Where in the World are the DrupalChix?

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There have been a number of comments about how to find other women in Drupal. We're scattered around, but maybe not as much as we think. And it would be nice to know if there are other DrupalChix nearby. Maybe it could even lead to some regional DrupalChix get-togethers :-)

Anyway, a fancy Google Map with everyone's location would be cool, but I know many of us are not sure we want everyone in the world to know exactly where we are (sadly, that can be dangerous) but it would still be fun to have a general idea who is nearby. So I've started a very low-tech list on a wiki page that anyone can add their names to, and added a few locations to get it started.




South Africa


Cape Town




Tel Aviv




















The Netherlands

United Kingdom of Great Britain

North America


British Columbia

Nova Scotia









District of Columbia















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York

North Carolina




South Carolina








New Zealand


South America


Buenos Aires


Porto Alegre


Leon, Gto




*Awesome* idea!!

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Thanks, Karen! :)

Now two in Maryland :)

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Hi all.

I didn't precisely realize until now that we've got separate ids on groups.d.o. (vs. d.o.) So I added a link to both.

Looking forward to seeing more of us in the wiki:

This is definetly interesting

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I think this is a nice idea, too :) I'm looking forward to seeing if this group is this much concentrated in North America or if it's just that people in other parts of the world are still sleeping or working.

And Africa?

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I cant' believe Africa was not added on the list of continents :-) To be complete I've added Australia as well. I think we can leave Antartica until we have convincing prove that there is a DrupalChix there.

I know 4 other DrupalChix in South Africa, Johannesburg. I'll get them to sign up.

I would love a Google Map of the people on the list. Is there a way to set the granularity of the map to show the city a person lives in, rather than the exact address? Or otherwise, to protect privacy, we could perhaps choose the city/suburb centre (as defined by the first person to post for that city) as our location. OR set your location as the closest coffee shop you would like to meet at :-)

I'm going to be travelling soon and would love to meet other Chix.

A nearby coffee shop as a

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A nearby coffee shop as a location is an interesting idea -- could be both a place to meet and a way to tell who is where.

And I almost did add Africa,

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And I almost did add Africa, but I assumed there were probably no Chix there, which was obviously very wrong. So if someone is in Antarctica, please let us know :-)

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The DrupalCamp 0 in Yaoundé, Cameroon, will occur on June 12th, and, just because no one did it before her, is organized by a woman, would anybody doubt about it. I shall do the best I can, except pancakes this time :-)

Cameroon? Awesome! You know

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Cameroon? Awesome! You know how when you're filling out a form on a website and you get to the "Country" field and type "Ca" and it autocompletes to "Canada"? Me too, only the opposite. ;)

--Hello and welcome from Canada!

i've added Oceania :-)

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i've added Oceania :-) for us non-continentals.

Twin Cities Drupal event

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If you are a Drupal Chick in the midwest, you might be interested in our event, July 19 & 20th at the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul -- Drupal Daze. Two days of Drupal & community media presentations, workshops and panel discussions! http://www.drupaldaze.com.

Let me know if you are interested in getting involved! We are still looking for presenters and volunteers -- and you get in free if you volunteer or present....


Drupalchix meetup in SF Bay Area

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I'll help out with hosting a drupalchix meetup in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thanks Angie for the tips, and helping people out today, and for presenting at BlogHer! It was so nice to meet you and I would love to come to a Drupalcon someday!

Liz Henry

DrupalChix meetup in SF Bay Area

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I'd be very interested in a meetup in SF Bay Area. Newbie developer that would love all the support I can get! :)

@elanaleoni on Twitter

great idea!

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Nice to meet you all!


I wanted to be bold

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But I'm tired, and couldn't figure out how to add myself in the Quebec slot. How embarrassing.

Another from Pennsylvania

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New to Drupal, stoked about Drupalchix

Some of us wander...

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Technically, I'm super-isolated out here in Alabama, but I do travel a good bit. I pop up often in Atlanta and less regularly in Seattle. I have never met another person who actually works with drupal. It'd be refreshing to have tangible evidence that I'm not the only one...

Greetings from the UK (Leicester)

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Hi all,

I found this group a couple of days ago! Have been using Drupal for a couple of months - so still quite new to it all.

Have only just heard about this group

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I am also in the UK - dont see it on the list, surely there are a few more uk based drupal chix out there?

I think this group is a great idea. I have been involved in women only technical trainings trying to encourage women to use more technical tools for their work within the women's movement, e.g. the Feminist Tech Exchange (http://ftx.apcwomen.org) in Cape Town last November (for which we had a drupal site of course!) I have been working with drupal building sites for ngo's for a few years now, and would love to be knowledgeable and confident enough to be helping develop modules rather than just working around problems.

I'm near there!

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I'm near Leicester. Only just found this group.

Couldn't see the UK on the list above??

Where are the other Ontario Drupalchix?

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I can't be the only one...


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I'm in Toronto. :)

I'm in Kitchener-Waterloo!

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I'm in Kitchener-Waterloo!


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Just discovered the group now...

I know there are more

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I know there are more drupalchicks in Argentina...
Come out come out wherever you are!

In Philadelphia PA

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Just joined this group, been using Drupal for a few months and learning all I can. I'm in Philadelphia PA and excited to meet other DrupalChix and Drupal fans!



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Right outside Boston, but close enough

In Egypt

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Hi Everyone,

Any members in Egypt?


in western mass

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still pretty new to drupal, would love meet others nearby !

in Berlin, Germany


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If Barack were a CMS, he'd be Drupal....

Peggy Baker

Chicago as well! Do you ever

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Chicago as well! Do you ever come to the meet-up for advance users?

Just added the UK

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Just added the UK to the list, some people commented above but it wasn't listed.

Come on people add yourselves!

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Are you based in Hawaii? Would you like to connect so we can create a unified approach to serving our community?

Please let me know if you are a Drupalista and if you'd like to be involved in a camp, unconference, or training on Drupal.


Web design for green businesses, progressive organizations, and women entrepreneurs. Woman-owned, minority-owned, green certified. Committed to your success. Website Development :: Business Solutions http://www.10kwebdesign.com

Interested in the intersection of justice, social entrepreneurship, and technology. Keep in touch @monicadear

From Brazil, but living in Finland :)

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I just learned about the group... If I knew about it before, I would have joined a looong time ago!


Wisconsin, here.

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Wisconsin, here.

Philadelphia, PA USA

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Philly represent \m/ ^_^ \m/

Colorado here ... Loving my

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Colorado here ... Loving my adventures in Drupal ....

I'm right on the border of

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I'm right on the border of Quebec and Ontario. :) I live in Quebec though.

I'm Here! Perù

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Hello! :)

Im in London UK :)

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Great to know there are some other girlys out there getting their Drupal tech on. Big ups :)

DrupalCon Copenhagen

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Hi Candie,

are you attending DrupalCon Copenhagen in August?
I'll be there and wanted to know if other Drupalgirls are going to be there also.

Greetings from Berlin

DrupalCon Copenhagen

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Hi Candie,

are you attending DrupalCon Copenhagen in August?
I'll be there and wanted to know if other Drupalgirls are going to be there also.

Greetings from Berlin


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:-) Hi Mar,

I'll be there: http://cph2010.drupal.org/user/22328

...from 21 to 28. I'm alone... desperately looking for some girls around...

I'll propably stay in this hotel:

which I found @ DCC Forum... haven't already decided...

Greetings from Warsaw

Good to know ;)

Mar's picture

Hi Weronika,

I'll be there 22-29.08.

Staying at Norlandia Star Hotel

Greetings from Berlin



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Me: 21-28.08

@ Omena Hotel Copenhagen
Colbjørnsensgade 5-11

...street name is impossible to pronounce, but it looks it's near by...

:—)) see you there

I'm from Manchester, UK

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I've just joined the group, having heard about it from a Drupal Voices podcast. I go to the monthly North West Drupal Users Group meetings, which take place in Manchester, where I'm very often the only woman.


DrupalCon Copenhagen

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Hi Jane,

are you attending DrupalCon Cpoenhagen in August?
I'll be there and wanted to know if other Drupalgirls are going to be there also.

Greetings from Berlin

Mar Rodriguez

South Lake Tahoe, California

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Hello from 6,200 up in the mountains

Central N.C.

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I work for a small daily newspaper in central North Carolina.

Site builder, writer, trainer, graphic designer

In Charlotte NC

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Hi Katrina,

I'm in Charlotte. Are you nearby?

in Boston, MA

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Anyone else? :)


Friendlydrupal.com - Drupal Video Tutorials

near Madison, WI

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I'm located near the land of the cow chips! www.wiscowchip.com

I'm in Milwaukee.

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I'm in Milwaukee.

I don't think there are too many of us in Milwaukee, but would love to have a Midwest Drupalchix meetup - maybe one city/state per quarter?

Midwest Drupalchix

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I would be up for that!

Me too! I'm in Minneapolis.

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Me too! I'm in Minneapolis.

Me too!

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Minneapolis here as well.


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Y'all should come to one of our three monthly meetups!

  • Happy Hour: Every 1st Thursday at Blue Nile in Minneapolis
  • Drupal e-commerce: Every 3rd Wednesday at Advantage Labs HQ
  • Drupal user group: Every 4th Wednesday at Advantage Labs HQ

Details at http://groups.drupal.org/twin-cities

Hope to meet you, ladies!

Thanks Allie, I will

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Thanks Allie, I will definitely try to make it to one of the meetings.

Saskatoon, SK

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Up in the frozen north, Saskatchewan, Canada.

I'm in red rock country of

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I'm in red rock country of Sedona, AZ

Executive Director, Drupal Association

From Paris, France :)

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From Paris, France :)


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nice to see somebody living not SO far away :-))

Manchester, UK

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I come from near Manchester and attend the monthly meetings of the Drupal North West group http://groups.drupal.org/north-west-uk

In New Hampshire

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I know there are a couple more here too! :)

Mary M.


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Yes! Drupalchix in the Sunshine state, too!

In Yaoundé, Cameroon

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(sorry, this was a duplicate)

In Yaoundé, Cameroon

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Interested in Drupal since the very first time I installed Acquia Drupal, I was surprised to see that seemingly no DrupalCamp had ever occurred in Cameroon, so I am presently trying to organize the first one in Yaoundé, on Sunday June 12th. I am presently just a beginner, having used Drupal "out of the box" and sometimes installed modules, but not programmed in PHP yet. This is going to change quite soon because' i just love PHP and MySQL. Cheers to all of you !

Drupalcamp in Cameroon

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Good luck with Drupalcamp! I hope it goes well.

I recently attended this one in Leeds, UK http://2011.drupal7camp.org/. Attendees proposed sessions beforehand and a schedule was put together on the day. Overall, a great success.

I'm also attending Drupalcon, London and hope to see some of you there.


Thank you, Jane

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Thank you, Jane. :-)

On this DrupalCamp 0, we shall put an emphasis on the opportunity of Libre software - including of course Drupal - for developing countries so we can be a part of the world movement too.

If there is a place on drupal.org where I can store the presentation slides, I shall be glad to do so.

I'm in Portland, Oregon! :)

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I'm in Portland, Oregon! :) I'd love to have a Drupalchix get together!

Hey ladies

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Drupalchix in New York! meow ; )

Greetings from near Barcelona (Spain)!

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After three years working in silent-mode, I am eager to come to light and contribute!! :D

from Blighty..

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I've only just noticed this post! Hi to everyone from Cambridge, UK!


In Charlotte NC

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I'm a career changer, recent CS grad. Working in the web dev group at UNC Charlotte's Computing & Informatics Department. I've liked it so much, I'm looking to developing a career in "Drupal".

Greetings from a Drupal Chick in CT!

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Hello friends!

I am pleased to see this community in existence and hope that we can encourage and support each other in being the Ada Lovelaces for Drupal for the next generation. I saw the gender disparity in Drupal yesterday at Drupal Camp CT , and while we are making strides, more can and should be done.

I'm in the lower Fairfield County, CT area (that's about an hour outside of New York City) - does anyone know of any Drupalchix groups/meetups/etc in either CT or New York City?

Also, some food for thought from my friend Andromeda Yelton on the gender disparity in the tech sector: http://andromedayelton.com/blog/2012/04/06/my-first-hackathon-or-gender-....

With kindest regards to all,

Kate :)

I added Brazil in the list. I

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I added Brazil in the list.
I joined this group after Drupal Camp POA where a guy from Peru told me about it!

I'm a librarian and a site builder and I use Drupal for about 4 years now.

Nice to meet you, girls.

Anyone coming to DrupalCon São Paulo in December?

A big sunny hello from Singapore!

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Hello everyone! Greetings and a big hello from the sunny, hot and humid Singapore. So glad there's a group for Women in Drupal. =) If anyone is coming by to Singapore, feel free to drop me a message. There's a DrupalCamp (http://www.drupalcamp.sg/) happening in Singapore at the end of April so I'll be there if anyone happens to go as well.

Also, I'm currently working with a tech startup and am starting a little beginner blog on Drupal as I am a total beginner myself. My first post is at http://ow.ly/jChKw. If anyone has any ideas, comments or suggestions, I am all ears. =)

IFLA in Singapore

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Hi Nicole,

The IFLA (International Federation of Library Association) conference is in Singapore this year. I bet you can find some DrupalChix in attendance there. http://conference.ifla.org/ifla79



Hi nicoleolindata, I may be

Shyamala's picture

Hi nicoleolindata,
I may be there at the Sigapore event end of the month, will definitely connect with you! Awesome you choose Drupal, welcome to the Drupal community!

Alberta, Canada for me. :)

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Alberta, Canada for me. :)

Bay area

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Surely there is some group online?

If you're on Facebook