SoC 2008

Welcome Summer of Code 2008 students!

Student tasks and due dates:

  • April 14 - May 26: Accepted students talk with mentors, start getting acclimated to the community, get setup with CVS access, etc.
  • May 26 - August 11: Code!
  • July 7: Mid-term reports due
  • August 11 - August 18: Last minute clean-up.
  • September 1: Final status reports due.
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GSoC 2014 - Student Application DEADLINE THIS FRIDAY!

Reminder to all students AND mentors that GSoC 2014 student applications are due this Friday March 21st at 19:00-UTC. Moving forward all students need to be submitting applications directly into Melange for review. Students need practice submitting proposals into Melange to realize it can be a pain and understand Google will NOT accept ANY late proposals.

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It was fun GCI, Welcome back GSoC

Originally posted in our GSoC group. More info about GCI in a few months...Join us in #drupal-google or the new group if you want to learn more @

Our awesome community recently became a bit more awesome. Drupal was accepted into Google's Summer of Code 2014! Student applications started March 10th and are open until March 21st. It's not too late to become a student, mentor, or submit a project idea. Not available to join the GSoC fun...maybe you can send an email to your alumni university mailing list?

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Google Summer of Code 2014 - Announcement and Application

Major announcement! The 10th annual Google Summer of Code application period kicked off Monday, February 3rd (GSoC 2014 announcement from Google[1]).

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Google Summer of Code 2012

Please join for participating in Google Summer of Code 2012 :)

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Users cannot view the tickets assigned to them

Users cannot view the tickets assigned to them. There are no option for the user to see the assigned tickets. if "view other users tickets" permission is assigned then the user sees all the tickets, which not what want to do. Is there are a way to get this functionality working.

When I see the project homepage, "Tickets can be assigned to users (and users can view all tickets assigned to them)." which is exactly what I need for my project. If anyone can help me please respond pls.


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Planet-SoC: Looking for a design!

Only local images are allowed.
Planet-SoC will be aggregating content from SoC contributers all over the world in a centralized location. Screencast demonstrations, articles, commits, you name it!

Are you a Drupal designer interested in getting some exposure?

Planet-SoC is looking for a unique theme to make Drupal stand out!

If you think you can help us with a design, please leave a comment or contact me or Alex UA!

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Screencast about Google Summer of Code

I saw this awesome promotional video about why students should take part in the Google Summer of Code. If you're a student and you're wondering whether or not to take part in this program or a mentor trying to convince a student to sign up, give this video a look.

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Making it Stick: Offline Connections & Student Retention in the GSoC

In the conversation that started the planning for the Google Summer of Code 2009 webchick presented what she saw as the biggest challenge the Drupal community faces:

IMO our challenge is not "how do we get these students to continue slaving away on their projects after they're not getting paid anymore" (I realize this isn't what you said, but I've heard other people say this if you 'read between the lines'), our challenge is instead, "how do we get our students to become Drupal-obsessed and immersed in the community as a contributor?" If we figure out the answer to that question, awesome code will follow.

Obviously, this challenge is also an opportunity, because for every person who we never hear from again (or for every dozen) we get a webchick that emerges to become a leader in, or at least a long-time member of, the community. It may be hard to keep people engaged, but the simple fact is that we already largely have their attention. We simply need to find more efficient and sustainable ways of making the contact more valuable to the participants, and make the memories more endearing/enduring.

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Google Summer of Code 2009 documents have been updated!

The "HOWTO" and "General Requirements" documents have been posted on the group page for Google Summer of Code 2009.

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Any Proposals from 2008 worth doing in 2009?

There are a number of proposals from last year that either didn't make the cut or, in a couple of rare cases, didn't result in a successful project. Are there proposals from the GSoC 2008 group that worth bringing over the GSoC 2009 group? I'm going to put some work in organizing the group, and I was thinking it might be a good way to populate the idea section with some content.

Here's the list from last year:

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SoC Team Sign-Up Wiki Page-O-Rama

Here's a description of the various roles that need filling during SoC, what needs to be done, and a place for people to sign themselves up for it. Please feel free to sign yourself up for multiple roles, but please don't try and do all of them or you'll end up as insane as webchick. ;)

Let's rock this!

People we need ASAP
* Organization Administrators
* Mentor Recruiters
* Official Project Idea List Curators
* Project Idea Thinker Uppers

People we need before we submit a mentoring application (~Late Feb - Early March)
* Mentoring Application Writers
* Mentors
* Backup Mentors

People we need before student applications start coming in (~Late March - Mid-April)
* Welcome Wagon
* Student Application Vetters
* Student Application Rankers

People we need before community bonding period (~Mid-April - Late May)
* Community Bonding Time Team
* Planet SoC

People we need during Summer of Code starts (~Late May - Early September)
* Whip Crackers

People we need before SoC ends (Early September and beyond)
* Post-SoC Team

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SoC 2009: We need a team (or, webchick's braindump about SoC)

While Google hasn't officially announced anything to my knowledge, word on the street is that the Summer of Code program will be running again in 2009. If it runs as it did in 2008, then it would be publicly announced next month, and applications from mentoring organizations (that's us - Drupal) to participate will be due the first week of March (just in time for everyone to be distracted by Drupalcon! ;)).

Traditionally, I've sort of headed up the administrative, getting-the-ball-rolling process at the beginning of SoC, and making-sure-things-are-chugging-along during the middle, with the help of Drupal's tremendous mentoring team. There is one BIG snag this year though -- last fall I got named Drupal 7 core maintainer, and have had to cut all other "extra-curricular" duties, and that includes SoC. :\ We therefore urgently need to look at a sustainable way to spread this responsibility across the mentoring team so it doesn't create a "single point of failure" in our organization.

So let's pre-preemptively start talking strategy about how to tackle managing SoC moving forward. Here's a brain-dump of everything related to managing SoC that will need to be looked after, preferably by a team of former mentors, students, and ardent summer of code fans.

Want to help? Sign yourself up!

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Google SoC 2009 announced by LH!

Its official:

But there's a reduction in number of students, i think we should get on early... After last year's success, I'm mentoring again -- point me to the sign-up page! :D

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Szeged SoC presentation online, Code submissions

Hi SoCer's,

You can grab the videocast of the Szeged SOC presentation over at It's available in streaming and full formats.

Also, our Google code project page (For code submissions) is live:

Needless to say, our projects pwned.

Please read the details at the page It has been updated recently for SOC 2008.

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Color.module demo

Hi, I wanted to point you guys to a demonstration of color.module I am working on. - You should be able to get to try it as 'user' and 'admin', and play around with the scheme functionality.

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Hey, students and mentors: need your final evaluations!

For those who missed the announcement on the SoC mailing list, Final Evaluation Period is now upon us. There are two required surveys: one for your assigned SoC project, and one for the program as a whole.

Please turn these in no later than Sunday, August 24!

Students: In addition to your program surveys, you must also Upload a copy of your code to Google. We hope you will continue to work on your projects even after SoC. :)

Mentors: Only the primary mentor listed @ will be able to fill out a student evaluation. But feel free to collaborate with it with your co-mentors!

Thanks so much for a rockin' SoC, folks! :)

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Validation API is in beta

Validation API has had a week in beta. However with a lack of any issues being submitted, I think I needed to advertise this a little harder (or, maybe the module is perfect the way it is :)). Hence, the reason I am posting this discussion in the group. There is a couple tutorials in the README.txt, and the help system was revamped last week. Feel free the take the module through the cleaners, just leave an issue if it doesn't handle your treatment too well. :)

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New Memetracker Release

Get it while it's hot! I released Alpha5 of Memetracker this afternoon before I leave tonight on the first leg of my long vacation leading up to Drupalcon.

Highlights of the release included a new compact UI for the memebrowsing page that hides/unhides related content in each meme. Also, I've reworked the meme detection process which should make it more accurate for sites with multiple memetrackers.

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Szeged SoC Showcase: Who's going to present?

Great news! The Summer of Code Showcase session was accepted for Drupalcon Szeged! It will take place at 9am - 10:30am on August 29th, and will be a panel where as many people as we can fit at the front of the room will spend 5 minutes per project demonstrating the hard work done over SoC so audience members can see it first-hand.

I have a list below of all 19 projects. If you're either a SoC student or mentor coming to Szeged, please sign your name up next to your project. Myself and snufkin will take any of the stragglers. :)

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Review Embed Widgets Usability

My project is going great and is nearly complete, but one concern I have is the user interface. I am looking for ways to improve it. My project allows widgets to be created from Drupal content such as nodes, blocks, or views. Content must first be added as a "widget source" before it can be embedded in a widget. Widgets can be embedded in various formats such as IFrames and Google Gadgets, with more to come.

I have implemented the following features while editing a widget:
-Dynamic user interface using AHAH.
-Live preview of changes made to widget.

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