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Drupal North Board Election is finally here!!

What is Drupal North?

Drupal North is a FREE annual conference focusing on how to make amazing websites with Drupal. Drupal North's mandate is to showcase Canadian Drupal talent and to business, nonprofit, education, and government audiences.

In 2015 Drupal North was held in Toronto. In 2016 Drupal North was held in Montréal. The next Drupal North is in Ottawa!

Drupal North Board Elections

Drupal North is forming a new governance board and non-profit organization to coordinate and organize the annual Drupal North Regional Summit.

A number of candidates have been nominated and accepted their nominations.

The new Board's mission will be to:

  • Create the organisation’s bylaws
  • Incorporate a new non-profit organization
  • Assemble the organizing team and then kick off planning the 2017 event.

Who Can Vote?

You can vote if...

  • You have a account and
  • You have interest in attending, helping, or the success of the event.


Candidates for Board positions are below (in alphabetical order).

Aidan Foster (nominated for Vice President)


I was on the organizing committee for both past Drupal North events. I am the VP of the Drupal Toronto Non-profit that runs local meet-ups. Finally I'm a small business owner so I know how get #%$@ done ;) User Profile:

Pat Gilbert (nominated for President and Vice President)


  • I started with Drupal in 2011
  • Founding member and current President of the Ottawa Drupal Association
  • Involved in organizing/planning Drupal North and now currently working to create this board and implement some governance User Profile:

Steve Lavigne (nominated for President and Vice President)


I have been a developer for 12 years and have been working with Drupal for 3. I am currently the VP of the Ottawa Drupal Association and the Chair and President of Kids & Code. I have the experience needed to succeed. User Profile:

Erin Marchak (nominated for Vice President and Treasurer)


I will bring a new perspective to Drupal North event organization, informed by years of experience in group event management. I’ll also prioritize inclusion of underrepresented groups to help strengthen & grow our community. User Profile:

Bill Wu (nominated for Vice President and Treasurer)


I love Drupal. I like people who are using Drupal. I am willing to contribute something to make it even better. User Profile:

Cast Your Vote

Please vote using the polls that are linked below:

(Edited: February 28 by Chris Luckhardt.)

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From Kenn Dillard - My Open Letter to the Community

Why can't I show up via video at your hangout? There is no reason and that is why I want your vote to be on the board for Drupal. It is an office for those that want to serve people and look after the well being of the user groups (i.e the community).

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Last Day to Vote in the Drupal Association's At-Large Board Member Election!

Today is the final day to vote in the Drupal Association's election for the At-Large position on their Board of Directors.

Cast your votes here:

It's important to vote in this election as this position will be the representative for the Drupal community on the Board.

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Vote for OpenScholar

I just submit an application of OpenScholar in BitNami bi-weekly contest.

I hope OpenScholar can be included in the library.

Please give your support to vote now.

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Local Chicagoan Drupalcon Presentation Proposals: List and Vote!

Drupalcon Chicago: March 7th-10th 2011

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CCK field for vote and annual-ranking

Hi, everyone:
Recently I need to add some features to a book review website which is built and maintained by myself.
One idea is that every book as a node could be voted by user and the result be shown in an view page, according to the duration(like 2007 vote, 2008 vote.....).

Another idea is that every book node is able to record an annual ranking result from other communities or websites, such that it could show the ranking and time in each node and a view page.

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Fivestar Help?

So I'm using the latest version of Fivestar for Drupal 5. When I click the star, I expect the (x votes) number to update, but it doesn't. Is this a feature that already exists? If not, how can I implement it? My JS-fu isn't so great but can't I do something like register a click handler that runs a parseInt on div.fivestar-summary span and then iterates a count +1? I've got a general idea how to do it but the specific implementation I'm not so sure.

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Fecha para Drupal Camp Costa Rica 2011

16 - 28 de Setiembre ( Cerca de los Desfiles de Independencia de Centro America )
17% (1 vote)
Viernes 11 de Noviembre ( Empieza el 11/11/11 )
33% (2 votes)
09 - 11 de Setiembre (Secuencia Numerica 09/10/11 Fecha en Ingles MDY )
33% (2 votes)
07 - 09 de Octubre (Termina en Secuencia Numerica 09/10/11 Fecha en Español DMY )
17% (1 vote)
Total votes: 6
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Stem op de volgende DrupalCon EU locatie (2010, 2011)

Stem waar je de volgende Drupalcon in de EU in 2010 en 2011 zou willen laten plaatsvinden. Deze stem is niet bepalend, maar wel een criterium op een lijst van criteria waar de besluit vorming op gebaseerd zal zijn.

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Looking for a rating system and contractor

I am looking for any Drupal community site that has a multi-question rating system. Actually, I’m looking for Contractors who have built Drupal communities with multi-question rating systems.

We want to build a Drupal community where the members rate or evaluate services. Not a simple voting plugin where we can only ask one question, but a series of questions. We need to be able to ask several questions and our members will be able to give a numerical value (1-10) AND have the option to comment on each question.

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