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Problème pour mettre à jour Drupal via Drush


Je tente de mettre à jour mon drupal 7 vers la dernière version mineure ainsi que tous les modules via Drush. J'utilise la commande "drush up" ou "drush pm-update" et à chaque fois j'ai un affichage de lignes qui tournent en boucle qui passent les modules de A à Z et reprend à A ainsi de suite :

Les données de mises à jour disponibles pour Token ont été [ok]
Les données de mises à jour disponibles pour Transliteration ont [ok]
été vérifiées.
Les données de mises à jour disponibles pour Views ont été [ok]

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Bash Aliases

I can't imagine administering drupal without drush. I've set up some aliases in my bash profile. I've become so dependent on these, that I synchronize my alias.sh file through bitbucket. For example, the function drupre will put the site in offline mode, run cron, clear cache, and then put the site back in online mode. The other is drubackup which will save the file structure and database dump to a date based file structure.

Does anyone have any other alias commands to speed up work flow?

drupal and drush

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Drupal Web Administrator | PRU8

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Drupal Friends,
I hope you are all doing well.
I have an immediate requirement.

Position - Drupal Web Administrator
Client Type - Global Manufacturing
Location - United States - Denver, CO (Local Candidates Preferred)
Position Type - Full Time, Part Time, Contract
Compensation - $60/hr

Function of the Position: Drupal web administration, infrastructure and development support.

Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Collaborate with and support web applications team;
2. Install and configure Drupal and MySQL in a Linux environment for high-performance web sites;

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Drupal Developer | TEKsystems

Employment type: 
Not allowed

We are looking for a Senior Drupal Architect/Developer to join our Digital Marketing Web Team. This role requires both front-end and back-end experience. You will help design and build a multilingual/multi-domain platform in Drupal. The ideal candidate will have experience defining, designing, planning and building business systems using an existing framework or building it from the ground up.

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Errores al usar Drush con drush pm-update

Hola a todos , estoy probando a ver que tal drush lo veo muy util pero no lo controlo tengo 3 drupal usando y van bien en todos menos en uno que me da una serie de errores, yo soy aficionado a esto y de php cero patatero, la cosa que veo los modulos actualizados , menos el subtheme el error es este

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Fabric and Drush

I did a really small presentation yesterday at Montreal Python about Drush and Fabric.

Fabric is a deployment/sysadmin python library and I use it, alongside Drush to deploy between local-stage-prod. The slides are at : http://presentation.pierre-paul.com for anyone interested.

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Question about Drush

Hey - Does anyone know where I can find a list of the module "acronyms" or "synonyms" for Drush? I'm trying to, for example, download theme developer module and I'll be damned if I can find the appropriate command to do so.... something like "drush dl theme_developer", "drush dl theme_devel", "drush dl devel_theme", "drush dl themedeveloper".... ??? Anyhow it would be nice to have that list or even at least to have the acronym, nickname, abbreviation or whatever the term is.... listed on the module documentation page. Maybe it is I just can't locate it.


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Drush Discussion

Thought I would start a lessons learned thread since Drush was a topic already tonight.

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Drush rundown

Here's my slides:

Collaborated notes are below, Thanks for participating!

Original post:
I'll put together a Drush tutorial for the next meetup. Please let me know in the comments what I should include or what you are interested in learning.

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Loading drush into Git BASH

If your project requires working with Windows and you have both mysysgit and propeople drush installed, it would be really helpful to be able to do something like:

drush | grep super-awesome-drush-function

...yes, you can do this inside ProPeople\Drush\ with Git BASH, but how do you load drush into Git BASH - somewhere outside Drush install directory? Like a drupal web root for instance!


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