The group to discuss the use of This is for active users of the site, group admins, and maintainers to collaborate on how to improve the site. There is also a Maintenance group for people who help maintain the site, such as those with editor permissions, or those are interested in the maintenance of the site. More specific issues should be posted to the project issue queue.

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Drupalcon 2010, where would you prefer to have it? (log in to vote)

46% (173 votes)
54% (200 votes)
Total votes: 373
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Drupalcon 2011, where would you prefer to have it? (log in to vote)

33% (83 votes)
28% (71 votes)
39% (99 votes)
Total votes: 253
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on views and panels and taxonomy lists

I'm trying to have some new pages with panels which would need to have some lists of nodes filtered by taxonomy term. I noticed there is a view for panels called 'og_recent_type_term', which has a taxonomy context dropdown, which I believed I could use for that. However I'm not succeeding. Is there a way to have a taxonomy/term/xxx type pane within a panel page?

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Please fix jobs feed

Hi all,

would someone please check/fix the feeds generated by the jobs page?

It just shows articles 2 years old.


Fabio Varesano

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Content Type Posting Per Group

I'm sure this has been brought up and discussed before, but is there any ability to restrict the posting of particular content types to certain groups?

Specifically, I've just had a job posting to the DrupalCon Asia Pacific Organising group which was quite inappropriate. I moved it to the appropriate regional group already, but this seems like a more general problem that would be beneficial to resolve.

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Using Panels and Views for Your Group Homepage (and sub-pages)

This page now lives on the documentation site:

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gdo basic questions

Hi, I have a couple of questions about gdo best practices as a "user"...

  1. ical feeds. It looks like whether I go to the main g.d.o. calendar or click the calendar icon within a specific group I get the same URL ( So if in my email client (currently evolution) I want to display events just from one group what is the URL?

  2. As I'm joining more and more groups (and subscribing for email notification more frequently), I'm finding it very difficult to establish filters in my email client to direct emails from a group to a folder. Example...

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Where Have All The Panels Gone?

As part of the big update to Drupal 6.0, groups is now running the latest and greatest OG Panels stack, including Panels 3.0, Chaos Tools 1.0 with the awesome Page Delegator, and the newly independent and 6.0 compatible OG Panels module.

This is a great thing for our future as a dynamic community, and it means that group maintainers can continue to use Panels to trick-out their Organic Groups. However, the complexity of the update and the changes from Views 1 to 2 mean that much of the content that was previously configured in panels no longer worked as it previously had. Unfortunately, groups admins will need to refurbish and/or recreate their homepages.

All your old pages are there, and the UI should be familiar. There are also some nice new options and more coming soon. However, all panels pages are un-published and no homepages are in effect, so you'll need to review them and republish when ready. Please use this thread to ask questions on the topic of OG Panels.

UPDATE: a wiki page with instructions is starting to come together here.

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Groups upgrade under way

Mail processing got stopped. It's working again, but is sending out a bunch of mail. Sorry about both the lag and the massive inflow.

As you may have noticed today, we are busily upgrading this site.

We, in this case, is the g.d.o focused team of Moshe, Josh, Greg with support from David Strauss, Narayan Newton and a few other special guests here in Paris.

We have a longer explanation/announcement post coming up and are just waiting for a couple more fixes we hope to make in the next few days. Until then, though, one big announcement:

Logins Switch to Single Sign on - May be Broken :(

Good news! Logins are now driven off of logins. If you're looking at this as a logged out user, click the user link and you should be all set. We're still sorting out how to make the links all work perfectly.

Bad news! We matched up most of the existing accounts, but there are about 8,000 of you that won't be able to login here. If you are one of those people, please create an Account synch request with links to your user profiles on both sites. We will use comments on the synch request to communicate to you (hopefully that it's done) but if we have questions you can use the infrastructure queue to discuss. If you have multiple accounts, now is the time to pick the account you want to use.

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Group owner needs email indicating new member sign up?

I am new to OG and am working on my first paid site that uses OG. I think I understand everything but the notification system is driving me crazy. Messaging /Notifications and Actions and triggers are swirling around in my head and yes they are driving me crazy!

It seems that Organic Groups does not come with a trigger to send an email to the group owner when a new member signs up for a group and needs approval. (I have figured out how to send an email once the group owner approves the member) So can someone tell me how to set up this trigger.

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Which posts appear on


I am just starting to configure my Organic Groups settings and I would like to have only important news announcements from each of the groups appear on the main Group home page. Similar to the way appears. It does not have every post from every group, rather it has only really important ones. How/Who decides which posts get posted to the main page?

I have thought about using taxonomy filters but it doesn't seem like the way they do it.


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We need a volunteer (and new event categories)

I need a volunteer to take change of keeping and publishing a master calendar of Drupal Camps, Sprints and related meetings. If you have some spare time and are interested either respond here or contact me through g.d.o or a.d.o.


Cary Gordon
Drupal Association Events Manger

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Hair-trigger spam filter is a usability issue

I have accepted the overzealous spam filtering on g.d.o (if you included a link, you MUST be a spammer!) under the theory that we should live with our own tools– if a brand new user has to put up with it, I should also until I make it better for everyone.

As of today, I'm done with that noble approach.

Your submission has triggered the installed spam filter and will not be accepted.

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Hosting meetups, camps, and virtual classes: building the community that builds Drupal

Getting involved in the Drupal community by getting your community involved in Drupal!

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Creating content view in panels

Is there a way to create a list of content with multiple content types or by excluding a content type?

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Usability: Add ability to sort Groups Directory by number of subscribers

I would like to be able to sort the Groups Directory by number of subscribers, so that I can easily view a list of the most active/popular groups. Can anyone to make this happen?


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Code sprint in Los Angeles on Aug 15-16

2009-08-15 08:00 - 2009-08-16 17:00 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

chx (Károly Négyesi) is coming to Los Angeles and he's asking the L.A. developers to bring it for what will be one of the final pre-d7 code freeze coding and testing sprints. There will be chocolate, and at some point beer.

The hours are (tentatively) 8:00 AM on Saturday until whenever we want to break and from 8:00 AM on Sunday until 5:00 PM when chx needs to leave for another engagement.

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moshe weitzman's picture disagreement leads to stranding of all mysql user groups

MySQL has long recommended that their local user groups organize using They even went so far as to underwrite all subscription costs for their group organizers (noone knows the details of this arrangement). Now that underwriting has dried up and local groups are stranded on a for-pay service. See

One more reason to hug and the editorial and infrastructure team that keeps it going.

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Transcript of the 2hr ChatUp for the Local User Group Organizers meeting

We had a great turn out for our 1st ever ChatUp. We discussed many different ways to improve our groups. We also spent a great deal of time discussing how the GDO site could improve to serve local groups better. It appeared to be unanimous that we all believe that GDO should be the primary focus for group activity. We hope that GDO on D6 will be a step forward for those of us who continue to use it heavily in promoting local groups.
If you missed the meeting, feel free to reply to this post and comment on the transcript.

The transcript is attached.

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Local Groups and GDO Communication

We're in the middle of our 1st ChatUp in #drupal-groups as announced on
One thing that has come up is the need for very effective communication tools that are particularly useful to local groups.
To that end I am asking:
What is the D6 GDO outlook regarding this topic
What do the group leaders believe us essential to any communication tool?
Many people have a account and/or use a personal website for the group where better communication tools exist.

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