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We have a multisite with a large number of sites (hundred plus). Editors would love to share images between each other so they don't need to re-upload them again and again.

Do you have such challenge?

How do you solve it now? Is it worth of solving?


I too am interested in this

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I too am interested in this question and your solution.

There is this:

Over the years I have visited this question a few times and my path usually leads me down the road to the suite of Media modules and the Entity File Browser. A few of the new distributions out there have done a good job at stabilizing those modules but I can't recommend installing and maintaining them on your single enterprise website as they too often require very specific versions and patches in order to function. Full disclosure, I haven't investigated their state of affairs recently with the big Media push that is happening.

But the Media module only tackles one of the problems. The sharing across multiple websites (multisite or not) is another challenge. I've seen some interesting things being done with shared file tables and feeds but those approaches seem 'hacky' to me. Most go to some other 3rd party DAM system.

At Stanford there is SALLIE ( but we don't have a connection to Drupal yet. For those hosted on Acquia, their content hub, or Lift, might help with that problem. For the rest, there are a number of third party SaaS platforms that you can pay for.

I have built a little proof

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I have built a little proof of concept using Drupal 8 as DAM system. Could this integration be interesting for anyone?

Here is Drupal based DAM

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Here is Drupal based DAM system with integrations to both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. See for the short 3 mins demo.

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