PizzaNDrupal - Burbank/Glendale area study group

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2014-01-20 19:00 - 21:00 America/Los_Angeles

Join us on Monday, January 20th @ 7pm, for a Drupal study group:

2920 W. Olive Avenue, Suite 110
Burbank, CA 91505
818 562 7004

(Parking is on the street.)

Venue provided by ahimsauzi @ Medium Digital Studio.
Pizza provided by The Cherry Hill Company.

The format of this meetup is very casual (and round-table), so bring whatever Drupal-related projects you are currently working through, and (if you'd like) some food or beverage to share.

We'll roughly break the meetup up into two parts:


We will discuss challenges that we are facing in our real projects, and help each other find solutions. Bring whatever (Drupal-related) questions or challenges you have! This covers a broad range from wireframing/UI challenges to difficulty getting a migration script to work to ... [insert your specific idea here].


We are working together to build a Drupal 8 site, giving us the opportunity to learn from each other's working styles and test the boundaries of Drupal 8 without the restrictions of working on a client site. The project is going to focus on the challenges of a media-centric responsive site. It will morph as we come up with ideas.

Anyone can join the project and study group at any time!

On January 20th, we will:

  • Have those who are fully set up with all the pieces of the project start working on the site we are building
  • Have a breakout group for those who aren't yet set up to get all the necessary tools and pieces on their system, including local development environment, drush, git, etc.
  • Have a breakout group for those who would like to learn the basics of drush and git


looking forward to Monday!

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I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday, 1/20, at Medium Digital Studio. Have a great weekend :)

Howdy folks. I won't be able

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Howdy folks.

I won't be able to attend this Monday but I signed up to be on the radar for the next one. Sounds like a great idea for a group, so awesome of y'all to put it together. :)

Miguel Hernandez -
Founder & CEO - The OpenMindz Group
Writer- Linux Journal & TechZulu

Repo is updated

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I've just updated the Acquia repo to D8-alpha7, which is almost a month old, but the current dev has some unresolved issues that I haven't been able to fix in time for tonight. alpha8 comes out on Wednesday, but alpha7 should be okay for our purposes.

Using the alpha7 release also means that if we are driven collectively nuts again trying to make the git workflow happen, we can all at least download alpha7 from d.o and get something up and running.

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