The group to discuss the use of This is for active users of the site, group admins, and maintainers to collaborate on how to improve the site. There is also a Maintenance group for people who help maintain the site, such as those with editor permissions, or those are interested in the maintenance of the site. More specific issues should be posted to the project issue queue.

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No-avatar avatar

I am somewhat estranged by the new no-avatar, avatar. The whole idea of avatars is for it to be an personal identifier of the person posting. Where as a persons face has a lot of emotional value, placing an avatar like this doesn't help identifying the person at all. Rather it creates an somewhat strange bond between no-avatar posters.

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Improvements to comment/voting display

I've just been talking with greggles on IRC after some changes I made to Vote Up Down module for g.d.o:

He asked if I had any other suggested improvements, and this is the result (check the images) of one train of thought:

-Voting widget is visible at all stages of reading a comment (no need to scroll back to top of long comment to cast a vote)

-Vote count always visible

-Will allow for collapsing of content area for -n voted comments but would still show title and author and votecount

Other possible additions:

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WSOD: Edit your Notification Settings > Customize

Let me know where this bug report should really go.

If I go to "My Account" (primary link) > Notifications > Edit your Notification Settings and click the "customized" link I get a white screen. Maybe this has been reported.

Also if "Automatically enable notifications for any groups that I join" is not unchecked by default, I think it should be. Took me a while to figure out why I was getting email for every new posting to the groups I joined.

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GDO Updates

At today's DrupalConSF sprint, Greg and I made a number of updates to bring the latest and greatest versions of our favorite modules to GDO. This includes the shiny new OG Panels 2.0 release (many thanks to jimthunderbird for getting that release out!) and a number of other under-the hood updates which will help us build and deploy more content and group features going forward.

Please use this thread to post any issues you see with the site.

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greggles's picture sprint at Drupalcon San Francisco

2010-04-20 09:05 - 17:00 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 
User group meeting

Hello folks,

Josh Koenig and I are going to be sprinting at Drupalcon San Francisco to help make this site even better.

This will be on Thursday at the Post Conference Sprint. Exact location of where in that space we'll be sprinting is to be determined, but one of us will probably be tweeting about it.

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Subscription emails from g.d.o being rejected...

In order to reduce junk mail coming to me I have set:

smtpd_sender_restrictions = permit_mynetworks, permit_sasl_authenticated, reject_unverified_sender

in the file:


BUT is a non-existent email address so it gets rejected.

Would it be possible to create as a real address? Perhaps it gets blackholed on the g.d.o. server.

Any other ideas?

Cheers Daniel

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problems with CAPTCHA and audio CAPTCHA alternative

earlier today, i drafted what i considered a thoughtful, yet quick, reply to a comment upon the development of an accessibility statement for Drupal (, but my comment was identified as possible spam, so i was required to take a CAPTCHA test in order to authenticate my comment, but when i attempted to use the audio captcha, the page refreshed, completely wiping out almost a half-an-hour's work which i had put into my response...

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Sorting content on group pages (question)


I've looked elsewhere and it looks like this might be the best place to get a response and discussion on this.

I've set up organic groups for an online gaming community. When they register their group it creates a basic info summary page about their group.

I'd like to keep the page/story content types enabled so their members (or leaders) can create that additional content. However, I'm experiencing difficulties trying to sort the content so that their initial page (info summary page) that they created upon group registration is permanently at the top of their group page.

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Permissions and Content flow for

This content has been merged into the documentation page:

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Making groups more effective

I am a Drupal newbie who has been trying to find others who have similar interests to mine. Since I am looking for people with specific interests, I was looking through Working Groups.

Unfortunatly, it appears that

  1. many Groups are dead (no postings for months or even years)
  2. the structure of group pages is confusing at best

It may be that I am new and simply do not understand the sturcture of Drupal groups. I see the ability to create Discussions, Wikis, Proposals, Events, etc., but I don't see any effective way to find anything that has gone before in a Group. I am hoping there is a well structured overview of all that has, is and will be going on in the group and that I simply do not know how to get there.

Because I don't know what is where, I would like to describe what I believe would be an effective structure for a group (note, more a working group than a geographic group).

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group managers should be able to delete any content in his own group

group managers should be able to delete any content in his own group
is it possible to add this permission ?

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book pages in

is it possible to manage wiki as book pages ?
i would like to build a hierarchical wiki keeping a hierarchical menu but the actual system is not allowing me this.
in the wiki pages, i would also like to hide the author infos.

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How to promote or propose for promoting to Groups frontpage?

I cannot found anywhere what is the workflow to promote (or to propose for promoting) a post to the g.d.o. frontpage.

Can anybody help with this?


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Bulgarian Group


I wanted to ask who can transfer me the admin rights of the Drupal Group Bulgaria.

The existing group manager has confirmed to give me the rights.


or better the translated version :)

Translated discussion

Thank you & best wishes!

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Better support for RTL/Right-to-left languages (Arabic, Persian, Hebrew) on and

People in many countries speak in variations of these three languages (Arabic, Persian, Hebrew). also currently hosts local groups from these countries and they all have trouble using their local language in order to support local Drupal users.

More info : What languages are read from right to left And also some backgrounds better support for Arabic & Persian languages on and

Local Groups

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    How to use Pages properly?

    I've been searching for information on Views 2 and Groups, but only find information that seems related to programming...

    I want to do a very simple thing...

    I created a page called "Empregos" (Jobs) on the group "Portugal":

    And want to list only the jobs related to Portugal. The URL for the filtered job page is this:

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    Roles and Responsibilities on

    This page has been moved to a documentation page.

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    Static page vs. wiki page

    Currently it's possible to create a wiki page on g.d.o. Although it acts like a wiki page (anyone can edit), it looks more like a personal page due to the profile picture and the "submitted by" text. I believe this discourages people from editing wiki pages. Now that we have a Revisions tab, maybe it's about time to remove the profile picture and the "submitted by" text.

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    Roles at g.d.o

    I recently got the admin role in the Sweden group, but I cannot find any information about what an admin is supposed to do. Is there any page describing this? I noticed some changes such as the permission to edit any post, using panels etc, but it would be great to have a complete list of the permissions and responsibilities of an admin.

    Perhaps the about page could include a section describing the different roles at g.d.o such as Webmaster, Group Manager, Admin, Authenticated User and Anonymous User.


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    Abandoned Groups: Policy for Deleting a Group or Changing Its Manager

    As part of an effort to consolidate documentation, this has moved to

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