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Welcome to the Drupal churches group. This is a group centered around building Church websites with Drupal and a point for members of The Church to go out into the Drupal community. In this group we discuss how to use Drupal, modules to use, integrating other services with Drupal, and the ins and outs of building Church websites.

The Drupal church community extends beyond this group. You can find more information and help in the IRC channel #drupal-churches on irc.freenode.org and on the Geeks and God podcast website.

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Privacy Policy

We have just moved our ColdFusion website to Drupal, and are in the process of building up the new site. We are taking advantage of all of Drupal’s capabilities, and have started to encounter issues of privacy and security that we have had to address before.

Does anyone have a written privacy/security policy (user registration, posting of names, phone numbers, posting and tagging of photos, etc.) that they would be willing to share with us?

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developer | St. Francis Old Catholic Church

Employment type: 

I've attempted to get assistance with this on the CiviCRM forums without any luck other than for lobo to say go hire a developer but all the developers either want $500 or more or won't touch it because it's a small project. So I'm reaching out to see if there is another developer who might be interested. I'm looking to have two reports in CiviCRM combined into one report and some data added to the reports. The two reports are the Activity Summary Report and the Donor Report (Summary).

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Admin themes

Which do you prefer and why? Rootcandy, Admin Menu, or Admin module?

I started with Admin Menu. Loved it.

Then I discovered Root Candy, even better.

Now I am seeing Admin module (where it uses a left column for admin menu functions).

I am trying to figure out which one is best and why. So, I turn to you for input!

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For anyone that is using or wants to use sermonaudio.com, I have put together a module that integrates into their SOAP API. The main feature that I needed was mass importing of sermons into sermonaudio.com. This is accomplished through views, cck, and vbo. I am still in the process of writing the help files to go along with the module, but just wanted to check out here if there is any interest in it and maybe get some ideas about features that would be nice to have in the module as well.

edit: corrected url

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Downloadable File Module

A lot of times our clients want to link a menu item directly to a file for download. Typically they have something like a pdf brochure that they want to be downloadable from a primary menu link or linked to from within another node.

In the past we would ftp the file to the server and just set the path to link directly to that file. Now we use a module called 'Downloadable File' that allows the content managers to create these downloadable files without requiring FTP access.

You can get the 'Downloadable File' module here http://features.centogram.com/node/4 .

-Jerod Fritz

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Need a +1 or twelve for a simple issue: Add an "Associations" field to our d.o profiles

Apologies in advance for this crossposting to 11 groups. I recently started an issue to help us get to know each other better: Add field for "Memberships in Associations, Societies, and Other Professional Organizations" to User Profile. The initial response was, "Don't see why not, but let's hear more support before we do." So this is an appeal to read the issue and consider giving it your support.

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My search "yielded no results"

In the past few days I've upgraded from 6.16 to 6.17 and installed CiviCRM.

Since I didn't use the search function during that span, nor in a while, I don't know why or when it broke.

So, it's a church website, I searched my name, "church", "foc", "bible", all came back with: You must include at least one positive keyword with 3 characters or more.

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Feeds, Aggregators, and such things

I've asked for help on drupal.org, none received. So, reaching out to my North Cack peeps.

I have a site (church site). A member (pastor) has a blog. I want to feature the blog.

Attempt 1: Using core module Aggregator, publish box that has blog title and recent posts. This works, kinda. I get the titles of individual entries, but the url is the same for each one.
Article 1 (links to Article 3)
Article 2 (links to article 3)
Article 3 (links to Article 3)

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The ol' Church Directory dilemma

So, here is what is special about a church directory, families. In a business directory you just have one entity and their listing. In a church directory you may have 5 or 6 people, each with their own unique account, needing to be displayed as one entry.

What you really need is a block with a family photo, then names of each person, then contact info. What to do...

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Themer and Developer | St. Francis Old Catholic Church

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Hi, we are a very small church and have been using Drupal with CiviCRM for a while now. I've done all the back end stuff and let me tell you it's been tough. Try something, break it, fix it, try something else, break it, fix it.....on and on.

Still not certain that everything is working like it should but praying that it does.

Would like to find someone who would be interested in:

*building a theme for us (doesn't have to be from scratch). We just want something better than what we have now http://saintfrancisocc.org

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Newish Site - Salem Lutheran Church (Glendale, CA)

We actually launched this site in December but have only recently got around to posting it. The development was a one man job but I had three other folks to add the content - so definitely a team effort!

The site is http://www.salemlutheranglendale.org

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System Analyst | Gateway Church (Southlake, TX)

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Software application developer for web, kiosk and smartphone applications

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Event Registration with info and payment using Ubercart

A module I haver had success with capturing additional information at checkout for a product such as 'attendee name' is the Ubercart module : Extra Fields Pane - http://www.ubercart.org/project/uc_extra_fields_pane .

-Jerod , Centogram Open Solutions http://www.centogram.com

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New Site - St. Matthew's UMC and The Rockingham Church

We've launched our new Drupal 6 website (http://stmattumc.org) after four months of planning, organizing, building and testing. I have many years of technology experience but this was my first foray into Drupal. Our team consisted of six volunteers who meet "virtually" using Skype and Microsoft's SharedView (http://connect.microsoft.com/site/sitehome.aspx?SiteID=94). I hosted a sandbox to play in using a machine in my house that's running CentOS 5.3.

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Adding the Color Module

I am turning all the free webempoweredchurch templates into Drupal themes. I am trying to implement the different styles for each theme. Could someone point me in the right direction on how to use the color module.

Robert Peters

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Drupal integration with Parish Data Systems (PDS)?

Does anyone out there use the Parish Data Systems (PDS) suite of software? (http://www.parishdata.com/)

We use it at our church to manage all of our parishioner data (specifically, the Church Office application), and were wondering if anyone has ever tried to establish some kind of link between the PDS database and Drupal. Specifically, we'd like to be able to allow parishioners to create accounts on our Drupal site -- but only parishioners. For example, if account creation could be verified against a parishioner listing in the PDS database (or, more likely, an exported set of data from the master PDS database) in some way, that would allow us to know that all authenticated Drupal users are actually parishioners in our church.

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bogus account requests

We have received two bogus requests for accounts and denied both, but I would like to know how to set things so these account requests don't even make the queue for our admins.

Specifically I wonder whether it is possible to require, for example, to require that the first and last names fields differ, that the zip code must be either 5 or 9 numbers, or the phone number must have 10 digits with either spaces or dashes. Any of these--or a combination--would have defeated the requests.

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Task/Volunteer System

I'd like to set up a system on our church website for members so I and the leadership can post tasks that need to be done, and members can "claim" that task. It should allow for repeating tasks and allow members to choose to do it once or ongoing. I'm wondering whether a classifieds system would work. Other suggestions?

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New Site - First Baptist Church of Wichita, KS

After 18 months of volunteer development work we launched a new website for our church, First Baptist of Wichita, Kansas. It was a great learning experience and we are all big fans of Drupal as a result. Comments and/or questions are welcome!

The site is at http://fbc-wichita.org

The site was built with Drupal 6. The theme was built from "scratch" starting with the blank Zen theme. Modules in use are:
Audio - for importing sermons
CCK & Views - used in a couple places but not as much as we probably should have
Path - to make nice URLs!

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getting a library database on the site


The good folks who manage the my church's library have created an Excel database and they would like to see it on the website (uufames.org). Here is a link the person who is helping them provided: http://sites.google.com/site/uufalibrarycardcatalogtest/

As you can see, what this person has done is to export "printouts" of the Excel file that has been sorted in 3 ways. This seems clunky and weird to me, but I am not quite sure how to proceed, so I'm asking your advice.

Here are my assumptions and questions:

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