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Drupal Users Community for Luxembourg and Regions

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Global SprintWeekend in Luxembourg

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Drupal Global SprintWeekend in Luxembourg?

The Drupal Global Sprint Weekend is organized in January 30 and January 31, 2016 all around the world. See for details. I'm interested to join such an event in Luxembourg or nearby.

Any initiative?

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Openlayers and Leaflet update

Hi all,

Since the month of September of 2014, I started working on a new version of Openlayers, find the roadmap here and feel free to participate.

Last week, after 10 months of development, I made a summer cleanup of the code again, added the missing bits and finalized the API.
I feel that the module has never been so stable since.

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Working on OpenLayers 3.x

Hi all,

After a couple of quiet months, I would like to start working actively again with Openlayers.

My goals are:

Things to be done in OL 3.x



  • Strong map data validation and errors management: Not yet done
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    The Luxembourg Drupal Community

    The Luxembourg Drupal community on

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    DrupalCamp Vienna 2013 - Nov 22-24 - schedule published

    Dear Drupalistas from all over Europe and beyond!

    It's official - the schedule for DrupalCamp Vienna 2013 is now online:

    We were pretty stunned by the fact that you folks submitted an awesome amount of 60 sessions. Selecting sessions always means that you have to draw a line at some point, but I really think that we were able to put together an outstanding line-up of Drupal and non-Drupal talks for this conference.

    Keynotes anyone?

    This is really exciting for us! Jeffrey aka. Jam McGuire from Acquia will kick-off the camp with his Friday keynote "Connecting Open Minds" that very much reflects our conference theme: connect with relevant experts from within and outside of the Drupal community.

    Equally exciting, but from a totally different angle, John O'Nolan, founder of the Ghost project keynotes the second day of DrupalCamp Vienna: "Focus: The Value of Choosing Just One Thing at The Bazaar" is about the value of not diversifying, but doing just one thing - and doing it really, really well.


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    Drupal community in Luxembourg

    Hey there!

    Is there an active Drupal community in Luxembourg / are there any local meetups happening? Which companies are specialized in Drupal in Luxembourg?

    I'll be moving to Luxembourg in October this year so I wanted to check out what is the situation with Drupal in Luxembourg. :)



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    Actif / Aktiv?

    Hallo Zusammen,

    Wie geht es Euch?
    Ist die Gruppe hier aktiv?

    Ich freue mich, euch zu treffen !

    Ca va?
    Ce groupe est-il actif?


    PS: Ich habe Heute mit Drupal angefangen ;-)
    PS: je commence ce jour avec Drupal !

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    [CeBIT 2o13] Unterstützt Drupal - Werbt für Euch und Drupal

    Hallo Drupalistas und Drupaler,

    zunächst wünschen wir Euch ein erfolgreiches und gesundes Jahr 2013
    und freuen uns darauf, Euch bei diversen Events rund um unser
    Lieblings-CMS zu treffen.

    Eine der Veranstaltungen ist die CeBIT 2013, bei der wir zusammen mit
    12 weiteren OpenSource ContentManagementSystemen einen
    Gemeinschaftsstand bespielen.

    Dabei geht es nicht um die Konkurrenz untereinander, was dadurch
    verdeutlicht wird, dass dies ein Gemeinschaftsstand ist, der von all

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    Consultants Techniques | Acquia

    Employment type: 
    Full time

    Acquia architecture les stratégies du web social en intégrant des web services et du monitoring de performances de serveurs web pour des sites parmi les plus populaires d'Internet. Nous recherchons des Consultants Technique (H/F) qui ont une passion pour les technologies web et un grand sens du service client. La branche Services de l'équipe d'experts d'Acquia aide les entreprises, les établissements académiques et les administrations publiques, petites ou grandes, à migrer vers Drupal pour réussir leurs stratégies web sociales.

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    Luxembourg Drupal 7 Release Party

    2011-01-07 18:00 - 20:00 Europe/Luxembourg
    Event type: 
    Training (free or commercial)

    Luxembourg Drupal 7 Release Party

    The Luxembourg-based web agency Nvision is going to support the Drupal 7 launch by organising the Luxembourg Drupal 7 release party. Everyone who is interested in Drupal is invited: fans, users, developers, designers ... Join us on January 7th, 2011 and discover the product, learn about enhancements and new features and have a drink or two while discussing with Drupal pros.

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    Sortie de Drupal7 : événement organisé partout dans la monde ! et en francophonie ?

    2011-01-07 (All day) UTC
    Event type: 
    User group meeting

    Drupal 7 va être lancé dans les prochaines semaines :)

    Il va y avoir des soirées de lancement pour Drupal 7 partout dans le monde.

    Pourquoi pas faire de même partout aussi en France et dans la francophonie ?

    J’ai créé cet événement afin que tout le monde puisse donner envoyer ses idées (en précisant votre ville ou votre région). N'hésitez pas à vous manifester même si c'est pour simplement indiquer disponibilité et créer des liens locaux ou trouver des lieux de regroupement.

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    Drupal Developer Days Munich 2010

    2010-05-08 09:00 - 2010-05-09 17:00 Europe/Berlin
    Event type: 
    Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

    Drupal Developer Days 2010 will be held on the campus Lothstr. of the Munich University of Applied Sciences from May 7 (pre-registration) until May 9 2010. Munich University of Applied Sciences is the official co-sponsor of our event and has made sure that the walls are painted in a very nice drupalish blue! (not true).

    Central location, connected and top modern: We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Campus Lothstraße of the Hochschule München from the 8th to 9th May 2010. The very modern location of our Co-Organizer offers all your conference needs.

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    Newbie Drupal Workshop in the Eifel (German language)

    2010-03-12 13:00 - 17:00 Europe/Berlin
    Event type: 
    Training (free or commercial)

    Announcing a little Drupal Workshop for beginners, this Friday at 14:00h, in Habscheid, Germany. Not that far from Luxembourg and Belgium. It is an offer for the local linux user group (Schneifeltux), but anybody else would be very welcome.

    It is going to be a general newbie workshop containing the installation of Drupal, general basics, cck and views. The workshop should last for 3 to 4 hours and is held in German language.

    Please contact me via my contact form if you want to participate.

    Friday, 12.03.2010, 13h-17h

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    Data and Custom Programming | RealEstatePointe

    Employment type: 
    Part time
    Employment type: 

    I am looking for help on a Drupal project and I found your contact information on the web. I am looking for data import and synchronization help specifically. The project involves real estate data, here are some of the requirements.
    • Migrate a text or csv file of new data once per day.
    • Data fields will map to the fields in the content type cck.
    o The fields are text, integers, floats and dates.
    • Run an update to remove old rows based on either the ‘status’ or the fact that the row is missing from the daily file, indicating it is no longer available.

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    Creating a Drupal Image gallery with Flex - e-seminar

    2010-02-05 10:00 - 10:30 Europe/London
    Event type: 
    Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

    Hi guys,

    We are working on creating an image gallery with Flash and Flex/ActionScript which will be open source and placed on in the modules section, and are currently in the code review phase. We wanted a bit of feedback from the community before posting this on the Drupal site, so we are having a 30 minute e-seminar to present the module and gather some ideas. If you would like to join and help make this better, please register at this address:

    The registration is just for us to estimate the size of the Connect room needed.

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