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Users rights are not right


I created a group, then a space asigned the group to it.
The group has one user with editor rol, beside the site admin.

Sadly, the user of the group with access to that space was not able to do anything until I manually added as a space admin, but even then, he is only able to add content with very limited options, he can't add content to the body of a node, neither define section type when adding a section and so on.

That user has no right to access his dashboard.

What am I doing wrong?
I am using the latest OA2 7.x-2.13


space: leaders
group: leaders

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How can I change the appearance of my login page?

I can change the apperance in a space by using Colorizer, but how can that be done for a content page that is not in a space and that would like to use as my home page?

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Upgrading OpenAtrium 2.X

I would like to be sure about the steps to perform when upgrading an OpenAtrium installation been in production:

1) Put it in maintenance

drush vset maintenance_mode 1

2) Do an archive dump

drush archive-dump

3) Move old version and put the new tar.gz

a) Set permissions
b) copy the old 'sites' directory

4) Do a database update

 drush updatedb

5) Put in production

drush vset maintenance_mode 0

Any suggestions?

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Empty notifiactions messages

After installing OA2 I added Spanish Language with i18n and localization update module.
notification messages arrive completly empty, nothing in the subject or the body

anybody know why that maybe?


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spaces and subspaces clone

I want to make the spaces and subspaces with the same sections structures, its there a way to inheren sections and subspaces when creating a space?


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migrate 7.26

Can I safely update the migrate module to the last dev version 7.26?


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OA2 and OG Menus -- Limits?

I noticed that for OA2, organic groups adds each user-created space to the OG menu and gives them weights, -50 to 50. After 101 groups, does this become a problem? If I were to have a site that had over 1000 spaces (groups), how would this work?

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OA2 and Vocabularies

I'm having trouble getting OA2 vocabularies showing up on my content. I see the field listed in the content type, but it doesn't show up on the entry screen.
I see at the taxonomy level an ability to turn off and on node types, but I cannot get that particular screen to come up when I add a new taxonomy term.
Does anyone know of any documentation on vocabularies/tags/taxonomy on OA2 - if there is, I cannot find it.

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OA2 and Sections

I noticed in the Taxonomy on Sections, you can add both sections and subsections. Does the subsection work exactly like a section?
Used in this way, sections could replace tags/categories as a way to organize the content on a site -- just place the content of a particular space in its proper section/subsection.
Is there a problem doing it this way?

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New to OA2 - customizing

Creating a new internal company portal. Trying to learn OA2 by doing some customizing. Two Questions:

  1. How or can I change where the little house/home button points too? I need for it to go to a specific page.
  2. On the user's dashboard, is it possible to remove the settings button and move those items to the button (user's name) above?

Thank you,

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Setting up workflow with OA2

Hi, I'm just starting out with OA2 and was wondering if it's possible to create a multi-stage workflow using the standard Drupal workflow module? I've tried installing the workflow module and using it to set up a review process for a new node type, but the workflow options don't seem to be visible when editing a node. Is this expected behaviour when using the workflow module with OA2?

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OA2 and Spaces

Hi - New member to the OA community.
I had a question - if I were setting up a site for a large corporation, would I set up a global space for everyone in the corporation, followed by subspaces at the regional, departmental level, etc? The reason I ask is I want some resources to be available globally, and not just to particular spaces. I didn't know if globally meant no space at all, or if it needed to be declared as a global space.

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Open Atrium In Higher Education

From online admissions reviews to course management on Facebook, social collaboration sites and tools are disrupting the way colleges and universities collaborate. But how do these new online tools fit with already established collaboration tools and processes? And how can disparate campuses and teams best make use of these tools?

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Multilingual Open Atrium.

Hi Atrium group,

Happy new year :)

I want to ask you about multilingual status of the latest Atrium version. I want to use this distribution in Danish, English both, as one multilingual setup.

If current latest version does not provide multilingual support, can I myself configure multilingual using relevant modules e.g. i18n etc?

I will be following the steps expalined in this youtube video.

Please comment.


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Voting funtionality

Which is the best way to add voting functionality to OA because I try to use the Rate module but it those not integrate with Panels or Panelizer

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My recent experience using Open Atrium for Google Code-In

I'm supposed to do a task at Google Code-In 2013 in which
I should install and configure Open Atrium site. I used services and the installation was quite
fast. Open Atrium has a lot of functions and modules and
I'm sure that I'll use it in my next projects. I hope I
will successful achive the task.
Was easy to:
1) install Open Atrium
2) start a discussion
3) make a screencast
Was confusing to:
1) set the people permissions( I'm not sure I was supposed
to enable the register for users or to change permissions

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All The Latest Open Atrium Features And Development

2013-12-11 11:00 - 12:00 America/New_York

This month, Mike Potter, Open Atrium Technical Architect, will be showing us all the latest developments, improvements, and features in Open Atrium 2! This webinar is designed to give you an inside look at the latest features in Open Atrium including improved responsive theming, email digests, tutorial content, colors, banners, and more! Register for the webinar here!

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A recent experience with Open Atrium 2

Recently, I installed and configured the Drupal distribution Open Atrium on Pantheon to create a site for managing a project.

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Planning Your Open Atrium Solution

2013-11-20 11:00 - 12:00 America/New_York

Join us Wednesday, November 20th at 11:00AM EST, and learn how to get started Planning your Open Atrium solution!

Open Atrium 2 has powerful capabilities for managing communications, knowledge, and teams, but planning is the first step to building a great Open Atrium site. Understanding the building blocks of how people, content, permissions, and structure work together in Open Atrium is the first step.

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OA Advice on Organizing Site

I want to create a site as an industry knowledge base. It is a small well defined area with perhaps 25 Spaces or topics including news, announcements, and events. A typical user would join 15-20 of these topics as they are closely related. Such as:

Baker's Site
+ News <= all
+ Events <= all
+ Cookies
+ Cakes
+ Bread
+ Flour
+ Yeast

One user would join all, another just the last 3. A single discussion might be relevant to more than one topic group.

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