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Welcome to the Drupal churches group. This is a group centered around building Church websites with Drupal and a point for members of The Church to go out into the Drupal community. In this group we discuss how to use Drupal, modules to use, integrating other services with Drupal, and the ins and outs of building Church websites.

The Drupal church community extends beyond this group. You can find more information and help in the IRC channel #drupal-churches on irc.freenode.org and on the Geeks and God podcast website.

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Request for Proposals website design and development | The Center for Bioethis & Human Dignity

Employment type: 
Not allowed

The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for services for
the redesign and build of both stemcellresearch.org and cloninginformation.org websites in Drupal.

Download the RFP at www.cbhd.org/sites/default/files/file/dnh-abc_rfp.pdf.

Proposals must be received by the Center by 10 a.m., January 5, 2011, in accordance
with the specifications contained within the RFP.

All proposals will be reviewed objectively based upon the qualifications, experience,
and suitability for this project. Any questions regarding this RFP should be sent by

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Converting Wordpress themes to Drupal

I love Drupal, but some of its themes need work, but then again that has not been its focus. Its focus has been great code, which I love! There are wordpress sites I was thinking about converting, but wanted to know if someone else has already done them. Here they are: LightWord, Mystique, Easel, Sliding Door, Station, Antisnews, StudioPress, Glossy Stylo, MT dark

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Does your church pay you?

Could everyone please list their church size, their position at the church, whether they volunteered or were recruited, and how much you are compensated.

I have been volunteering for 2 years now, but can not afford (literally) to simply volunteer anymore. My other work has not been very profitable this year and I need money to pay the bills! Trying to figure out how much I'm worth, how much I can ask for.

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Website Central City Church

We launched the website for a dutch church in Utrecht: Central City Church.
Build from scratch with the Fusion basetheme.
Modules used: Context, Data, SWF Tools, Colorbox, Mailchimp and a lot of others.

The church has also an intranet, OpenAttrium.

It is a missionary website, the text is very understandable for none-christians and people outside the church.

Central City Church

We launched the website for a dutch church in Utrecht: Central City Church.
Build from scratch with the Fusion basetheme.
Modules used: Context, Data, SWF Tools, Colorbox, Mailchimp and a lot of others.

The church has also an intranet, OpenAttrium.

It is a missionary website, the text is very understandable for none-christians and people outside the church.

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New Church Site

Hi All,

Haven't been very active lately. Too busy with my "day job". But thought I would share that my church just launched a new site on Drupal 6. Check out Church of the Redeemer - Chestnut Hill, MA (Nov 2010 | D6). I also added it to the Churches tab.

The site was done by Theory One Design.

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Prayer Journal?

I'm looking for a way to allow people to keep a simple prayer journal, to add items, then check them off, or change the status from "Concerns" to "Answered" or the like. This would be mostly private, although being able to make concerns public so they show up in a section of everyone else's concerns would be helpful, or even better, "public" vs. "public to members only".


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Views Theming

How do I theme a particular view. I want to remove the submitted by on a particular view, but still keep submitted by on the conetnt type.

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Exposed filters view by date

I am designing a webpage where I have created cck fields and one is by date. I have exposed the date field so people can search by date, but it seems not to be working. Why is that? What do I have to do to make it work?

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Styling just view blocks

I would like to just style all my view blocks a certain way how can I do that? Any advice

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Drupal for collecting Church data

I am trying to create a user friendly report that our ministry leaders can fill out. The more user friendly the better. I have been working with some ideas such as the meetings module which shows some promise. I am leaning toward CCK fields (versus webform)because of the ability of displaying the data in many ways. Each small group has a leader who fills out the report. I would like the list of the people in the small group to show up in a select list as a means of taking/reporting attendance.

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Receent events Calendar block and page

I want to make a page and block of recent events. Does anyone know how I would go about doing that? Thank you

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I have installed the calendar module working good. One downfall it is not loading my theme css. How do I import my css so it load that instead of the garland type calendar view.

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Pick file from a server

I am transferring our old html site to a drupal based site. We have 3 years of sermons. I want to upload these sermons and pick them when I choose these files in a cck field. I know you can choose FILEfield to upload files or audio field is there any added functionality that can be added by choosing files on a server. Which module will do that? Will I have to upload them all?

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Amazon S3 Podcasting Recipes?

Is anyone using Amazon S3 to hold their sermon files that can use the swftools 1pixeloutplayer? What is the site recipe to get it working?

Combo #01
I have tried embedded media field using the Media: audio flotsam module with swftools for the 1pixeloutplayer on a custom content type. With this method I get fatal error. Issue http://drupal.org/node/971464

Combo #02

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Calendar Page Display not Showing up right?

Followed all the steps included in this video podcast http://mustardseedmedia.com/podcast/episode27 I'm using all the latest modules for a Church web site here http://covenantbaptistchestertown.com/calendar. Can't seem to get all the posts to show up on the dates for which the event is happening but instead all the posts showing up on the date I created them.

What can I do to fix this problem?

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30 Day Study

I have been setting up a drupal site for our church. One item our pastor has talked about is posting a 30 day topical bible study (one for now but additional series may come). What I would like is for people to be able to sign up for the study and then receive an email each day for the next 30 days with the daily study.

The complicating factor is not everyone is going to sign up on the same day. So if you sign up Oct 15 you will be emailed study 2 on Oct 16 but if you sign up Nov 1 you will be emailed study #2 on Nov 2 ...

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A school design

Hi all,

Just to have a basic design question (I have searched all over the discussion forums and not yet able to any.)

Scenario: A school has a group of teachers who are teaching their subjects (e.g. Math, English, Science, etc..). A website is needed for students to pick a subject and ask question about that subject. The teacher, who is in charge of the subject will receive notification and respond to the student. Once it is responded, it will be made available to all students.

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Browsing Sermons by Book and Chapter

I have a client who wants to enhance the ways their visitors can browse sermons on the website. The one that currently has me most stymied is replicating what you see here: http://www.keepbelieving.com/scriptures/

Basically, he wants a tab that lists all the books of the bible, when you click on one you get all the chapters in that book. When you click on the chapter, you get all sermons that have to do with that chapter.

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