The Media group is the working group for the Drupal 7 File entity module, Media module and all the various modules that extend Media. The Media group is a place for all interested parties to collaborate and discuss anything related to the Drupal Media "ecosystem".

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Plupload integration ?

What's the best alternative to upload several files at a time into Media field and then select them in one operation to insert them in a node ?

I have tested this module which works perfectly with Media-7.x-1.x-dev but not with Media 7.x-2.x:

Is there active work on this feature to be implemented in Media Core or in official add-on to Media ?

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Float in Media and using image in teaser when use Wysiwyg

I look at Media 1 year ago and now, but nothing has changed even (including version 2) with this to simple things.

Look at this:
Post on drupalgardens:

and the same post on wordpress:

You can build a spaceship with Drupal but we can't do simple things.

CMS or CMF is primarily a management articles. Insert a media in to content and beautiful design media content in artcle - is the main problem.

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Upload videos to external services


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[SOLVED] Does Media create thumbnails that can be exposed in Views, for making a grid of thumbnails with certain tag, linking to original images?

I would like to use Views to display, in a block, real thumbnails of images uploaded using tools based on the Drupal 7 Media Gallery module in a grid of images with a certain tag (using filter in views).

By real thumbnails, I mean either cropped small images of the original or the entire original reduced in size. This kind of thumbnail is efficient at loading. I do not want thumbnails which are simply the browser's on-the-fly scaling down of the original.

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Data migration | Phaidon Press Ltd

Employment type: 

Phaidon Press is working on a project which involves migrating a large database from FileMaker Pro to Drupal 7.

The first stage, exporting from FileMaker to a generic MySQL database, is in hand now, but we need someone to undertake the job of importing the data from the generic database to Drupal 7. Depending on how the data is organized, there are potentially about 5000 nodes and 52000 media assets (almost all of these images).

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Audio Player

This is an announcement of sorts, but more importantly I'm looking for feedback.

My name is Matthew Tift and I'm a Drupal developer at Wisconsin Public Radio, one of numerous public media organizations switching to Drupal.

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DrupalCon Denver: 2012 Media sprint


We are planning on organizing a small, one-day Media sprint at DrupalCon Denver in March of 2012 (specific date TBD). In exchange for leading and organizing a sprint, the Drupal Association is able to give a small allotment of free DrupalCon tickets for people that "need" to be at the sprint in order to make it productive.

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Drupal Media Sessions: Media Sprint Summary

2011-10-05 15:00 - 16:00 America/New_York

Dave Reid leads a recap of last month's exciting Drupal 7 Media Sprint, held in Chicago.

  1. Introduction
  2. Recap goals for the Media Sprint
  3. The outcome of the sprint
    1. Media 1.0-RC1
    2. Improvements to 2.x
    3. How usable/stable is 2.x at the moment?
    4. Roadmap
  4. Next steps
    1. What’s left to do before 2.0
    2. What others can help with
    3. Media Module Initiative
  5. Q&A
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WordPress media features

drupleg has done an incredibly detailed analysis of the media handling features in WordPress, which you can find in the Media module issue queue at

Media Sprint 2011 Days 4 and 5

Goals and agenda

Work on 2.x roadmap issues:

Media 2.x roadmap:

Want to help?

We are sprinting in the #drupal-media IRC channel (see Drupal IRC). If you need help on where to get started, feel free to ask tsvenson.


Twitter hashtag: #D7MediaSprint
Pictures from the sprint:'s picture

Video module now compatible with WYSIWYG

Today I released new beta version of the video module, we have fixed lot of core issues on the video module, wiped out unwanted code, formatted code to match coding standards and lot more.

Module Required : WYSIWYG

In feature wise we could add WYSIWYG module support. In WYSIWYG setting button and plugin you can see option to enable video button.

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Media Sprint 2011 Day 3

Last night we release the 7.x-1.0-rc1 version of the module!

Goals and agenda

Want to help?

We are sprinting in the #drupal-media IRC channel (see Drupal IRC). If you need help on where to get started, feel free to ask tsvenson.


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Drupal Developer | Museum

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Not allowed

Looking for a Drupal Developer for a contract role based in London.

Exciting opportunity with prestigious client

Good rate £££

Experience in Drupal modules such as 6, 5.2 and 4.6 required

Experience in Drupal 7 preference.

Please call me or email for further details!

Robert Smith

0207 333 1554

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Pushtape Testing, Development & Workflow

Check out the design and strategy doc for lots of background info. Automated packages are being built on, any feedback is appreciated!

Design and Strategy Process + 1.0 Roadmap
Download Pushtape distribution [warning: alpha!]
Download Pushtape Features [warning: alpha!] (sign up for email list)

IRC: Join #pushtape on freenode!

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Media Sprint 2011 Day 2


We had a very productive day 1 and fixed several major issue blockers for a stable 7.x-1.0 release of the media module. We will likely roll a new 7.x-1.0-rc1 release and then shift focus to the 7.x-2.x branch (

Goals and agenda

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