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Live Webinar: Taking Drupal Cross-platform

10 things you need to know to optimize a Drupal website for any device or platform.

January 10th
North America – 2PM EST. Register Here
EMEA – 3PM GMT. Register Here

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Drupal PM Podcast

There's a new podcast on with some good PM discussion. What do you think?

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Feedmine module integrates Drupal and Redmine and is under new maintainership

The maintainership request I filed for the Feedmine module just went through today and we're prepping a new release:

For anyone who hasn't used it, here's the original description:

Feedmine is a Drupal feedback interface to Redmine, a Rails-based ticket / issue management system.

When enabled, its block allows users to enter website feedback information that is submitted as an issue into Redmine automatically so that the issue can be tracked, assigned and handled effectively.

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Relationship with Freelancers

As Project Manager I'm from time to time facing the challenge of working with a client who is unaware of USA or Canadian laws about the relationship with a freelancer / independent contractor

A solution that worked for me is to educate the client. By “educate” I mean discussing with client about what I can do or not with freelancers. Within the legal boundaries.

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PM December meet up time change!

Hey y'all,

The december 11th PM meet up is now 8am EST fyi to accomodate Asia-Pac time zone for a change :)


PS: Ryan rocked the Redmine Demo despite it being 3am where he is! Thanks a lot Ryan!!!

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Was the Redmine demo helpful for you?

100% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Not as much as I'd have liked
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 2

Knowledge Transfer Documents for Typical Drupal Project

Recently I came across with this question, “What all documents required for proper knowledge transfer of any Drupal Project"?

As usual I went to search on but failed to find any document list so I started making it on my own.

So here is the list:

  1. Information about Infrastructure: Server/Environmental Details (Dev/QA/Prod/)

  2. Details of LAMP/WAMP Installations: Detailed info about Web server/DB/PHP

  3. Other Application used on Servers: In case of Cache Server/Media server.

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How many of you do risk management?

Hells yes.
14% (1 vote)
Not so much.
71% (5 votes)
14% (1 vote)
Total votes: 7
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Tag with Caution.

Hi everyone,

You've probably recently gotten about 15 updates about a camp in Mumbai -- Please don't unsubscribe. This might have been because someone tagged the PM audience in his post because he wanted some organizational help.

Personally, this annoys the crap out of me, and I'm sorry if you got inundated with emails :/ I kinda went mamabear on him, and I hope it doesn't happen again.

The focus of this group should be on Project, Portfolio & other management related issues to help people work through problems, share solutions, and where possible give a Drupal perspective.

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Adding links -- Are you?

Hey peeps,

I've started adding some links to articles I like in our PM link wiki that Nigel put together for us...


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International Project Management Day - Nov 1st => now Nov 15th ... thanks Sandy.

Hey guys,

Just a heads up, the event for the Int. PM day from IIL has been postponed to Nov 15th due to Sandy. Wahhn, wahhhn.


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Bookmarking resource for Drupal Project Management Group

After a brief discussion initiated by Shannon, I have set up a bookmarking resource for the group. You can find it at:

Diigo supports tagging of bookmarks, sticky notes & annotations so that when you add the bookmark you can comment directly on the page, when others access via the bookmark they can see specific comments associated with that page left by others. (thanks to Adam Rasmussen for his input & support).

I have set it up as:
* public group so anyone can view
* listed in search results
* Open, so anyone can join

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International Project Management Day - Nov 15th

2012-11-15 (All day) UTC

Check out the 8th annual International Project Management Day!

IIL is hosting a day of webinars from some very influential leaders. I've been to some of these in the past, it's also a great opportunity to hobnob virtually with PM's.

Highly recommend if it's anything like past years!


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Nov 1 is International Project Management Day!

Sweet, a day just for US! IIL is holding a day of virtual events to commemorate:

I'll add it to the events in here for those interested :)

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8 ways you can help PM D8!! (Hint: PM refers to Project Management)

Hey Drupal PM Peeps...

Ok opening the floodgates (I hope), anyone want to help PM Drupal 8 stuff? Here are off the top of my head 8 things I think would be helpful (ps: IO = Iniative Owner)

1) Tracking down people who are going to work on stuff, getting status updates & reporting back to Initiative Owners

2) Scrumming weekly w/ IO's to get updates & posting to hackpad or gdocs

3) Attending meetings (weekly or bi-weekly) and posting a summary (meeting minutes template anyone?)

4) Interview an IO and post summary of their sprint retrospective

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Meeting Minutes - A template for you + Bonus challenge: can you make it better?

One interesting thing at my new job has been the adjustment to a new communication process. One thing we were missing was a readily available meeting minutes template!

So I made one, and I'm sharing it with you today, for only 59.95!! J/k. It's frickity-FREE, WEEEEEEEeeeeeee!!!! Go ahead and use this if you like, and BONUS - Can you make it better? I'm open to suggestions if you've got ideas from your own template experiences :)


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PM Meet up - December 18th, 8-9am EST! ** TIME & DATE CHANGE

2012-12-18 08:00 - 09:00 America/New_York

*** NOTE: TIME CHANGE! The first couple of meetings were not so hot for Asia-PAC group members, so the December meeting time has been changed to accomodate our friends on that side of the world :) ***

Hey everyone,

Here's an event to remind us all that the December PM meet up is on the 18th, from 8-9am Eastern!

Suggested agenda

20min: Demo of Trello by Shannon
=> overview of functionality
=> what would you change
=> what do you love

20min: Issue discussion
=> Nightmare of the week: Someone shares a lesson learned :)
=>Topic suggestions from LWinter

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PM Meet up - November 13th - 11am-noon EST

2012-11-13 11:00 - 12:00 America/New_York

Hey everyone,

Here's an event to remind us all that the November PM meet up is on the 13th! LWinter has suggested an agenda:

20min: Demo REDMINE by Rcross!
=> overview of functionality
=> what would you change
=> what do you love

20min: Issue discussion
Choose one of these topics below for discussion, might I suggest:

=> Nightmare of the week: Someone shares a lesson learned :)
=> Timeline Derailment
- what causes it
- what are you doing about it
- how are you preventing it

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Monthly Hangout Agenda...Maybe... I need your feedback!

First - thanks to everyone that joined the PM Hangout yesterday; especially andreathegiant for showing us LiquidPlanner. I am looking forward to reconnecting and meeting new people over the next several months.

In an attempt to put a little bit of structure to the meeting, I offered at our last hangout to propose an agenda for each meeting. These are just initial thoughts to get the conversation started. Please provide your feedback and let me know what you think we should spend our precious time talking about; whether it is something I have proposed or something completely different.

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Project Manager | OpenSourcery

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

OpenSourcery is looking for a project manager to join our team!

OpenSourcery is the largest and most established Drupal shop in the Pacific Northwest. Since 2004 we've been serving nonprofits and the common good. We have a strong process, happy clients and lots of work.

You'll join our team working out of our LEED Gold certified offices in Portland, Oregon, right on Portland's famed streetcar line in the downtown Pearl district.

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