The Media group is the working group for the Drupal 7 File entity module, Media module and all the various modules that extend Media. The Media group is a place for all interested parties to collaborate and discuss anything related to the Drupal Media "ecosystem".

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Need for global fields (alt & title for example) for files

We now have editable file types for the File Entity 2.x. Soon also it will be possible to add new file types in a similar manner as how we work with content types in Drupal.

This will make it possible to create tailored file types such as "Logo Types" and "Cars" which can contain different fields as well as both images and videos for example.

However, we also need a mechanism to out-of-the-box handle HTML attributes such as alt and title as explained in the wiki page.

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Media Accessibility - Media Sprint 2012

Attributes (alt and title)

At this point in time, we are focusing on the alt and title attributes, with the mindset that we will be creating a framework that will work for other attributes.



  • Alt and Title attributes should be available on file upload.
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    Media sprint 2012 sprint plan

    Issues to focus on

    • embedding non-image content with wysiwyg
    • proposal to change how we embed things in the view mode
    • file entity: file access api (tests)
    • file entity: file type table patch
    • "d7 media initiative" core patches: issue queue
    • develop a testing plan for file_entity

    Other interesting tasks



  • testing Media javascript with qUnit and Selenium
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    Bootstrapping Media UX efforts

    I met with Thomas at Drupalcon Denver to talk a bit about how to get more people excited about and involved with improving the user experience of the Media module(s). Here's a very rough first draft of what we came up with:


    Get more people excited about improving the Media module UX.


    • Make it easier
    • Make it fun
    • Make it worthwhile

    Make it easier

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    DrupalCon Denver 2012 - Media BOF (Sprint planning)

    2012-03-21 03:45 - 04:45 America/Denver

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    Wunderkit as collaboration hub for MSS

    I have been playing around with the Wunderkit beta a bit and really like how you can organize projects, tasks and notes in a lightweight way.

    Since they also recently made it completely free to use it there is no cost obstacle involved. It is still in beta and the features planned are really appealing.

    I've added a space for us there at It is a public space so anyone can follow it if the want.

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    Use Flickr for image hosting for Media Gallery upload?

    The Media module image gallery uploader is great: robust, multiple batch uploading.

    However I would like to ask if a project is being considered whereby Flickr is used as the hosting of the images?

    This would provide 2 benefits:
    1) publishing content to a wider audience on more platforms without duplicate effort i.e. to the site and to flickr at the same time
    2) reduced bandwidth and filespace used on the hosting - particularly for budget and shared hosting

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    Speakker player

    Is there a way to make a module that integrates the Speakker audio player to Drupal?

    Comparison between Media 1.x and 2.x

    The major changes between Media 1.x and 2.x so far are the following:

    • The File entity module which provides most of the underlying API has been moved to its own project at When updating from 1.x to 2.x you'll need to ensure you download and enable this module separately. You will also need to ensure that the file_entity module included in the Media module directory is removed on update.
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    Redesigning the Create Content page

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    Drupal media IRC meeting and office hours #5

    2012-03-15 20:00 - 22:00 UTC

    Please join us for our bi-weekly, open meeting to discuss issues and progress related to the Drupal Media module and unofficial initiative. The meeting will be held in #drupal-media in IRC at 8 PM UTC on Thursday, March 15th. When is this in my time zone?


    Office hours

    Immediately following the IRC meeting, we will be holding weekly office hours in IRC for two hours! The main goal of office hours is to help mentor and empower new contributors to become regular Media contributors.

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    DrupalCamp Gothenburg - Media sprint

    2012-04-28 (All day) - 2012-04-29 (All day) Europe/Stockholm

    The Drupal company Nindev has kindly offered to host a Media Sprint the day after the DrupalCamp Gothenburg. Thank you so much.

    Initial pre-sprint planning:

    1. Discuss what to work on on the sprint here
    2. Meet up for an hour or at the Camp the day before to finalize sprint plan
    3. Get dirty working on things at the sprint

    It will be possible to both attend in person and virtually via the #drupal-media IRC channel.

    More details to follow...

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    Help the Media Initiative to make the most of DrupalCon Denver

    DrupalCon Denver is going to be a spectacular event and there is lots planned by the Media Initiative to really take advantage of this opportunity. We have sessions, sprint, meetings and many other things planned.

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    Use Entity references instead of file-fields?

    I haven't studied the code for file-fields in any detail, so perhaps some of my assumptions are wrong.

    But here are my assumptions, each one based on the previous:



  • As files are their own entities, they don't "need" a field for storage. This seems true since I can delete file fields without loosing media content.
  • File fields are therefore really a type of reference field.
  • File fields probably duplicate code that is more general in either, or both of entity reference and relation
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    Drupal Dev Days Barcelona - Media Initiative Sprint

    2012-06-15 (All day) - 2012-06-18 (All day) Europe/Madrid

    The Media initiative will be holding an in-person and virtual sprint at the Drupal Developer Days in Barcelona.

    Planned dates are June 15th-17th, possibly also 18th.

    See also

    More details to come.

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