Doug Vann in town!

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Hey gang!
Tomorrow [Sunday Jan 22] I land at LAX at 9am and pick up my rental car.
I have the whole day to myself then 4 days of client meetings in Rosemead,
My Mon-Thu nights will be wide open!
I have a whole Condo to myself through airbnb.

Let's hang out!!
Reply here or SMS me @ 765-5-DRUPAL (765 537 8725)




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Hi Doug,

Would like to hear your comfort level with drupal 8... reading your site it sounds
like you have an open mind, but were mostly too busy with 7 to dive in to 8?

I made the mistake of waiting for 8 to sprout good calendar support before
migrating from d6... so the d6 site I'm associated with is getting older and older.
(Better calendar support in d8 has been landing in dribs and drabs, maybe
it'll be good enough in 8.3? See e.g. )

Thoughts on D8

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What's anyone doing for dinner this evening?

Heya Dan! I'd be happy to answer your question! :-)
My thoughts on D8 are evolving much like Drupal itself. I haven't blogged about it in a while so why not spill some beans here!? :-)
Originally, I didn't have any financial incentive to even try to keep up with Drupal8. That has changed this year as the demand for D8 training and consulting has prompted me to catch up and keep up.
Despite what anyone tries to tell you, D8 is clearly NOT for the same target audience [OF DEVELOPERS] that it once was, not entirely anyway. Thus it is on me to grow in new and exciting ways.
And that's exactly what I'm doing! :-)

Also... Anyone want to connect for dinner or beverages this evening?
I'm in Rosemead but willing to Uber or Drive.

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