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Drupalcon DC

Who's all going to be in Washington DC this coming March??

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Anyone else going to drupalcon DC?

So March in DC can be pretty crisp, but it will be nice to get back to the east coast. Anyone else going?

BTW, there's no subway from Dulles Airport (IAD) to downtown, so cab or bus. Once inside the beltway the Metro is pretty good for getting around.

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Nice Job DC Drupalers! Over 200 People Registered for DrupalCon in Just Two Hours!

Great job DC! DrupalCon DC registration opened today and the first 100 tickets sold within ten minutes! We are already well into our second batch of tickets. It's amazing to see how many people are excited about DrupalCon (and excited about the half price tickets that were available to the early birds). If you haven't gotten your ticket yet, about 150 tickets are left at the $175 rate so move fast. Once those are gone, prices will increase to $200.

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DrupalCon in DC March 4-7 2009 cheap tickets going quick!


I told a friend about it and happened to check when they are going on sale - it was about 25 minutes ago, and the prices are graduated - first 100 were $125, next 300 at $175, and so on. Don't know if any of the $175 are left...

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Drupalcon DC - March 2009

I just got my ticket to Drupalcon - pricing is:
first 100 - $125
next 300 - $175
next 400 - $200
everyone else - $250

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DrupalCon in Washington DC

I just saw the announcement for DrupalCon in Washington DC. I'm stoked; it's a city I have friends in, and my employer's supportive of my asking to go. Not to mention that it's only a short plane hop away.

I'd be interested in helping put together a meetup, if there's interest.

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DrupalCon Coming to Washington, DC, and Tickets are Only $125 for the First 100 Developers

Only local images are allowed.As many of you know, the next DrupalCon - THE conference for Drupal developers - will be in Washington, DC, March 4-7, 2009. Hooray! For those new to DrupalCons, this is a huge unconference for developers. It's a time for us to get together, learn from each other, trade ideas, make decisions, and build a stronger community.

There will be an early bird special in which the first 100 people to register can come for just $125. Tickets won't go on sale until next week, but we wanted to give everyone here a heads up so you can be on the lookout. We'll announce when DrupalCon DC registration opens up via Twitter, and will let followers get a two-hour head start before we get the word out elsewhere. So, follow us!

We'll talk more about DrupalCon at the meetup on Monday, so come out!

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Introduction to Aegir presentation from DrupalCon Szeged

I did a presentation at Drupalcon about Aegir, which included how to install it, what the requirements are and guide
through the user interface.

You can find flash and downloadable versions at archive.org and the slides from the presentation are also available.

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Anyone willing to donate time/resources to help with DrupalCampUK?

Anyone willing to donate time/resources to help with DrupalCampUK? Please give details of what you could volunteer here and we'll contact you to get involved. Examples could be researching accomodation, venues, travel etc to putting together a site for DrupalCampUK.

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DrupalCon Maastricht 2009?

semi grappend, heb ik op de laatste dag van drupalcon szegged geroepen dat maastricht 2009 de ideale plek is voor de drupalcon: een kleine stad, veel studenten, goede faciliteiten, dicht bij .de, .be en in .nl.

als we dit willen doen dan moet er heeeeel veel gebeuren. ik heb twee drupalcons eerder (mede) georganiseerd (amsterdam, barcelona) maar drupalcon is zo veel gegroeid dat je hier een team van tussen de 10 en 20 man voor nodig hebt.

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