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Share images across multiple sites

We have a multisite with a large number of sites (hundred plus). Editors would love to share images between each other so they don't need to re-upload them again and again.

Do you have such challenge?

How do you solve it now? Is it worth of solving?

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Multisite Newbie

Hey all,

Great group new to drupal. I am doing my first drupal site for our K-12 district and will be converting over 12 sites from Word HTML (I know, it was before me) to Drupal. Nothing like taking on a small project for the first one. Our district site is up and now I am working on our 7 elementary buildings. I would like the primary nav bar to be the primary nav for all of the sites, but dont necessarily want to maintain 12 menus. Is there anyway to do this with Drupal multisites other than use full path on the subsequent sites.

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