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This group is to relate experiences with Open Atrium and share ideas about this install profile along with understanding and leveraging Spaces, Features, and Contexts for making it work better for you.

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Files & Folders Widget - All Spaces (membership)


I have placed an OA Files & Folders widget on the users dashboard. I want the widget to display all the files the user has access to on all the spaces that they are members of.

Currently it only displays the files for the last space the user viewed. I don't see a way to configure for "all spaces". Your help is appreciated.

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Looking to use Entity Registration with Open approach..?

As suggested in the Title.

Looking to add a Meeting Request function to Open Atrium, I thought I could leverage the Entity Registration Module to do this.

Not got very far yet....but added entity reference to the Event Content type and so far so good...can not get the widget to show up on the full display view yet...

Anyone tried this? any pointers at best approach...?

Thanks in advance


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OA User Dashboard Customization

I can't figure out how to customize the dashboard for when users login. I tried the following:


This customized the dashboard for the administrator, but not the users.

Also, my goal is to put a files & folders widget on the dashboard that will list all the files the users has access to in all spaces they are members of. Is this possible? Any assistance in achieving this would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Generate a Block/pane showing Colour code of user - Calendar Ledgend

Looking for a code/module to generate a block/pane legend based on user the colour code (colour module)...So we can see what user posted the "event" easily.

Don't mind contributing to a donate button for this help ...;-)

Thanks in advance

OA latest version Drupal 7


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Seeking Drupal / Open Atrium volunteer developer


Is it OK - in terms of community guidelines and etiquette - to post a request for volunteer developer support for an Open Atrium/Drupal project here? It's for a women/girls serving nonprofit.

If so, read on! If not, disregard. (Or admins can delete or close the thread. No offense taken.)

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Adding Additional custom Fields to user account content...bad idea?

Hi, Firstly, thanks for a Great Distribution!

I am creating a custom content type on OA. This will be a directory/white pages of Services and with a user reference to list person all who belongs in the the "named" service (node).

I was thinking about adding two or three Taxonomy Reference Fields to the User accounts custom fields. These referenced vocabs would then be used to Group Personnel per department/service. They would also be used to list similar roles and hierarchy via taxonomy weights and parent and child relationships in the vocabulary.

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Project Creation - Adding user selected sections to a new space

I am looking for guidance on how to best create a system to allow a group of users to create customizable projects. Requirement is that a project (space) should be able to add various project needs (sections). This includes allowing users and different internal teams to have custom versions of a section(s). The solution should be easy for project admins to use.

I know there is a means to blueprint but it seems that I will never be able to create every one of the options needed.

My initial thoughts:

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Permission to a Single Node

I have a request to allow access and notifications to be sent to a single piece of content - a private message for example. I am wondering if permissions can be set at the node level in OA.

Scenario - A project space contains a messaging section that is used for communication between internal team and clients. The messaging section will be set up to allow access via a team and notifications will go out to the whole team. Is it possible to configure a single message (discussion node) to only to be visible and send notifications to a single member of the team?


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Understanding Permissions - Drupal Roles, Organic Groups

I have been trying to wrap my head around permissions in Open Atrium for a bit now without success. I see that Open Atrium comes with 3 default roles - Authenticated User, Editor and Administrator which I assume are standard Drupal roles. I have read articles stating you should avoid Drupal roles and use groups to handle permissions (this is what I need in my project). I have found that simply creating a group, adding a user to it and assigning the a space to inherit members of the group doesn't seem to give the user access.

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Marketplace & Donation System Integration to OA?

I am totally new to OA and really flashed by the fascinating Opportunities it gives.
We are planning a new worldwide Social Network with it.
Therefore we also would like to integrate a Shopsystem inclusive a Donation-System into OA for many social projects we´d like to startup.

My question: Is it possible to integrate a give dsitribution like Ubercart or Commerce Marketplace? If so, ist there a proper way how to install it to the given and already installed OA Distribution?
Thanks for any answer advance.

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Custom Content Type Creation

I am fairly new to Open Atrium. I have been experimenting with creating a project portal that would require custom content types (such as companies, contracts, timesheet, etc.). I have been able to create these and also modify the layouts perfectly but I keep running into an issue when adding a group to a space.

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Open Atrium Memory Issue

I am new to open atrium and have just started to work on how to manage permissions via groups and teams. I navigated to a space, created a group and received an error after submitting. The php memory limit was at 256M so I increased to 512M and restarted the web server. Now I cannot access the home page of the site. Here is the error I am receiving:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 7 bytes) in /home/mikeg/public_html/hive/profiles/openatrium/modules/contrib/og_subgroups/ on line 273

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Installation issue; Drupal ok, not OA


I have severe issues with installing OA.

I have managed to install the following ;
- Drupal
- Drupal acquia

But when I try to install OA I fail. The process works fine, but at the last step I get a few warnings, then visiting Your New Site I get an "Error. Please try again later".

I use php 5.5.30, mySql 5.7 and IIS 7.5 on Windows Server 2008.

Can someone give me any clues what could be the issue? What requirements do OA have that Drupal dont? Since I have a working Drupal 7-site it should work, right?

Can I upgrade my working Drupal 7 to OA? How would I do that?

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Open Atrium Sub Theming on Pantheon

I'm trying to subtheme my site on Pantheon. I am using a Drush Alias from a Drush install on a Ubuntu VM. Drush commands for installing modules work fine but when I come try:
drush @[alias] oa_radix newsubtheme
I get:
The drush command 'newsubtheme' could not be found. Run drush cache-clear drush to clear the commandfile cache if you have installed new extensions.

I have tried adding
to the command, as well as downloading oa_radix with Drush (this also works fine) and clearing the cache.

Can anyone explain what I can do to make this work?

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Open Atrium & Drupal 8

Is there a roadmap posted somewhere documenting what needs to happen in order to upgrade Open Atrium 2.5 to Drupal 8?

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Membership fee


We are looking for a module or a set of modules, compatible with OA, that will allow for membership fee. Anyone who wants to create an account on our site will have to pay some amount (different for individual, company, etc.). We would like something lime Do you know about a solution?



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List event subscribers using views (or whathever)

Hello everyone,

I'm building an intranet for my company using Open Atrium and i need a way to let a certain group (event managers) to see a list of content (calendar event in this case) subscribers in the event page.

I'm trying to accomplish this using Views but i cannot figure out witch elements use (there is no subscriptions structure element in OA)

Since I'm relatively new to Drupal and totally new to Notifications i need to being pointed in the right direction for the best practice to do such a thing.

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User Notification Settings: change default settings and modify in bulk


I have some questions regarding space notification messages (such as Comment/New Content/Deleted/Membership in /user/$uid/settings )

Is it possible to set a global default for the selection of these notifications when any user joins any space?

Is it possible to bulk edit users' notifications preferences, perhaps on a per-space basis?

I'm guessing the first, the global default, could be pulled off with code invoking some sort of hook, but I'm at a loss to know what that might be or what settings I'd have to alter.

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Double question regarding OA + multisite + Open Directory integration

Hello to all members,

One of our customers, currently using Drupal (single site), is thinking to create a new collaborative site. We are trying to convince him that Open Atrium can be just the ticket, instead of using Microsoft Share Point.

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Open Atrium as an Intranet to share documents

Hello every Open Atrium friends.

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