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Drupal Developer | Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

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The Academy is seeking a Drupal developer/administrator with Drupal 7 expertise to operate, maintain, and extend our enterprise Drupal environment. The successful candidate should be a highly skilled developer, with a strong understanding of design principles, information architecture, interface design, and coding best practices with experience developing in both Drupal systems and LAMP stack environments. The candidate should also have working experience with technologies that make large size Drupal websites perform well, including Varnish, Solr and CDN solutions.

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Acquia vs. raw drupal

I´ve been thinking of tossing up an Acquia Drupal (community edition) install but had a couple questions for the group first. Sorry if they sound newb´ish, just never done an Acquia install yet.

What do you folks use- raw drupal from d.o or the acquia install?
Is there a time/reason when it´s better to use one or the other?
Is there a difference in stability or is it just an advanced starting point vs. starting from the ground up.

It seems the major difference is that the Acquia package contains some of the most popular/productive contrib modules.

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