This group provides an area to share information about Drupal in the enterprise. Areas for discussion might include the integration of Drupal with traditional enterprise applications such as ERP and CRM; the use of Drupal as an enterprise web content framework; Drupal's place within the enterprise architecture; or even the use of Drupal as an enterprise architecture tool.

Other Drupal groups of interest to the enterprise include High Performance and Best Practices in Security.

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My personal battle target for Druapl 7.x

My primary battle plan should be enhance Drupal cross database compatibility. I have involved in this topic for around a year, and I would like to keep it on going. To accomplish this target, I would like to complete the following tasks before D7 code freeze:



  • Improve Database API for better abstraction

    Something should be done before any other targets, e.g. resolve reserved words conflict, split drivers into individual files for better management, indeed but simple abstraction for different database syntax, add INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE abstraction and enhance drupal_write_record() abstraction, etc. With a better common base for multiple database development, we will need much less time to study the differences between databases than that of before.

  • Add PHP PDO supporting

    Shipping D7 with PHP PDO should be a spotlight topic, since it is now official package for PHP5.2.x, and legacy drivers will soon be removed in PHP6.x. We may need some cleanup in our core query syntax, in order to let PDO get works.

  • Introduce more database backend

    Up to this point, I would like to introduce some other database backend for D7, e.g. <a href="http://drupal.org/node/39260'>Oracle, SQLite, IBM DB2 and also MSSQL. If we are able to support SQLite in D7, which also means we are going to standardize our core queries into SQL92 standard, the problem for maintain multiple database backend should no longer a critical problem; if we are able to support Oracle, the most complicated database I guess, this should no longer a problem for us to implement drivers for other databases.

  • I have summarize most of my personal battle targets in here. Most logic are proved as functioning, and they are all get set for the open of D7 public development. On the other hand, I would like to explore if this may integrate with other interest musings with Data API, so we will able get all stuff better in D7 ;-)

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    Time to Give Back: Become a Speaker at Drupalcon Boston 2008


    We are looking for speakers for the upcoming DrupalCon in Boston. Since you are subscribed to a business and marketing related group, you might be especially interested in the "Business and Marketing" track (see http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/business-and-marketing-track-descriptions ).

    This track covers the following topics:

    • The Drupal ecosystem
    • Businesses learning to use Drupal
    • Case studies
    • Showcases: NPO, Education, News, Media, Government, Healthcare
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    PHP 5.2.5 breaks SQL Server support; Yet MSFT SQL Driver Works

    So, I've had some free time latley, and I've started back on the database API layers (DB2 and SQL Server currently).
    However, I have found 2 disturbing issues.

    First, I'm currently exploring the following 3 ways to connect to sql server:
    1. FreeTDS
    2. php_mssql driver
    3. MSFT SQL Driver ( See pcorbetts posting for a link to the driver )

    1. PHP 5.2.5 breaks support for SQL Server
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    Obstacles For Real SQL Server Support

    There are some major issues, in my opinion, that are preventing MSSQL from being fully supported in PHP and thus Drupal. Most, if not all, of these revolve around the terribly outdated DBLIB library - forcing some to use alternative libraries (FreeTDS or the recently released SQL Server Driver for PHP). I want to get this out in the open so that we may address them appropriately. I have run into these myself and have had to do some creative work-arounds to get Drupal to behave the way I need it to while running on SQL Server.

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    RFC: Best practices for managing indexes (particularly on cck tables)

    As a site goes live and we do performance tweaking and benchmarking one of the common results is adding database indexes. I post this into the CCK group since one of the common sources of slow queries is for queries against the CCK tables. For example, a site that has a block that queries a field table to look for information about that field for every page load can quickly make its way into the slow query log. Adding an index to the field is likely to be the best solution.

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    Suggested Method For Choosing Between SQL Server 2000 and 2005/2008

    I have been working to get SQL Server 2000 to work with Drupal 5.3. Everything seems to be working except for a small pagination issue. As part of this, I have been prepping it for use with 2005/2008 as well, but wanted to share with the group to see if we should agree upon a common way to distinguish between different versions (since syntax and functions vary so much between them). I am assuming that there will be differences between 2005 and 2008 that we may have to account for, so this doesn't have to be 2000 vs. 2005-specific.

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    New Windows SQL Server Driver for PHP

    A new SQL Server 2000/2005 driver (preview version) for PHP improves compatibility between the two: http://www.microsoft.com/sql/technologies/php/default.mspx

    Now there's native support for PHP that will save us from having to deal with freeTDS and other things. For example, the current limitation between PHP and SQL Server is that it truncates text pulled from a varchar to 255 characters. I currently have to change anything > varchar(255) to a TEXT datatype in SQL Server to avoid this issue.

    Has anyone else used this in their SQL Server setup?

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    New FastCGI extension for IIS

    A new IIS 6/7 FastCGI extension was recently released: http://www.iis.net/downloads/default.aspx?tabid=34&g=6&i=1521 It runs on top of ISAPI and generally makes PHP within IIS more stable. Has anyone tried installing this yet? Any noticeable performance boost? I'll be setting it up soon and will reply with my own opinion soon...

    Database Equivalency Chart (please edit)

    This table lists equivalent functions, queries, etc. necessary to properly convert Drupal queries and .install files between MySQL and SQL Server 2000/2005/2008


    table title="Database Equivalency Table">

    Database Equivalency Table MySQL MSSQL 2000 MSSQL 2005 MSSQL 2008 SHOW TABLES SELECT name FROM sysobjects WHERE xtype = 'U' Read more
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    Popular, high profile, high traffic Drupal sites for BADCAMP and Drupal.org

    I'm cross posting this from here in case anyone else has any information to share: http://drupal.org/node/187464

    Hi Fellow Drupalers,
    I'm working on a session for BADCAMP (http://badcamp07.org) where we will walk through some cool, popular and high performance Drupal sites. The main focus here is high-profile, big companies, high traffic. What is the biggest and highest traffic Drupal site out there?

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    Examples of corporate sites for Case Studies

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    Ready for Testing: New DB2 Driver for Drupal

    After 4 days (!?) development, a new DB2 driver for Drupal 6.x is now ready for testing. It takes IBM's D5 DB2 implementation as base reference, and reuse almost all Oracle driver for Drupal 6.x progress for overcoming DB2-specific limitations.

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    Ready for Testing: New Oracle Driver for Drupal

    After over 1.5 years of development (since 29/11, 2005), plus number of developers contribution, and help of Drupal 6.x schema API, a new Oracle driver for Drupal 6.x is now ready for testing.

    The latest version of Oracle driver overcome a lot of Oracle-specific limitation, and able to work well as like as existing Drupal database driver, e.g. MySQL and PgSQL.

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    Anybody done a w3 theme?

    Now that we have GSA and Bluehost available, has anybody done a "w3 standards" theme for internal sites using Drupal?

    Want to?

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    How can I help out with MSSQL driver?

    I'm a MCDBA/MCSD and I don't want to get rusty with MSSQL - I'd like to contribute to the mssql driver development in Drupal- I have a pretty good knowledge of SQL Server 2000 (a modest amount of 2005 too) and data access layers like OLE DB. How can I help out?

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    Drupal developer/designer | New Media Denver

    Employment type: 

    We are looking for developers who are skilled in Drupal as well as general php, mysql, and open source solutions.

    We have a full-time position that will require being in the office Monday - Friday 9ish to 5ish. Telecommuting is not an option for full-time employees.

    We are also looking for contract developers who are located in (in order of priority) Denver, Colorado, any where in the United States. We'd like to have access to the developer during our business hours. Telecommuting may be an option for contract developers.

    Please send your resume and links to your work.

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    Random ID Generation Write up

    So, I've had a few inquiries over the last few months about random node generation as I have implemented it successfully for a client. I have posted a full write up of it on my blog. Feel free to comment on it here or on my blog; I will post a patch when I have a chance and if there is interest.

    Article link: http://earnestberry.com/node/13

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    Module "Black-Hole" revival

    There are a "LOT" of contrib modules out there. Even more so, there are a great deal of good modules that have been neglected. Lets be honest, a developers time is precious, and we all get spread thin and a bit scattered sometimes, and we leave our children (modules) to the way side for other things (like "bill-paying" modules/development so we can eat from time to time :) ).

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    Help fund backport of watchdog external logging for Drupal 5

    Khalid Bahey is well on his way to getting a patch into Drupal 6 for spitting out logging of watchdog entries so that:
    1. They can be routed to a different source other than the database, from a flat file to syslog support. The watchdog table can crush many sites.
    2. Actions can be taken depending on the messages. Get notification via email, IM, pager, etc. depending on the severity levels of messages in your watchdog.

    This will be a fantastic feature for Drupal 6....but really, we need it today for Drupal 5 as well. I've spoken with Khalid and he's willing to backport both the patch as well as the supporting modules. The plan of attack is:

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    Accepting Pseudo Logins via encrypted parameters

    I am wanting to set up a site where people will be getting to the site from another, external site. When they click on the link from the external site, it will take them to my Drupal site where I want to grab a "userid" and customize the site based on what they want. So an example of this is the following:

    site1 they sign up for an "online course" (or courses). They are given a link that would look similar to: http://site2.com/?userid=12345&course=45678

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