Toronto DUG Meetup last night. It describes some of the things I've learned about SEO & Internet Marketing while developing & promoting Drupal based York Region & Toronto Real Estate website for my wife Jasmina.

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Proposal for Module "Keyword Density Check"

Hello everybody,

I've just testet a commercial tool that checks different quality aspects of a text like word and sentence length, use of sentence constructions and others. Very interesting is for web texts the possibility to provide three keywords for the text. The density and position of these keywords is checked and you get a recommendation to raise or lower density and position of these keywords.

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Senior Drupal Consultant for our Developers and Designers and a Drupal Designer is needed | – Nonprofit, but we

Employment type: 

We are building a large network of sites that will have many interesting challenges to conquer and this has not been done anywhere on the net so far.

Some of them are:

Website Creation Wizard with SEO
Ubercart customization
Multi-site control (domains not subdomains)
Complex user rights and roles
Integration with Wild West Domains API
Two tiered Affiliate/Contributor Marketing Management System
Related Ad Rotation
Related Content Rotation
Outbound feeds
Incoming feeds for topic related content
Network wide search by domain and by keyword or phrase

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Best way to hide /node pages

I'd like to "hide" my Drupal 6.X site /node/... pages from the search engines, because I am using custom paths. There seem to be several ways of doing this:

(1) robots.txt: adding "Disallow: /node$"
(2) global redirect to 301 the pages
(3) removing node pages from menu system programmatically or making them admin access only?
(4) htaccess?

I'm not sure what the pros and cons are here. My preference is using robots.txt, since I could then still maintain admin access to node/ pages by changing the access callback in the menu system

Any help much appreciated!

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do expanded menus dissipate internal link authority for seo ?


we just finished changing our site over from a flat file format (everything hanging off / , to a 3 directory level structure with a parallel menu scheme.

We're using the garland drop down menu theme and we're trying to
a) understand why our site is underperforming
b) understand how link authority is affected by internal links and
c) wondering if the expanded menus option in the drop down menus dissipates internal link authority w.r.t. seo ?

Any tutorials on b and answers w.r.t. c would be wonderful.


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Getting different panel-pages on different level of taxonomy

I have a website which is a lot optimized for SEO. What I really would like now, is the possibility to have different templates on different taxonomy depth level.

I have taxonomy_menu working with url_aliassing which is the first step.
I talked to Thomas ( and he advised me to ask in this group!

For my solution I am in the need to extract the terms out of the taxonomy_menu url and show a different panel-page related to the depth of the taxonomy-term.

As you can see I have now the following levels:

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&from=1289 and node?page= produces multiple pages and fictional pages

Currently in Drupal 5.10 it produces multiple content in multiple urls:


Are currently indexed by Googlebot. But is being showed as double content for the same page in Google Webmaster Tools. In fact it displays the ?page=16

Similar to this ?page= produces fictional pages for the last page in tracker pages.

These pages are indexed by google:

But currently the last page is:

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Problem with thousands of pages made by refine by taxonomy and search engines

I enabled the module: refine by taxonomy, a while back and didn't think much about it until I discovered in Google Webmaster Tools that it produced some 50.000 additional pages which of-course was indexed by Googlebot !

My site has some 6.500 nodes at the time being covering politics in Denmark with the option for 12 taxonomies on each refine by taxonomy page. I have some 500 taxonomies defined. Refine by taxonomy is currently only avialable on Drupal 5.x

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Problems with duplicate titles and meta tags


I searched a bit on this issue, but couldn't find a direct hit, so please indulge me.

The content analysis part of google's view of our site is reporting many
cases of duplicate titles and meta tags where slight variations in a
forum or view are considered separate urls.


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XML Sitemap Shows Node/#### but Not the Alias?

I have a Drupal 5 site with the xmlSitemap module enabled.
When i look at my xml file i see node/#### for thousands of entries. However there are Aliases set up for those nodes.
What's worse is that the Alias is NOT in the xml file.

ex. of node/123 which is the about-us page appears in sitemap.xml Does not appear in sitemap.xml

If I go to and select edit then immediately save it then the node/123 leaves the map, but the about-us does NOT appear in the map!

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Script and Meta Tag order

Recently a client contacted me with some instructions from her SEO guy. He is quite concerned that there are script tags before the meta description, keywords and robots. This data is being generated using print $head right after the print $head_title.


Mountain Climbing Expeditions | Family Adventure Travel

<!--[if lt IE 7]>

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Another 5cents worth of Drupal SEO analysis

Coming from a web design and development background, one of the things that was most important to me if I was going to pursue the Drupal dream, was it's ability to be search engine friendly. 5 months later and with as many Drupal site builds under my belt, I'm now pretty confident that I have the right SEO toolset. This writeup at details my top 5 modules for optimising Drupal for the search engines. What do you think? Am I missing anything?

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New site, new url - should I redirect from the old site?

I have an old site with some regular users. I would like to make a new version of the site with new url, different content and based on Drupal. The only thing remaining the same is the "idea" of the site and some content (but not all). I was wondering should I make 301 redirection from the old site to the new site? I've noticed that it's actually quite easy to do something wrong when it comes to SEO, so I just want make sure I don't mess up anything..


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SEO love for Flex/Flash RIA's

Adobe teamed up with Google and Yahoo! to "enhance the searchability of SWF content by helping their spiders playback SWFs in the Flash Player runtime. The project runs SWF files within web spiders and allows all contents within a SWF file to be read by both major search engines. The cool part is that this also covers dynamic data loaded in from requests to a server, these are typically ignored in both AJAX and SWF applications.

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Tried to improve SEO - the page rank in google got worse

I want to share with everybody what happened when I tried to boost my Drupal page rank in google.
I used the following modules: page title, pathauto, global redirect and XML sitemap.

Before my SEO tricks my site came fifth in the google search results (when searched with the name of the site).
After a week my site came first in the google search result. However, after couple of weeks it was fifth and now it's tenth!

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My Input on must have modules

I believe in order to obtain a fairly high standard for increasing organic traffic that the modules mentioned in this Drupal SEO Tutorial should be included in nearly every site. This screencast touches on pros and cons of the modules that I would suggest. Apart from that there are many steps that themers must take as well to increase organic growth but thats another screencast!

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A pair of SEO tips regarding taxonomies

Hope you find these tips useful. They had very good impact on my sites.
I had a site with lot of taxonomies created "on the fly". This was very useful to get good rankings for very specific and rare keywords, that in sum were providing an important volume of traffic. I consider this the first tip, although no new news: the major key good point in Drupal SEO are taxonomies: they are the gate to lots of very specific keywords. I consider this the best starting point to go after more appealing ones.
The problem with this approach is that although submitting sitemaps to google and all that stuff, many of those taxonomy pages were not being indexed by Google, and many of this "mini keywords" results were lost (I suppose Google could consider the content very similar between some of them).
Here goes the second tip: using the taxonomy introduction module, I was able to add a brief introduction, different for every term. This simple action resulted in much more taxonomy pages getting indexed, and lot of visits coming from many more of those very specific keywords.

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