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This group is to relate experiences with Open Atrium and share ideas about this install profile along with understanding and leveraging Spaces, Features, and Contexts for making it work better for you.

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User Contact Form

I need a way for members of a space to contact each other. I thought this would be a simple thing, but either I'm missing something, or it's not so simple. I tried to enable the contact module so I could use the personal contact form, but enabling it messes with the site. It removes the user administration page. Is there a way for one to send a message or an email to another user?

Thank you,

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Adding a new document type in Open Atrium

We wanted to add a visio document to open atrium and was getting an error even after adding the field extension to the "attachment" field. However with the widget "Media File Selector" it was not registering the file (no type was showing up).

To accomplish this - you can follow along this short video to help.

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Open Atrium access control problem

I wonder if anybody can help me with this problem?

My OA site is based on a number of schools, so the users are students, teachers, etc. My top-level Spaces each represent a school, eg schoolA, schoolB... Each school has sub-spaces which represent classes, eg classA1, classA2,... classB1, classB2, and so on.

I want all the students of schoolA to be able to access their respective top-level space. They can then also access their own class (ie sub-space) (which is where I have the Sections for creating content)

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Open Atrium Config |

Employment type: 

We manage overseas properties and business for our clients.
First use case: We have a use case were we manage a number of condominiums and their apartments.
So an owner has access to their Condominium Space and its sections and add documents to the correct sections. This data is eyes only for owners in the Condominium and our staff.

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Open Atrium Attachments

I have been doing some tests with OA and tasks with attachments. Is there a way that I can display a repository of all attachmnets from any task within a task section?

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Using a Blueprint to create a new Space giving double of all the content in both spaces.

I posted this in the issues for Open Atrium and I am not sure if it is kosher to post it here as well. If not tell me.
I am not a technical person and it is likely that I am missing something very obvious.

I followed the instructions in Mike Potters excellent guide to “Using Blueprints to clone spaces in Open Atrium 2” @

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Problem with Open atrium 2 workflow.

I got the latest version of Open Atrium Workbench module from github and used the make file with drush to bring about all the relevant modules and patches to enable me to achieve a multistage proposal submission workflow. I have a number of stages that the proposal has to go through before it gets published. The author is a researcher who creates the proposal and sets its moderation state from "draft" to "needs review by deputy director". The deputy director then has the option of either setting it back to "draft" or to "needs review by director".

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Confusion about Bookmarks, Subsciptions, and Following

Greetings -- I see bookmarks, subscriptions, and following flags on Open Atrium, and I'm a little confused as to what these flags do, and how they are different from one another. I don't want to confuse my users with three options on the various nodes when one will suffice.
Do some flags make more sense for content nodes, and others for space/group nodes?
Do these flags simply mark the node and it is up to me to create a page to show these?

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Creating Content within a space

I have 2 questions.

  1. Based on what I have read and watched, I feel like this should be possible. I have a group called Project Managers, and I would like them to be able to create a subspace they own of a parent space without being an admin if they are members of that space. I want them to be able to create new project spaces without being able to manipulate the parent space beyond adding a child space. I want space members of the group Project Managers to be able to create a subspace without being a space admin.
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Updating Open Atrium 2

I'm trying to use the features override module. There are many overrides to choose from when I create feature. Some components look as though they are from the work_tracker module and possibly some components might be from another module. What is the difference between Feature Overrides and Feature Overrides (individual -- advanced) ? There are so many listed I don't see how I can know which ones I made myself?

Is there another way to retain my changes?


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Open Atrium Work Tracker Users not available to assign?

Hi have work tracker and due dates active on a test site for Open Atrium. All ok except when I want to assign a task to a user in the assign to field. The user is missing? He is a member of the space and group. Where else do I need to go to make sure we can select the user?



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Adding RSS Feeds to OA?

I just installed the latest OA and cant figure out how to add an RSS feed as content or a widget to a new space. This would seem like a simple task. Is this possible in OA?

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Customizing a space or section

Is there an easy way to disable the display of the space and section title? Since the space and section are already displayed in the menu, the user will know where they are.

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Task layout

I was playing around with the layout for Tasks and now all new task are viewed in one column. Visibility, section, notifications display in the middle with other fields. Any tasks created before I made the changes display correctly. Would someone please tell me how to revert this display back as it was? I attached two images. The one labeled good is the layout I'm trying to return to.


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Permissions Confusion

Hi There

I have setup a little test site for OA. I have one space with a tasks section and a discussion. I want auth users to be able to reply to tasks set by admin or editor but not create their own. I do also want them to be able to comment on tasks. I have tried to use permissions but despite everything I untick for auth users they can still do anything on the tasks page. Can anyone tell me whats wrong on this basic test?


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Open Atrium Projects with Drupal Commons Distribution

Is it possible to use the Open Atrium Projects with a Drupal Commons distribution to achieve the functionality of both?

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dates and percent complete

Ok....trying to extend tasks in Atrium.

I added Actual Start date field in CCK
now i want to calculate the number of days between Actual Start and Due Date

I am using Computed COlumns

first i need to calculate the julian number... then ill subtract the two numbers to get the length in days. Then do the same from Actual Start to Now.
To calculate a JuliantoJD result in the interface for this is:

$test3 = getdate($entity->field_due_date[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['value']);
entity_field[0]['value'] = $jd3;
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Archiving tasks and nodes

I would like to archive tasks and nodes. I know there is an archive button, but it still remains on the list. How do I get it to come off of the list and then set up a view of archived tasks or nodes?

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Project Management

I would like to see how open atrium 2 has been used for project management. With open atrium 1, one could have multiple projects, each with multiple tasks. I don't see how open atrium 2 accomplishes this? I can't create a section for each project. Any thoughts or solutions?

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Can't Upload Files

I am setting up an Open Atrium site for a local non profit and everything seems to be working correctly except I cannot attach files to tasks, discussions, etc. When you select the attachment button the screen just scrolls to the top. I can upload a file through the administrator interface though. I do get this error message in the server logs but it does not tell me anything of value.

[Thu Jul 24 12:09:20 2014] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/rascl861/public_html/406.shtml, referer:

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