This is a discussion and working group for anyone interested in the Services module and related modules. This module was created out of a need for a standardized solution of integrating external applications with Drupal, specifically Flash and Flex applications. Visit the issues page for all bug reports. Also visit the Services Handbook for information and examples.

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how to delete files with rest web services

I upload file in Base64 encoding with rest services(resource_path: file.json)
how can i delete file with rest services?
i now how to delete node('resource_path:node/nid.json' with 'DELETE resource_type')
i test ('resource_path:file/fid.json' with 'DELETE resource_type')
but return 404!

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Why module services 3.x don't work with session?

//Load xmlrpc library
//Define Facekard server host
$facekard_server = 'localhost';

//Define facekard api server path
$facekard_server_path = '/wsdl/test/services';

//Make connection to server
$connection = new XmlRPC($facekard_server,$facekard_server_path);

//Call remote function system.connect to get session id
$system_connect = $connection->call('system.connect');
//Fetch sessid from xml object
$session_id = $system_connect->sessid;
$pass = '123456';

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web service chronopost

Hi, I am currently finishing my website on Drupal 6.22 and I have to implement one last feature related to chronopost and the checkout process. I have been given this information in the following link and am not quite sure what to do with it:

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web service chronopost

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Using date fields to ajax PUT call

i'm posting it here because i don't know if it is a bug or just me not doing something correct.
so please be gentle ill except any suggestion.

Created an end point for nodes for GET and update

With simple ajax call i am able to get node data according to its node id.
When i put my node back my CCK Date fields seems to be erased....
But i am able to change all other fields ( title, body, etc...)

how do you send your Date Field correct and way is it not in the same format that i get it from the endpoint ?

I'm using drupal 7 and services 3 using json

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Attach an image when node is created using AMFServer

Hi all,
I'm using drupal 7 and AMFServer (in services 3.0) to create node content from a Flash Client.
I'm able both to upload files and create nodes separately without problems, doing two different service calls (one to "file" service and another to the "node" service).
But I'm not being able to create a node with the a "File" field and attaching the file in the "node create" service call.
Is it possible to do that? I need to have the file "attached" to the node, instead of a node and a file in a separate way.

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Using Services Module with SAP integeration

Hello everybody,

I want to know if I can use services module to get data from SAP system

I am developing sync module that sync employees data from SAP system through SAP RFCs

Is it possible or not?

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User log in rules only from Services

Hi, i'm trying to execute an action related to user login only if the user log in from api provided by Services module. Is there a way to do that? I checked the $account variable and token but there is no information about that.


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hook_services_services create - what would the arg be for image data

I've created a REST server user Services 7.x-3.1.

I want to be able to accept an image. My question, how should I set up my create service?

Currently I have this for my hook_services_resources:

  'create' => array(
    'help' => 'Creates an issue',
    'file' => array('file' => 'inc', 'module' => 'issue'),
    'callback' => '_issue_create',
    'access arguments' => array('issue service create'),
    'access arguments append' => FALSE,
    'args' => array(
        'name' => 'data',
        'type' => 'struct',
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Hands-on VoIP Drupal session today at Drupal Con Denver

Thanks to everyone who attended the first VoIP Drupal session yesterday (3/20) at Drupal Con Denver!

If you are attending the event, I'd highly encourage you to join us for today's hands-on session at 2:15pm in room 212 (

As part of that session, we will have opportunity to answer specific questions and go deeper into different aspects of VoIP Drupal, including the main modules of the platform (click2call, phone recorder, voipnode, etc.) and the VoIP Script API.

If you have any comments or questions, please send me an email and let's try to find some time to talk while we're all in Denver. I'll be here until Thursday afternoon and will be very happy to learn more about your ideas!



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How to get Localized content?

I'm using Drupal 7.12 with Services 7.x-3.1 and able to fetch content. But now i've a problem, and can't find solution or information for it anywhere: Does Services support localization?

Calling the following URL: http://localhost:7777/?q=en/rr/taxonomy_term/5.json

The answer given is:

It ignores the prefix "en" and says language="und".

For index node retrieval have the same problem fetching the nodes for all languages.

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Return full nodes with all the cck fields ?

The service 3.x module with the REST Server for drupal 7 works great!

Is there a way to get all node fields (custom cck fields) within the index. http://localhost:8888/drupal-app/EndPoint/node

At the moment I got the following fields: bid,vid,type,title,kid,status,created,changed,comment,promote,sticky,tnid,uri , but I need all the node fields. Any idea how to do this without writing an own resource module for services 3.x ?

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Views and WordReference API, can this work?

I am wondering if the Service module can work with Wordreference API @

It is a JSON server. Do you think I can retrieve data from Wordreference in my Views search using the Servicde module? Any tutorials on how to do this? What I am trying to achieve is that when you search in my Views search for a term for example, it will get the English>German translation from Wordreference displayed as well? Any ideas?

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Relation + Services

Has anyone tried working with the Relation module ( and Services?

Relation looks like it could be a very good module for doing much more with related entities. I'm wondering about how to do CRUD (probably via REST/JSON) with Relation.

Any ideas?

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Class Project: best course of action and resources to quickly learn web services and choose appropriate protocol to interact with Android app

Hi all,

I am currently a CS student, and I'm currently developing an Android application for a mobile development class that will interact with a Drupal-based website. Briefly: the website and application will be based on the StackOverflow model, but for organic/sustainable gardening/farming. Questions/answers will be posted either online or via the Android app, and Android version will need to sync with user account and question/answer data from server. (I can PM more details, if interested.) I hope to eventually implement a badge system and the like.

I have been a happy Drupal user/"developer" for about 1.5 years now (developer in quotes), having developed custom themes, learned Drush, played with views, etc. I'm hoping to up my game in both mobile dev and Drupal dev with this project.

The problem is that I have zero experience with web services, and though I'm making progress slugging through wiki articles/random resources, it's still a difficult trek. The good news is that I have spring break to learn a bunch next week.

I was hoping for direction in:
a) good resources/advice for learning
b) recommendations on which protocol to use based on my specs
c) all other advice. Is this project too much?

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Services, XMLRPC and Java

Im looking for help on how to add taxonomies and files to nodes using Java and XMLRPC:

  • add taxonomy terms to a node (using term reference fields)
    this is what i got: {field_area={und={0={tid=38}}}...} and its not adding the term to the created node

  • add files to a node

  • edit/update existing nodes

i cant get anything to work and there's little documentation about how to use the API (which parameters requested etc)

anyone help?

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Create node only via REST Services disabling creation via web


I'm developing an iPhone app to populate Drupal nodes using client side DIOS libraries.
The server side is a Drupal 6 with Services 3.1 and REST server 3.1 modules.
I'm able to create nodes via iPhone interface after authentication but I want to restrict node creation only via iPhone app, denying users to create nodes directly from /node/add page.

Is there any way to do that?


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REST Server api to Add/Edit Entity translations

Is it possible to add/modify the translation fields from the REST api? So far I can only seem to update the source text.
The ultimate goal is to be able to provide the translations through the api. Has anyone tried this?

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how to use TID as parameter for restful api

I am working on a site where there is multiple taxonomy terms on each node. I want to be able to use restful api and pull up every node that is related to a taxonomy term. The taxonomy term is saved with the node, but it is only saving the tid, I see that the tid is the link between the nodes, but everytime I try and use the parameter [tid] as a search I get the following. I can get the

Fatal error: Call to undefined method PDOException::message() in /home/content/20/8959120/html/sites/all/modules/services/services.module on line 555

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Getting simple register new user to work

I've installed services and created a service with these details

name register, server xmlrpc, endpoint user.register, resources user create and user register

I'm posting using curl
url -X POST -d @xmlpost.txt --header "Content-Type:text/xml"

<?xml version="1.0"?>




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