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An update on our Drupal conversion

It's been awhile since I posted an update on the Morris project to build a newspaper site management system on the Drupal platform. We're moving toward a complete relaunch (and complete redesign) of, our largest newspaper site, in a couple of weeks. Some details are posted on my blog.

Major modules being used are:

Panels 2
Content Recommendation Engine
Daypart (new module to be released by Morris)
Image, Imagecache
Organic Groups
SWF tools

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Offline node creation

We are putting together a sports news site and are investigating ways of creating content/nodes offline (at an event etc) with the following workflow:

  1. Site editors create the content item (display fields, taxonomy, body text, photos etc) locally
  2. Hook up to internet and simply publish complete item into drupal site with one click.

Has anyone got any good pointers on this? One avenue we are looking at is using Adobe Air.


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Innovation News Installation Profile

I just found the Innovation News Installation Profile and wanted to post it here on the Newspaper Group. (I know the issue of newspaper installation profiles has been discussed more than once here, and maybe someone would like to know about it.)

I haven't tried it yet, but will have a closer look when I get time.

//Johan Falk, Sweden

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D6 or D5 for student newspaper site?

I began using Drupal right about the time that D5 launched. Though at the time there were relatively few modules available, I decided it was better from the start to choose the newer version and expect that the contributed module base would develop quickly. I'm glad I made that choice: D5 did develop quickly and D4 modules almost as quickly were left behind.

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Creating flexible news page layouts with Panels2

I'm a latecomer to the Panels party. We've been able to use blocks and regions to accommodate our layout needs for our community websites. But as we work on a project to launch two large newspapers on Drupal later this year, we're looking for ways to enable editors to create and manage special page layouts on the fly, as the changing news demands.

That led to Panels, and after spending some time with Panels 2, I'm blown away.

Here's how Panels solves the problem.

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MultiContributor News - Newbie Needs Help

I am a drupal newbee and really overwhelmed at the moment. I'd like a thorough consultation with someone I can give the admin password to and show me how to accomplish my goals here. Which are …

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Automation from 3B2 CMS

Hi Everyone,

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New to drupal, not a programmer/developer

I want to start a business directory to generate revenue to improve some existing newspaper sites (please forgive me for not providing specifics on the sites themselves) and have been recommended to use drupal for not only the business directory but also content management.

The issue, I'm not a programmer or developer and I'm concerned I won't have the technical expertise to get this done.

That having been said, if I had to hire someone to develop the server, load the software, design the templates, etc and get everything running, what kind of costs would I be looking at?

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Could a good-sized Drupal newspaper site run on a cloud-based infrastructure?

We are currently looking at changing our hosting company so that we can ramp up our resources.

One of the options we looked at was Amazon's EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud). However, we backed away when our intial tests showed that transfer speed weren't very fast.

But, I was just wondering if anyone in the Newspaper on Drupal group has successfully trialled Cloud Computing and, if so, whether there were any tricks and traps if you wanted to run a good-sized Drupal newspaper site on a cloud-based infrastructure.



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Best e-mail and SMS subscription modules?

Hi all. We're in the final stages of developing, a local news site, and I'm trying to decide on the best avenue to integrate e-mail and SMS subscriptions. Before I go installing a bunch on the test server, I thought I'd ask for your thoughts.

Ideally, we want to offer people the ability to subscribe to a daily or weekly digest (perhaps based of our RSS feed), or to subscribe to a particular topic (i.e. e-mail me when there's a new story tagged with "road development") or to say SMS me when there's a new top story or story tagged with "wreck".

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