The group to discuss the use of This is for active users of the site, group admins, and maintainers to collaborate on how to improve the site. There is also a Maintenance group for people who help maintain the site, such as those with editor permissions, or those are interested in the maintenance of the site. More specific issues should be posted to the project issue queue.

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Group Submission / Moderation Improvements

I'd like to get some feedback about how to improve the groups submission and moderation process.

Based on some initial discussion with some of the key folks who actually moderate groups, here are the major tasks:

  1. Improve the guidelines for adding groups - these are currently visible at I think they are actually quite good, aside from some small tweaks. I've started a wiki to hold the Group Submission Guidelines (please help refine them.
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Presenter pool

There is an interesting write-up about remote presentations on the Open Media g.d.o. made by Kevin ( From their experiences it seems like it should be feasible to make a habit out of remote Drupal presentations.

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The Jobs Page. Did something change or is it me (and by browser?)

Hi Everyone,

Till about a week ago, i could look at the jobs page here, and there was a nice table, with location, title, Part-Time or Full-Time, telecommute or not.

Now, i am redirected to google feed reader or some such. Different depending on the machine i'm on.

Is the old page gone for good. I miss that interface. It was more useful.


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Node body moving as Groups.Drupal.Org/node input format is way-too limited :KEKJIR

KEKJIR:  node  KEKH8E:  main-post  (updated 20090205145702):

  • KEKXJA:  Not to be negative but I've gotten fed-up with KEKXAN:  the way-too-limited, non-standard, & buggy input format of Groups.Drupal.Org (at least to do fully-formatted posts as my; so I'm KEKXE5:  moving  the node's main body to another site (recommend one?) while still keeping the discussion and a copy of the teaser paragraph here.
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    Review of Drupal Multimedia by Aaron Winborn, Packt Publishing

    Drupal is a powerful tool for building amazingly scalable websites quickly and simply. The use of multimedia in Drupal has posed challenges to many users and developers of all abilities. Drupal Multimedia addresses the main questions regarding how to implement video, image, and audio content in a way that is elegant for the developer, as well as the end user. The language of the book is straight to the point, and provides a framework to practice building an assortment of multimedia sites using a variety of modules in the context of test or example sites.

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    Template for job posting takedown notices

    A member of the community recently posted a job posting that didn't follow the job posting guidelines (the job wasn't Drupal-specific) and it was quickly unpublished. I sent the member a message through his contact form and have copied it below. Please consider using this as a template when removing inappropriately-posted job listings.

    I didn't make this wiki page Full HTML so that it can be improved by the larger community.

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    Details about nice "subscription" interface below each post

    I really liked the way UI is designed here on GDO for nice subscription interface. Could you please provide the details how you achieved this? I can see the simple html markup (which is elegant) but I am sure there some jquery or javscript magic. Already looked at about page and it doesn't say. So would love to know more or learn from the script if you can please share.

    On a slightly differnt note, this may be a nice alternative to many "create x, create y" links on the group details block on the right.

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    How many GDO subscribers?

    I've read the footer on this site many times and always assumed that the # of subscriptions meant the number of registered users on this site. But today when I read it more closely, I realized that "54583 group subscriptions" could actually mean something very different.

    If I am subscribed to 34 groups, do I count as 1 or as 34 in "54583 group subscriptions"?

    How many registered users on this site? What is the average number of subscriptions per user?


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    robertmills's picture Redesign Prototype: Iteration 11


    This week sees the release of iteration 11.

    This week we have made lots of some smaller changes throughout the whole prototype, items that were delayed from iteration 10. For this release, we've paid particular attention to several pages:

    1. Marketplace

    2. Download and Extend

    3. Modules landing page

    4. Themes landing page

    5. Search_by theme

    6. Home page

    7. Dashboard

    There has been a lot of great feedback on the iteration 10 post, thank you all for your valuable input.

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    robertmills's picture Redesign Prototype: Iteration 10


    This week sees the release of iteration 10 in the Drupal redesign prototype.

    We're currently working with the Drupal Association to further define an advertising strategy for the redesigned d.o. Therefore, we've included a few more ads, but it probably isn't indicative of the final strategy.

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    Signup module supports CCK date fields and is now available for Drupal 6

    After a successful fundraising effort and a lot of hard work, I'm pleased to announce that the Signup module has made some major leaps forward in the recent past:

    • Supports CCK date fields for reminder emails and auto-close functionality (#86462). You can have both event and date enabled on the same site. For CCK date node types, you select which date field you want to use for signup functionality when configuring the node type.
    • Ported to Drupal 6, Views2, etc. The 6.x-1.0-rc1 release candidate is now out.

    There are a ton of other improvements too numerous to list here. For details, check out the 5.x-2.6 and 5.x-2.5 release notes.

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    Groups D6 ?

    Has anybody install groups in d6 Yet and if so what modules are installed.

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    Group manager group

    Would it be possible to create a g.d.o group for group managers. It should probably be limited to managers and g.d.o admins, and it could address both management and technical issues.

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    Kinesis Keyboard thanks

    I want to thank the fellow who sat behind me at the LA Drupalcamp a few months ago. I bought the Kinesis keyboard you told me about on the spot. Cost more than most people are wiling to pay, a little hard to get used to at first, (and probably designed for someone with slightly larger hands than mine), but WOOHOO! I've had significantly less wrist pain since I adopted this thing.I don't remember your name (feel free to pipe up here), but I'm very grateful.

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    Performance benefits from empowerment and extensive training

    I saw this article referenced in the economist. has done wonders for the community by empowering local and working groups and giving them control over their groups. What we seem to be missing is training. Does it make sense to provide training for group organizers and event managers?


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    Policy on crediting sponsors?

    I'm wondering if there's any official policy regarding crediting sponsors on G.D.O. - Could an individual credit sponsors in such a way as is displayed here?. Obviously there would have to be some guidelines if such a thing were allowed.

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    Yet another post from me...

    Apologies for all the recent posts to this group. Hope I'm not spamming people. I had some other questions/ideas that I wanted to ask

    1) Local Ambassadors Page ( - I was looking through this and wondered how is this sorted/organized? Currently it seems almost random. I had hoped it might make some of the "key players" more evident, but the people I consider influential in certain areas don't really seem to be evident on that list. Some thoughts I had were:
    - Giving weight to people who organize multiple events

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    G.D.O Email System

    Two issues I wanted to bring up.

    1) When using the events feature and signups, it mentions that that when people signup for the event that they will be sent a reminder email 24hrs before the event. However, this never seems to happen. I have started sending out manual reminders for some of the events I've posted. I'm not sure if this is a known issue or not. If this feature isn't enabled, then the UI should be updated accordingly (i could imagine it might be load intensive) and if it is, then it seems to be a bug or something.

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    Where do the jobs go?

    I keep seeing jobs posted all over the place. Even this group. Unless someone is hiring to work on g.d.o, I think that's off topic. People seem to cross post jobs anywhere that seems even remotely connected and some just seem random. Is there some group for posting jobs? If I clean a job posting out of a group, where do I put it? Are there any rules on this?


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    Featured Content per Group (Sticky per group)

    I'm not sure how many other people might have this problem, but I was wondering if there was some way to make a post sticky for just a particular group?

    Use case: I am organizing a regional event that I would like to cross post to other nearby groups who may be interested, and make featured/sticky on the local groups homepage. However, if the post is marked sticky then it becomes sticky for all groups and seems rude, at the very least, if not abuse to impose the importance of one group on the other groups.

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