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Do Open Atrium APP's work on Aegir?

Every time I try to install an App on an OA (2.32) site hosted on BOA/Aegir at Omega8, I get a WSOD.
"Verify Apps support" shows that I am only able to enable install with FTP.
Is the problem with OA or Aegir?
Is there another way to install these apps on Aegir?
Please help.

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Make a Group a Space Member

I am wondering whether there is a way to make a group a "member" of a space. For example, if I have a group to which all employees belong and I have a space for information relevant to all employees, how do I make the "All Employees" group a member of the "General Information" space?

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Which chat module is better to use?


I have done my first installation Open Atrium 2.32 and I need a chat. Since there are many modules for chat, I ask for advice on which is better for Open Atrium from your experience. Thanks

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Display Custom Menu Based on Parent Space

We’re using OA to build a single site that “feels” like two. To accomplish this, we have two parent spaces each with a combination of subspaces and sections.

To feel like two separate sites, each parent space needs to have its own top navigation that remains visible no matter where the user is within that space.

Think traditional top navigation as compared to OA Breadcrumbs, Group menu, and Menu Selected By Page – all of which change depending on where the user is in a space and/or rely on the page having a menu entry.

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Show only spaces with default blue print

I have two blue prints for the space content type in OA. On the toolbar dropdown i want to show only the spaces created using the default blue print. AO uses the oa_core_get_groups_by_user_access to pull all spaces a use subscribed to. I want to alter this function to show only spaces created using the default blue print by altering the query used in this function.

All my attempts to do so have. Can someone help me with the piece of code i can add to this function to achieve this functionality.

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Open Atrium default language change

When I change default language of open atrium all edit buttons in all content desapears. Is that an organic groups configuration? Any idias?

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Spaces with different blue prints

I am currently using OA 2.16. I created a new print for the spaces and i am wondering how i can separate the default spaces from the ones i have created using the new spaces blue print.

I want to a different page for the spaces created using the new blue print and i dont want the spaces created with the new blue print to appear in the spaces dropdown on the main menu bar but i cant figure out how to separate spaces created from the two blue prints.

Nay help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Are there any plans to include the Paragraphs Modul to Panopoly

Are there any plans to move the Paragraphs integration from OA 2.3 to Panopoly ? (or is someone already working on that ? )

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Adding a menu widget to all document pages / child pages

Can I add a menu widget to all document pages automatically or do I have add it manually for each page?

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User Dashboard

Is there a way to make a user's dashboard not accessible to other users?

Thank you,

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Group Notifications

I am trying to understand the notification system. I setup a group with 7 members. I also have a discussion section with notifications setup to go to that group.

However, when I create a post/comment, it will say "Notifications sent to 3 users" Which 3? Why only 3? The only thing I can see when I look at the users, is three of them ALSO have group membership of the space in which the discussion is held.

Does this mean the users need to be setup for both space and group membership to get notifications? The space has the group listed in "Inherited" -- why would it not carry over?

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Public Space, Private Section

We have spaces that are public, but want to keep certain sections of that space private. I understand I do this by by adding groups, users, or teams to the visibility settings. Given the nature of this site, it is not practical to create groups for each project space, or add individual users to each private section. I created an administrative group, and use it to make the spaces private. This works for me much the same as the admin role. Anyone in it can see whatever they want, so I'm good with that.

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Open Atrium +getpantheon

You program installation
Open Atrium
On the site
And everything is good but I did not have access to a computer is a computer
Any other place
The attached picture

please help

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New Features in Open Atrium Winter 2015 Release!

As we enter into the new year, our Open Atrium team is excited to share the new features included in the 2015 winter distribution release! Join Mike Potter, lead Open Atrium architect in our new quarterly Open Atrium release webinar series. Get the first look at new features including:

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Inherited group membership

Hi folks,

I'm starting to look at adding clients to an open atrium instance. Each of these clients will have a workspace, and multiple users. The intention was to create a group for each client, then add user to the group. Access to their space (and subspaces/sections) would then be facilitated by adding the group to the membership of the correct space.

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multilingual OA: field_oa_worktracker_priority, ield_oa_worktracker_task_type, field_oa_worktracker_task_status translations


I am constructing a bilingual OA site (English and French). When I enabled 'with field translation' for the task, I found all allowed values of fields:

-field_oa_worktracker_task_status translations

were rolled back to the initial settings of the allowed values of those fields and I do not think the callback function is working.

For instance, I changed the allowed values of field priority to:


However, when I open task edit form, I got:

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Problems integrating Advanced Forums into Open Atrium

I had partial success integrating [Advanced] Forums into Open Atrium.

I have enabled the Forum module in the original OA distribution, then installed and configured Advanced Forum.

After that, I had made the Forum content type Space Aware and Section Aware + all the other steps as per this tutorial (the tutorial shows how to integrate another type of content, but the steps work perfectly for Forum too):

As a result I am now able to create a Forum Section inside a Space.

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OA site structure

Open Atrium 2 is a complex distribution with most things already provided for in the Profiles folder, particularly theming.
I am having trouble finding where everything is for the purpose of changing how things look and function.
For example. I want to provide a number of templates for a user to choose from when creating new content. I can find where the original template is and then add new templates in the same location.

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New content type

Hello everyone. I have created a new content type in OA. i want content for this content type to be displayed in a particular section ie Discussion section but its still not working. i have successfully added it to the add content button but it still does not work. when i tr to create content this particular content type under a particular section, it updates the subspace content but not the section. how do i make this content update in a particular section?

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OA Permission Problems

I am having trouble with permissions in OA. I would like authenticated users to only view the site and create discussion posts and events. Yet when I log into my test authenticated user account it gives me the option to create documents for each section of the site.

In the authenticated user premissions. Nothing is checked in the Comment Alter, Node has only the view options checked.

I have already rebuilt permissions once. Am I missing something that is enabled?

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