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This group is to relate experiences with Open Atrium and share ideas about this install profile along with understanding and leveraging Spaces, Features, and Contexts for making it work better for you.

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Cloned sections do not appear in Space dropdown menu

Very cool feature to be able to clone a section for use in Spaces. I want something like a task but different in scope so I cloned task to "request" which shows up in the Admin section under OA Section Templates.

But when I access the main menu to and select a Space the options for "Create New Section" does not include the new cloned section.

Any thoughts?

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Open Atrium message settings don't seem to apply to users who choose "subscribe"

There are different ways users can be set up to receive notifications (messages) in OA.

Users (or groups or teams) can be added to the boxes in the Notifications pane for content in OA. Alternatively, an individual user can click the "subscribe" button for a particular piece of content.

After some fairly thorough testing, it appears that the user-defined "Open Atrium Messages" settings at /user/*/settings are only honored for messages where a user is in the content Notifications box and not for when a user clicks the "subscribe" button for a piece of content.

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Assigning Tasks in Open Atrium Work Tracker

Apologies if this has been raised in the wrong section but I have been struggling to find some help in OA.

I have a test site running fine. However when I create a tasks section in a space I dont seem to be able to assign the tasks to anyone? Is there something fundamental I am misssing here?


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Editing destination of Breadcrumb/Toolbar Home icon, how to?

hi All,

i found the mini-panel for the Breadcrumb, and found the content button, but that doesn't let me change the destination of the Home icon.

I have oa_domains enabled, and have two sub-sites, like this:

For each of those there is a parent space, and the main overall domain is

What i want is for the Home icon to return people to, but it returns users to the top url of their space, namely or

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Readonly section

Hi All,

I have issue tracking system which is readonly. I would like to migrate it to OA2. How can I create a readonly private section?

Or how can I add readonly members/group to a space?



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You asked and we listened! Phase2 now offers Open Atrium Training

2014-06-26 10:00 - 18:00 America/New_York

It’s finally here! Phase2 is now offering personalized training sessions with Open Atrium lead architect, Mike Potter to help organizations and developers get their Open Atrium sites up and running.

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Open Atrium For Government

Government agencies need a robust and secure toolset to successfully connect disparate government systems and constituents.

Open Atrium provides an open source, enterprise-grade collaboration platform for government that:
-engages constituents with a modern, mobile-friendly experience
-streamlines communication and workflows across groups
-integrates with enterprise systems

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Enabling/disabling comments for individual pages

Is it possible to change the comment settings (i.e. to open or closed) for individual pages in OA? I know it's possible with a regular Drupal install, but can't see how to do it with OA.

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Notifications for discussion replies posted via email not being sent with auto triggered cronjob.

Hi Folks,

I have a very weird issue happening on my Open Atrium instance. Again, this has to deal with notifications for discussion nodes and replies posted through MailHandler and Feeds Imports. Again, I have set this up as described in Mike Potter's blog post here:

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Workflow Enhancements


Last month, there was a webinar talking about workflow enhancements with OA. I did not have chance to take this webinar. However, I would like to test this new feature.

I would ask which modules have to be installed/updated in order to integrate this feature to my installation (7.x-2.18)?



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OA wiki syntax


I just installed OA 2 recently. I want to know where I could find the reference for OA wiki syntax?



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Open Atrium Task rollup

Hi ...
I know how to rollup calendar events of subspaces into a consolidated calendar at the space level (includes sub-space events + space events)

Is there a similar solution for Workflow Tasks?


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Blocks added to Customized panels in Spaces

I am new to OA. Like it alot so far. A nice base to work from.

I love how you can mix groups with spaces.
On the spaces page you can create new custom panels. Nice. But there should be a way to make the new panel display an existing block or view. Is this possible?

I have several spaces that are different departments and each has projects associated with them (projects are sub-spaces). So i have a view of a list of projects filtered by each dept ...and I want to add these to the space page.

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OA Toolbar Weirdness After Update

Hi folks,

I just updated my OA installation to the latest version. After running Update.php, my toolbar is missing icons. Instead it displays odd characters or, in some cases a small box of numbers. I'll try to attach a screenshot.

After updating the installation, I copied my Sites folder back to the root. Did that mess things up? I think the problem is with the CSS.

Anyone else experience this?


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Is there an easy way to integrate openideals into OA?

Hi everyone,

Have a question, is there an easy way to integrate an existing drupal distribution (openideal) into the OA?

Openideals is a idea management system and looks promising (still beta)

Best regards


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How to trigger notification when programmatically creating nodes?

Hi Folks,

I created an issue in the Issues Queue about this last week but perhaps it belongs here... as a discussion.

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Open Atrium Webinar: Workflow Enhancements

This month we will be showing the new Workflow features for Open Atrium 2. Integration with the Drupal Workbench module, along with some new submodules, allows custom workflows to be created on a per-space basis.

Join Mike Potter, Open Atrium's Lead Architect, Friday, May 23rd for a live demo of this new exciting workflow functionality!

Register for the webinar here:

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custom fields


I just installed OA2 on my box. I am wondering if there is any way to create custom fields (say for task section) like Redmine?


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Does anyone knows where can I edit the $oa_toolbar_panel;?


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How do I create a good-looking banner?

What size should the banner be?

Is jpg adequate? If not, what file types are best to use?

How do I minimize distortion when the banner is "stretched"?

Any other thoughts on how to make a banner look great?


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