Community building is more than just software, and more than just people. The nature of online communities is changing, no longer defined exclusively by bulletin boards or superblogs.

This is a group for everyone where we can discuss what it is that makes for a rich and robust community -- from the perspective of web developer, designer, evangelist, organization, member ... always with an eye on Drupal.

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Business directory theory....

One of the many genres of website is the business directory. This seemed to become very popular during the early and mid 2000's with most following the pattern of having many listings with paid listings that gravitated to the top of lists with more information on them.

There are a few problems with this approach. First, there are many out-of-the-box solutions and Joomla has a handful of plug and play modules. Also, when looking for a business why not just go ahead and use Google?

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Writers workshop??? Share stories and feedback

Hi all,

I'm trying to build a writers community where would-be fiction writers can submit short stories, novellas, screenplays and solicit feedback from other users.

Ideally, we could have some kind of checkbox ratings (pass, consider, recommend on story, characters, writing, etc.) as well as a free-form text field for feedback.

I'd love to have it so members get to post one work up front, and then have to give feedback to three other writers for every other work they put up for workshopping.

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Book Launch. Drupal 6: Ultimate Community Site Guide


The book has been updated to the latest modules and is also available as a paperback book on Amazon. The ebook has also been updated and is still available here.

I thought you might be interested in the new ebook that has been published:

Drupal 6: Ultimate Community Site Guide.
With notes for Drupal 5
Now everyone can set up a community.

ISBN 978-2-8399-0490-2

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High level request for hints...

I've decided that I need to create a niche portal for a topic I've recently discovered I find interesting. My ideas are kind-of grand, but - potentially - flexible, too.

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Can we ever get a usable community site out of the box with Drupal? (Theorical question, opinions wanted)

Hi there!

I´ve been around this group for a while, and there have been a lot of new "drupal-for-2.0-community" stuff lately.
Anyway, there´s this thing that´s bothering me since I´ve started to get my hands dirty with Drupal, and I really need to hear what you think about:
Drupal core profiles: They are not able to be managed as nodes (duh!), and you always need some contrib module to do that for you. Can we get a usable out of the box community site?

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Do you use Twitter to expand/enhance your community?

Of course, I tweet everything!
10% (3 votes)
Yes, a bit.
33% (10 votes)
No, I haven't figured out how it would help.
40% (12 votes)
No, Twitter is irrelevant and pointless.
10% (3 votes)
What's a Twitter?
7% (2 votes)
Total votes: 30
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Community Discussion/Chat Facility

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to host a meeting between a dozen or so members of my site next week.

At it's most basic, we want to be able to have an irc/skype type discussion, with everyone being able to make text-based contributions.

It seems like there's no stable way to do this through Drupal, with Chatroom being the most likely candidate but too unstable for important meetings (is it unfair of me to say that?). I'm looking into integrating flashchat but haven't gone down that route yet.

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adixit_mca81's picture

Paid user login only

Is there any module which provide the functionality of paid members login only into drupal system? i.e. in "create new account" page I want a option where user can select the membership type and pay for that membership through online payment gateway. Only those users should have access of login into drupal, who have pay for membership. I have used CiviCRM but I didn't find any feasible solution for this.

I will really appreciate any help on this.

Thanks in advance.

attheshow's picture

FYI: og_forum D6 Version Available

Just an FYI announcement. If anyone is using the og_forum( module to automatically create forums to go along with user groups, and has been waiting for a D6 version, Paul Booker finally got a chance to port that this past week. I'm excited. It's still a "dev" release, but this new update looks very solid so far. Just thought I'd share.

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What is your favorite kind of online communnity?

Community-centric sites, like, etc.
38% (3 votes)
All open, like Twitter, Friendfeed, etc.
38% (3 votes)
Outwardly pointing elsewhere, like Digg, Delicious, etc.
0% (0 votes)
Hybrid - outwardly focused, but inward discussion, like Slashdot, etc.
25% (2 votes)
IRC and other real-time chat systems
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 8
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Instant Syndicating Standards

Edit 07 August 2008 Edit 07 August 2008 This proposal has been passed along to Knight Foundation for consideration.


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Local Publishing Platform and Regional Aggregation Hub

Edit, July 10 This proposal has been passed along to the Knight Foundation for consideration: End Edit

This project will create two complementary sites: a Local Publishing Platform paired with a Regional Aggregation Hub.

The Publishing Platform will support a range of activities, from a K12 school magazine, a community paper, a writing project (something like the National Writing Project or Youth Radio), a college paper, etc.

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Groups vs. Multiple Drupal installations

Hello there!
If you want to give a user total control over a site (his/her site, area, or whatever you want to call it), what should be better? Creating a group for each user, as in drupal Groups, or creating a multisite installation?

When I say "total control" I mean everything: Blogs, polls, newsletters, have a fan´s group (not buudies, I mean actual users that are created just to enter his/her personal site).

Would multiple sites installations become a huge monster, that no server could manage?

What are your thoughts?


halfiranian's picture

Political Sites?

Hello all,

I'm currently developing a site for a group of political activists who want to be able to debate and vote on issues through the site. Everything about the Drupal project makes it the ideal tool for such a task.

I've checked out the various voting modules and with a little tweaking I'm pretty sure I can design what we need.

However, I thought I'd ask to see if anyone knows of any Drupal-based sites that have plenty of debate and democratic decision-making going on. Any ideas?

It would be great to get some inspiration.



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Install profile for Community sites – any good solutions that can be used for environmental site?

We are beginning the development of a green building community site and we are wondering if there are any good general install profiles that cover many of the aspects of a good community site. We are eager to explore how by using a possible install profile or adapting an existing community site can expedite the launch of our site. We are open to work with other end-users in order to accommodate any development that may be needed.

Thank you,

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Toward an Open Social Network Powered by Free Software

Breaking Open Facebook with Open Source Software (Part 2)

it’s important for socially aware software developers to begin thinking about how to provide alternative services to proprietary social networks. While I acknowledge this is a very high level description scarce on implementation details, I hope that it spurs some spirited discussions and future innovation.

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Using MySite with external applications and data

A few technical notes for developers concerning how MySite interacts with non-Drupal data and application sources.

First, a little history. The core goal of the MySite module is to abstract content published to a Drupal site. So the MySie distribution supports content types native to Drupal. The reason for this is scope: I don't have time to solve every problem, so I focus on those.

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Facebook and MySite

I've been mucking around on FaceBook for the last week. It's cool, and the apps are nice.

And the dirty little secret is that MySite supports this type of "app" functionality through its plugin API -- it might even be made to read Facebook apps.

So where's the developer love?

/me stops whining

[UPDATE: I have stopped reading this thread.] 23-OCT-2007.

agentrickard's picture

Knight News Challenge Grants -- Deadline 15 October

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation is a U.S. nonprofit foundation dedicated to the news industry. Since 1950 the foundation has granted more than $300 million to advance quality journalism and freedom of expression. The foundation focuses on projects with the potential to create transformational change.

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Improved security in the login

Honestly I'm the one hating cross posts, but I know it will be lost in the drupal's forum torrent of help request posts, so I decided to introduce again in a more suitable place, this community group. Sorry for the inconvenience! :D

I've developed a little module (5.X version of drupal ONLY) to control and disrupt the login operation on certain situations, improving the site security with new options.

You can find the module here:

I've included the readme.txt of the module in the post for so you can read it withouth downloading.

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