The group to discuss the use of This is for active users of the site, group admins, and maintainers to collaborate on how to improve the site. There is also a Maintenance group for people who help maintain the site, such as those with editor permissions, or those are interested in the maintenance of the site. More specific issues should be posted to the project issue queue.

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We need a volunteer (and new event categories)

I need a volunteer to take change of keeping and publishing a master calendar of Drupal Camps, Sprints and related meetings. If you have some spare time and are interested either respond here or contact me through g.d.o or a.d.o.


Cary Gordon
Drupal Association Events Manger

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Hair-trigger spam filter is a usability issue

I have accepted the overzealous spam filtering on g.d.o (if you included a link, you MUST be a spammer!) under the theory that we should live with our own tools– if a brand new user has to put up with it, I should also until I make it better for everyone.

As of today, I'm done with that noble approach.

Your submission has triggered the installed spam filter and will not be accepted.

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Hosting meetups, camps, and virtual classes: building the community that builds Drupal

Getting involved in the Drupal community by getting your community involved in Drupal!

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Creating content view in panels

Is there a way to create a list of content with multiple content types or by excluding a content type?

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Usability: Add ability to sort Groups Directory by number of subscribers

I would like to be able to sort the Groups Directory by number of subscribers, so that I can easily view a list of the most active/popular groups. Can anyone to make this happen?


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Code sprint in Los Angeles on Aug 15-16

2009-08-15 08:00 - 2009-08-16 17:00 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

chx (Károly Négyesi) is coming to Los Angeles and he's asking the L.A. developers to bring it for what will be one of the final pre-d7 code freeze coding and testing sprints. There will be chocolate, and at some point beer.

The hours are (tentatively) 8:00 AM on Saturday until whenever we want to break and from 8:00 AM on Sunday until 5:00 PM when chx needs to leave for another engagement.

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moshe weitzman's picture disagreement leads to stranding of all mysql user groups

MySQL has long recommended that their local user groups organize using They even went so far as to underwrite all subscription costs for their group organizers (noone knows the details of this arrangement). Now that underwriting has dried up and local groups are stranded on a for-pay service. See

One more reason to hug and the editorial and infrastructure team that keeps it going.

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Transcript of the 2hr ChatUp for the Local User Group Organizers meeting

We had a great turn out for our 1st ever ChatUp. We discussed many different ways to improve our groups. We also spent a great deal of time discussing how the GDO site could improve to serve local groups better. It appeared to be unanimous that we all believe that GDO should be the primary focus for group activity. We hope that GDO on D6 will be a step forward for those of us who continue to use it heavily in promoting local groups.
If you missed the meeting, feel free to reply to this post and comment on the transcript.

The transcript is attached.

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Local Groups and GDO Communication

We're in the middle of our 1st ChatUp in #drupal-groups as announced on
One thing that has come up is the need for very effective communication tools that are particularly useful to local groups.
To that end I am asking:
What is the D6 GDO outlook regarding this topic
What do the group leaders believe us essential to any communication tool?
Many people have a account and/or use a personal website for the group where better communication tools exist.

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New static pages for GDO on D6

Per Moshe in post "I think some static FAQ pages and such are perfectly reasonable and much needed. I don't think anyone is married to the current homepage for that matter. Please do forge ahead."

And with that the topic is raised.
What benefit can we gain from having front-page links to static content on GDO? Currently all we have is a "about this site" link at the bottom of every page. Beyond that, all pages are reached only if you enter through a group or a search result.

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Make it easier to find geographical groups

There are so many geographical groups now that it's difficult to find out if there's a group for an area you're interested in. I suggest:

  • splitting up the category geographical into subcategories for continents and countries
  • show the group category on the main group page (because mistakes happen, and it's easier to catch them if a group's current category is visible to the people using the group)
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Let's get together in #drupal-groups and chat!

Hey "Local Users Group Organizers" gang! (and a few, select, cross posted groups)

If Spring is a season of rejuvenation in your part of the planet, then I hope yours is going better than it is here in Indiana. As the rains come and the grey clouds loom, I look forward to seeing the sun again AND to making efforts to grow the Local Drupal Users Group in my city.

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Maintence: Private Content on Will be Unpublished

Hello World,

As you may have noticed, is being upgraded to Drupal 6. In that process we are adding fun new features and re-evaluating decisions from the past.

After careful consideration we have decided to remove the ability to post private content to the site. As a result, we will be unpublishing all existing private content. We manually reviewed existing private content and it was either posts that could be public or which could find a new home outside of

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Help test the upgrade to D6

Finally, I have publically posted a version of this site running on Drupal6. Some basics:

  • Site:
  • HTTP Auth: user=drupal, pass=drupal (protects site from search crawlers)
  • Drupal login: Use your regular credentials.
  • Bug reports - Please search for dupes and if none, create an issue.
  • Feature requests - please don't file any now. We are focused on the upgrade.

Some notes:

  1. Email has been disabled.
  2. We are using a copy of DB. Feel free to mangle the content. I do testing in the Sandbox group out of habit.
  3. All private content has been unpublished. We are not offerring private content on D6. We will soon post on front page about this and email all authors of private posts. You will have a chance to download your content or make it public. More info soon.
  4. The job listing page will come back soon. I do hope this feature moves off of during the redesign.
  5. We are using Solr powered search, and can facet by group, among other things. Thanks and respect to the apachesolr devs.
  6. Panels powered group pages are gone for now. We need to finish this patch. Help wanted.
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Canned Responses to Group Proposals

Reasons for denying the applicant a new group on g.d.o:

Group is denied (duplicate group)

Your Group seems to overlaps an existing group, ______, and thus has not been approved. If you'd like to re-define your group or change it so that it does not seem to overlap...

Please improve the title and/or mission statement of your new group

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Guidelines for Forming New Drupal Groups

Documentation about Groups is moving to the documentation section. The content from this page has been moved to

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Group Submission / Moderation Improvements

I'd like to get some feedback about how to improve the groups submission and moderation process.

Based on some initial discussion with some of the key folks who actually moderate groups, here are the major tasks:

  1. Improve the guidelines for adding groups - these are currently visible at I think they are actually quite good, aside from some small tweaks. I've started a wiki to hold the Group Submission Guidelines (please help refine them.
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Presenter pool

There is an interesting write-up about remote presentations on the Open Media g.d.o. made by Kevin ( From their experiences it seems like it should be feasible to make a habit out of remote Drupal presentations.

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The Jobs Page. Did something change or is it me (and by browser?)

Hi Everyone,

Till about a week ago, i could look at the jobs page here, and there was a nice table, with location, title, Part-Time or Full-Time, telecommute or not.

Now, i am redirected to google feed reader or some such. Different depending on the machine i'm on.

Is the old page gone for good. I miss that interface. It was more useful.


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Node body moving as Groups.Drupal.Org/node input format is way-too limited :KEKJIR

KEKJIR:  node  KEKH8E:  main-post  (updated 20090205145702):

  • KEKXJA:  Not to be negative but I've gotten fed-up with KEKXAN:  the way-too-limited, non-standard, & buggy input format of Groups.Drupal.Org (at least to do fully-formatted posts as my; so I'm KEKXE5:  moving  the node's main body to another site (recommend one?) while still keeping the discussion and a copy of the teaser paragraph here.
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