The group to discuss the use of This is for active users of the site, group admins, and maintainers to collaborate on how to improve the site. There is also a Maintenance group for people who help maintain the site, such as those with editor permissions, or those are interested in the maintenance of the site. More specific issues should be posted to the project issue queue.

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Update Los Angeles group manager

Hi folks. If you're not a group or site admin for then feel free to ignore this post.

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handling support influx idea- live text searching? à la zemanta?

just had a mini brain wave... maybe someone already thought of this.

you know how there's the live preview below? and you know how zemanta's firefox extension searches your post as your typing to suggest links?

what if the group text field submission conducted a live search of relevant content from the group you're posting in, to see if someone had already asked similar questions? wouldn't that be smart?

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More LA Drupal meeting videos online

For those who don't know, LA Drupal has been posting our meeting videos over at and you can totally check out almost the entire meetings you missed or want to see over again. Tonight we are proud to announce Scott Nelson's four part recording from our May 2008 meeting. Scott covered the Services module, and the AMFPHP module for hooking up Ajax, XML-RPC, JSON, and Flex/Flash to Drupal.

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Book Review: Learning Drupal 6 Module Development (published by Packt Publishing)

Only local images are allowed.

My book review pasted from I reviewed the book for the publisher but that never guarantees a good review, so read on.

I must say I was asked to review this book, and I was very excited to do so. I thought it'd be good to comment on areas for people who aren't familiar with Drupal on a daily basis yet, and to give you some background, I was very excited to read this book. I needed a book that had the words "Drupal 6" and "module development" in it and luckily this book was titled exactly that and delivered. So, to newbies and non-newbies I offer the following review.

If you're impatient and don't want to read this review all the way, then just know this book must be read by each programmer who will be tinkering with Drupal, so yes, I recommend it. This book is not for people learning how to use modules, this is for people who plan to code and build their own modules. This book is not large, has great learning material, and brings tons of info down from Drupal's web site documentation into stress-free chapters. One entire chapter (Ch. 2) covers how to do an entire module from scratch and following chapters show how expand that module and build, and build, and really get to know important APIs that come with Drupal core.

In all honestly, I'm jealous that most new users get to read something as collected as this to learn from. If you read this book you'll basically catch up with content I took months, if not over a year to explore and read online. I had also held off heavy Drupal 6 development for myself until a book like this came out, so we're in the same boat.

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Organic Groups OG with Categories + News + Taxonomy Problems

I'm trying Configuring the following scenario.
My website has many groups. Each group has the same content (news, events and publications).
Using Og_blueprints and Og panels I can replicate the configuration of each new group. When I create a new group I have all views.

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Segregate groups from main drupal site

1.I am trying to segregate og groups from the main drupal site. I have too many blocks on our main site that interfere with og. I have tried page specific visibility settings for blocks, works ok but for 60+ groups it is difficult.

I have also tried disabling "Show blocks" settings, works fine for og_panels pages but the blocks for the main site reappear when creating/editing group specific content.

Is there an easier way to segregate og from the rest of my drupal site without using a different database or subdomain.

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DrupalCampLA 2008 registration and sponsorships now open

Registration for DrupalCampLA 2008 is now open. The event will be taking place September 13-14, 2008, from about 10am-4pm each day and will feature three tracks (beginners, designers, and developers). RSVP is required and the event is free to attend.

If you plan to attend and/or sponsor the Los Angeles Drupal annual community event - DrupalCampLA - then please visit the following URLs.

Attendees register at

Sponsors show your interest at

Only local images are allowed.

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Problem with Categories on Node in multiple groups

I don't know if this is configuration issue, or a limitation of Panels2, but here on g.d.o, if you

1) Have two groups, each with different vocabularies.
2) create a node in Group X, you see the categories options associated with that group, and can happily set them.
3) Use the checkboxes to assign the node to Group Y.
4) Browse over to Group Y, and edit that content.
5) Now you set the category options associated with Group Y (which is fine), and resubmit the node.

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ChipIn started for signup.module D6 porting and other improvements

FYI: I started a ChipIn to raise money to improve the Signup module and port it to D6. The development goals that will be accomplished if we raise the money are: a) drive the CCK integration patch home, b) do everything else needed for a 5.x-2.5 release, and c) port to D6.

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Edit Link for Wiki Pages

I'm building a community site for the Public Librarians and I was wondering how on Wiki Pages, the Edit link is added on Drupal Groups.

It's the link just under the Title that says, "You are viewing a wiki page. You are welcome..." Then depending on whether you're already a member of the Group, the link either goes to edit the page or join the group.

How nice.

Does anyone know how this was done? Is it something added to the theme template? I'm trying to figure out how it's done!

Any help would be appreciated.

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Configuring the OG Group Homepage and Tabs

My goal is to create a simple group with a default homepage tab.

My problem is that an anonymous user sees the following tabs when they click on the group:

View, Home, Events, Officers

I have figured out how to make Home the default tab, but I can't make the view tab disappear for anonymous user. When the anonymous user clicks on the group title from the groups directory I would like them to see the tabs:

Home (selected), Events, Officers

(I'm not clear on the reason that the View tab exists, but I think that it is always supposed to show up for og administrators.)

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Cloning a group and its pages?

Hi OG folks,

I'm using OG to create a hub site with several simple subsites. The subsites will be pretty simple (at least initially). Each subsite will simply have 3 or 4 pages which will use 2 or 3 views. All of the subsites will have exactly the same pages, except with different content.

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How to have several managers for the same group ?

I have not found a FAQ on the site so I ask it here.

I would like to invite two people to become also managers of the group :


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Problem with Polls

I've noticed a long-term problem with polls on Groups. Once a poll is created, it can not be edited or recategorized in any way or the data for that poll is completely lost. I take personal responsibility for messing up this poll on the NYC site:( I simply wanted to make it a featured post, so I added it to the featured category and hit save. To my dismay all the data in the poll vanished. Can anyone tell me what is going on here?

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Initial impressions setting up a User Group with og_panels

Wow. I really love the new panels integration. I wanted to share my quick impressions on using the new features to setup a group for BDUG.

  • It would be great to be able to attach files to the group node. I created a Map tab with a single image a custom content, but since I could not upload/attach the image to the panel, or the group node, I had to attach it to a random, unrelated post.
  • It would be cool to have hierarchical groups, so BDUG could be a child of the Bay Area group.
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Single sign on between and

Is it planed for the next version of ?

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User's profiles should be linked with user's profiles

Would it be possible to implement this feature ?

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Spam Detection

Everytime i post something with a link, it seems, i face the captcha for potentially spammy content, even if the link is a relative link to another node on g.d.o.

It seems like links to g.d.o or relative links should be "trusted" and not trigger the spam filter.

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Paths change when group name changes

I was a bit annoyed to notice that someone had (helpfully?) renamed the Portland group to Portland (Oregon). Honestly it was a good change but the problem is that it broke the URL (portland -> portland-oregon) which we'd just gotten printed on a banner. Any way to disable that auto updating and get our old URL back?

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Statistics on growth

I've been working with members of the Drupal association, particularly Jacob Redding and Moshe Weitzman, and the infrastructure team to help calculate some statistics to measure the growth of GDO. I've got a blog post going into more detail coming up. I'll link to it shortly.

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