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This group is to relate experiences with Open Atrium and share ideas about this install profile along with understanding and leveraging Spaces, Features, and Contexts for making it work better for you.

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Version 7.x-2.43 INSTALL ISSUE


After a fresh install of Atrium, I get the below error. The site look working fine but I would like to understand what happen and what to do.

Warning: explode() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in oa_tour_bootstrap_tour_alter() (line 56 of /openatrium/profiles/openatrium/modules/apps/oa_tour/oa_tour.module)

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How to format the content view?

I followed this webinar:

In it, Mike Potter walks you through how to create a new content type, make it atrium-aware, and then create a view to list that content type. Then he creates a new section type for the new content, and adds the custom list view to that section type.

Mike did a great job and I was able to follow along fine.

At about 30:20 in that webinar, he shows how the newly-created piece of content is displayed a very "raw" way, un-formatted data from the content fields being spit out on to the page.

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Open Atrium Spring Release Webinar!

The Open Atrium team is excited to share with you the new features included in the 2015 spring release! Join Mike Potter, lead Open Atrium architect in the quarterly Open Atrium release webinar series. Get the first look at new features including:

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Any documentation on the Open Atrium Domains, app?

I've enabled the plugin, set a base URL. Now how I do configure the specific URL for each space?

I'm new to drupal/OA, and while the marketing is cool, the documentation is lacking big time.

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Installation profile based on openatrium

I am trying to create a Drupal installation profile that inherits from openatrium:

What I want to achieve is a standard OpenAtrium installation, with some extra customizations on top of it.

The problem is that it fails at the step "Install Apps" with the error "Unable to connect to Apps Server." However when I try to install the profile "openatrium" it works well.

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Fatal error: Class 'ctools_export_ui' not found in /panels_mini/plugins/export_ui/panels_mini_ui.class.php on line 3

Getting Fatal Error while installing Atrium , Try download multiple time but same issue . Can someone guide me, I am newbee

Fatal error: Class 'ctools_export_ui' not found in ../panels/panels_mini/plugins/export_ui/panels_mini_ui.class.php on line 3

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How to create an OA1 style wiki in OA2 (article hierarchy)

Is it possible to create an an Open Atrium 1 style wiki in Open Atrium 2, where in the right sidebar the current page is shown in the automatically expanded menu structure as in this screenshot:


I have tried the group menu. In OA1 the menu was automatically expanded to the active page menu item (screenshot above). In OA2, the group menu is always collapsed:


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Do Open Atrium APP's work on Aegir?

Every time I try to install an App on an OA (2.32) site hosted on BOA/Aegir at Omega8, I get a WSOD.
"Verify Apps support" shows that I am only able to enable install with FTP.
Is the problem with OA or Aegir?
Is there another way to install these apps on Aegir?
Please help.

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Make a Group a Space Member

I am wondering whether there is a way to make a group a "member" of a space. For example, if I have a group to which all employees belong and I have a space for information relevant to all employees, how do I make the "All Employees" group a member of the "General Information" space?

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Which chat module is better to use?


I have done my first installation Open Atrium 2.32 and I need a chat. Since there are many modules for chat, I ask for advice on which is better for Open Atrium from your experience. Thanks

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Display Custom Menu Based on Parent Space

We’re using OA to build a single site that “feels” like two. To accomplish this, we have two parent spaces each with a combination of subspaces and sections.

To feel like two separate sites, each parent space needs to have its own top navigation that remains visible no matter where the user is within that space.

Think traditional top navigation as compared to OA Breadcrumbs, Group menu, and Menu Selected By Page – all of which change depending on where the user is in a space and/or rely on the page having a menu entry.

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Show only spaces with default blue print

I have two blue prints for the space content type in OA. On the toolbar dropdown i want to show only the spaces created using the default blue print. AO uses the oa_core_get_groups_by_user_access to pull all spaces a use subscribed to. I want to alter this function to show only spaces created using the default blue print by altering the query used in this function.

All my attempts to do so have. Can someone help me with the piece of code i can add to this function to achieve this functionality.

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Open Atrium default language change

When I change default language of open atrium all edit buttons in all content desapears. Is that an organic groups configuration? Any idias?

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Spaces with different blue prints

I am currently using OA 2.16. I created a new print for the spaces and i am wondering how i can separate the default spaces from the ones i have created using the new spaces blue print.

I want to a different page for the spaces created using the new blue print and i dont want the spaces created with the new blue print to appear in the spaces dropdown on the main menu bar but i cant figure out how to separate spaces created from the two blue prints.

Nay help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Are there any plans to include the Paragraphs Modul to Panopoly

Are there any plans to move the Paragraphs integration from OA 2.3 to Panopoly ? (or is someone already working on that ? )

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Adding a menu widget to all document pages / child pages

Can I add a menu widget to all document pages automatically or do I have add it manually for each page?

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User Dashboard

Is there a way to make a user's dashboard not accessible to other users?

Thank you,

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Group Notifications

I am trying to understand the notification system. I setup a group with 7 members. I also have a discussion section with notifications setup to go to that group.

However, when I create a post/comment, it will say "Notifications sent to 3 users" Which 3? Why only 3? The only thing I can see when I look at the users, is three of them ALSO have group membership of the space in which the discussion is held.

Does this mean the users need to be setup for both space and group membership to get notifications? The space has the group listed in "Inherited" -- why would it not carry over?

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Public Space, Private Section

We have spaces that are public, but want to keep certain sections of that space private. I understand I do this by by adding groups, users, or teams to the visibility settings. Given the nature of this site, it is not practical to create groups for each project space, or add individual users to each private section. I created an administrative group, and use it to make the spaces private. This works for me much the same as the admin role. Anyone in it can see whatever they want, so I'm good with that.

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Open Atrium +getpantheon

You program installation
Open Atrium
On the site
And everything is good but I did not have access to a computer is a computer
Any other place
The attached picture

please help

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