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Szeged 2008 Drupalcon Part I

For those who where not at the Drupalcon, I have tried to list out some of the great sessions and useful resources related to search and Drupal database. Visit http://shyamala-drupal.blogspot.com/ for updates!

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DrupalCamp Germany - Januar, 2009 - Köln

Alle bitte schauen auf http://groups.drupal.org/drupalcamp-drupalcon-germany, die Gruppe beitreten und tüchtig mitmachen!

LG aus Szeged

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Talk about caching and performance in Szeged

Hi there,

I'll give a talk on caching and performance at Szeged:


If there is any topic you are especially interested in and think I should cover it during the session, please leave a comment below.

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Voor weinig naar Szeged

engelstalige tekst vanwege crossposting, help aub door dit te bloggen of the mailen naar een vriend. Szegged kan nog wat extra inkomsten gebruiken!

In two weeks over 500 people will come together in Szeged Hungary for this fall's most important event in the Drupal community. We checked out low cost carriers and calculated that from Amsterdam you can already attend Drupalcon including participation fee, travel and accommodation expenses (at one of the hostels) from 540 EUR!

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Los Angeles DrupalCon proposal submitted to the Drupal Association

The Los Angeles DrupalCon 2009 proposal has been updated at http://groups.drupal.org/node/9422

The proposal was submitted to the Drupal Association today on behalf of the Los Angeles Drupal Users.

Please review it, ask questions and/or comment.


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A session about rules at the drupalcon?

I've created a session proposal for the drupalcon :)

-> see http://szeged2008.drupalcon.org/program/sessions/rules-new-opportunities...

I'd also talk about the differences to the core actions and trigger module. Look at the session description for more infos.
Hopefully the session will be selected and I'll see you there.. :)

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Bringing the Spring 2009 DrupalCon to Washington, DC

Over the last several weeks I've been contacting people in the DC Drupal community and the Drupal Association to evaluate whether DC would serve as a good space for the Spring 2009 North American DrupalCon. As we all know, it will and it will be awesome!

With our large and very active Drupal community, we'll be able to support it, and with all the nonprofits, associations, and political organizations based here there is a huge user and potential user base that we can engage and get to invest in Drupal. Our Convention Center is centrally located and surrounded by hotels and restaurants, which makes it convenient for people traveling from anywhere (including DC and the 'burbs) and for meeting and socializing after sessions are over. Plus, Washington, DC is a great city and a tourist destination in itself - it will be great to share the city with the entire Drupal community.

So, we are going to go for it. The proposal has been submitted to the Drupal Association, and now that the formalities are started, it's time to engage more people to further develop this and let the community discourse shape this into what will be an awesome conference. Here is the formal proposal we submitted if you'd like to give it a read: http://is.gd/X3m.

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Session proposal for DrupalCon Szeged: A new aggregator for Drupal7

I just entered a proposal for the session that Aron Novak and I would like to hold in Szeged: a presentation of a new extensible aggregator in D7:


New aggregator:

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are you coming to Szeged?


are any of the http://groups.drupal.org/turkey members coming to DrupalCon Szeged 2008?

If so, I look forward to seeing you there.


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You guys thinking about Drupalcon Toronto??

A while back someone in Toronto had created a group called "Drupalcon Toronto". Although the group was denied in moderation I wanted to poke my head in the Toronto group to see if there was interest in doing a Drupalcon in Toronto and more-so if there was a group willing to put in the time and effort to pull off a Drupalcon in Toronto. A Drupalcon is a lot of work but we have some great people around the world as well as some established processes to pull it off. Maybe there are some great Drupaladians(?) that want to put together an awesome Drupalcon in Canada!

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