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This group is to relate experiences with Open Atrium and share ideas about this install profile along with understanding and leveraging Spaces, Features, and Contexts for making it work better for you.

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Worktracker bug - any suggestions?

Hey folks,

Been setting up a number of spaces by designing blueprints for common feature sets first, then creating spaces from these blueprints. I now need to make some changes to the worktracker config (adding status and type values). Problem is, the cloned spaces do not inherit these changes and I can't find a way to add these values.

This appears to be the behaviour described in this bug report, but there doesn't appear to have been any movement on it.

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Open Atrium 2 Dashboard based on Role

I have installed OA2 for a middle school intranet, and it seems I have most things done (OA2 makes it easy to set up academic Departments, and teaches classroom spaces), But what I am trying to do is when a teacher logs in, I want their dashboard to have a default set of panels in view, like news, discussions and such, but when a student logs in, since they we are dealing with 11-13 years olds, I want to have a default panels like their Assignments, spaces(classes) resources(attachments related to their assignments) in view. Is there a way to have different dashboard layouts based on roles?

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OA Menus

I have created a intranet using Open Atrium 2 and having some problems with the menu structure. So far I have created 1 space with 6 sections under it. While creating documents under the section the menu option does not allow me to use the section pages as the parent. I only see the Group Menu. I would like to have a section menu that is expandible with child pages. Am I missing something in the structure.

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Editing CSS

Hi folks,

Apologies in advance for the daft queries, just delving into Drupal/Open Atrium for the first time.

I've been attempting to make some edits to the oa home page, and while editing the content is no problem, it appears the source CSS runs through some build process? Is there a way to commit changes I make in the source CSS? For reference, the CSS I'm editing is here;


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Only Top Level Subscribed Spaces

I want to be able to show only top level spaces that a user subscribed to in the Subscribed spaces section assuming a that a user subscribed to a space and its subspace. How do i go about this? Any help is appreciated.

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Best Way to Add Webforms Form to Section

Sorry if this is a newbie question, but I am trying to setup an intranet and have a section for HR forms (new employee, vacation request, etc.). I have installed webforms, and can create the form with no problem. However, It doesn't appear inside a specific section unless I manually create a link for it on the Space homepage.

Is there an easier/better way to do this so all the forms I create inside the space show up automatically?

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open OA2 problem

I was trying to install the OA2 (openatrium-7.x-2.26-core) in my PC WIN7 system, after I finished the installation . and trying to open my OA2 site , I got the following problem

Additional uncaught exception thrown while handling exception.

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New Space Fields

I have installed the latest version of open atrium but i am experiencing the following challenges.



  • have added a few fields to the OA Wiki Page content type. My problem is that when i try to view the wiki page i created i don't see the extra fields i added.
  • I double checked in the Manage Display tab of the content type to make sure the fields were not hidden but they still don't show up. How do i get the new fields i added to show up on the OA wiki page?

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    Have any questions about Drupal distributions that you'd love to have answered by experts?

    Have any questions about Drupal distributions that you'd love to have answered by experts? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Does the recent Drupal security alert effect Open Atrium?


    With reference to the 15th October security alert.

    Does anyone know how this affects Open Atrium installations and how quickly did the download packages get patched?

    Having downloaded openatrium-7.x-2.23-core on the 30th of October I am hoping that the install package has already been patched.

    Can anyone confirm this so I don't need to delete my development and start again.



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    PDO exceptions on space homepages after upgrade to 2.22

    After upgrading to OA 2.22 our space homepages are giving PDO exceptions. One function that is triggering the exception is oa_core_space_sections() in – the function is being passed a string value of 'All' for the $gid parameter which is causing the DB query to fall over as it is an integer column in the database.

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    Open Atrium as A University Portal or Alternative to Drupal Multisite

    Can Open Atrium be used as an alternative to Drupal Multisite for a University Portal with many sub sites for different Departments/Campuses and Sub Departments? Every Department having separate Layout? This can be done in native OG with OG theme or Themekey modules but can OA be an advantage? Also does OA allow URL Persistence for a Particular Groups page?something we achieve in OG based multisites via PURL and OG Purl so that the theme doesn't change for content of a particular Group?

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    Best Practices For Updating Your Open Atrium Site

    With an exciting new version planned for late October, this webinar will prepare you with best practices for updating your Open Atrium site. Lead Open Atrium Architect, Mike Potter will demonstrate the best updating methods, including techniques like using Features Override to preserve your site customizations across updates.

    Register for the webinar here:

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    Question about User info page - move from activity to a custom page

    The user defaults for views is user activity: user_actitivy
    Thus, when one user clicks on the name or picture of another user, the other user's activity page comes up. I want to change the default to a custom profile page I have created. Is there a way, without going into code, to change the defaults from user activity to a custom page?
    I can't seem to figure this out.


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    Work Tracker Section Field Order

    Hi Can someone tell me where I can edit to move the order of the fields for tasks in the section for tasks? I want the asssigned to field to be first in the headings.


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    How to have different colour panels

    This may seem simple to some but within the confines of OA can you tell me how we can allow different colours for different panes? For example we have a project page with discussion, tasks etc . I would like each to have its own colour but when I use the settings and edit the coloriser it changes ALL panes to be the same?



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    Ajax error


    i got this error every time i open view.

    An AJAX HTTP error occurred.
    HTTP Result Code: 500
    Debugging information follows.
    Path: /backup2/system/ajax
    StatusText: Internal Server Error
    registrar_frameset({ a_id: 48873, // edit this to pass your portfolio ID,
    drid: 'as-drid-2416478692338427'}); // edit this to pass your Domain Registrant ID

    can some one help me. i have no idea what to do.


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    New Open Atrium User Experience Developments

    User Experience is one of the key factors in user adoption for social collaboration platforms. In this webinar, you will get the first look at some of the new usability developments in Open Atrium! Learn how you can use Apps to easily enable functionality such as workflow, and multiple file uploads. We will also demonstrate a brand new way to view and interact with your entire Open Atrium space hierarchy, and talk about the conversion of the theme to Bootstrap 3.

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    How to remove OA login page content and graphics

    Can someone help me with the home page? I just want a basic home page for auth and anon people without the OA graphics. How do I edit those to remove?



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    Removing right hand column meta data from tasks and discussions.

    Is it possible to remove the meta data from the tasks and discussions. I.e. Section visibility etc ? If so how? And also within tasks can you remove fields you dont need ie Priority



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