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Now on Drupal - and

Hello all,

I wanted to introduce myself, and our now-powered-by-Drupal sites, and I'm Jeff Anderson, and I work as the product development manager for the interactive division of The Virginian-Pilot newspaper based in Norfolk, Virginia. The Pilot is a top 50/60 U.S. daily newspaper by circulation size, and was one of the first newspaper websites to go online in the early 1990s. Along with its sister site, a local portal focused on entertainment, community and local guides, we recently ranked No. 6 in the U.S. in terms of the percentage of users in a local market who use a particular locally-focused site. On December 10, we re-launched both sites on a customized Drupal 5.x platform.

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Drupal and Memory / Development Gotchas

Hi all,

I was wondering what the experience out there has been with drupal's memory consumption -- has it been an issue with your project?

Also, I'm curious if there were there other "gotchas" during your Drupal app development.

Our team here is working on a smallish city guide-type application (which will have a good amount of detail on the business listings), and we're forked on the soon-to-be-age-old question: Drupal or Django? I'm working on learning as much as possible before our raft takes to the river.

Senior Developer
The Denver Post

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News site module wish list

If you were to ask Santa Claus to bring you something to help your news site building/integration projects this year, what would you ask for?

Some examples: NITF import? NewsML import? Proprietary import from (fill in the blank legacy newsroom CMS)? Quark integration? InDesign integration? Web-to-print classifieds? Facebook tools? Javascript "badges?"

What would position Drupal as a more effective tool for you to improve your website, cut costs, connect with a larger audience, provide more effective community services, et cetera?

Post your answers below.

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Bricolage and Drupal on the Tyee

I've just posted a new project called Bricolage Integration. I wrote it for an on-line news site called The Tyee, based in Vancouver, BC and it's been running for almost a year now.

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Newspapers, students, and GHOP

As part of the Google Highly Open Participation Contest, add1sun has posted a quick how-to guide for creating a student newspaper with Drupal.

GHOP provides incentives for high school students to participate in open source software projects. As a Summer of Code mentor, I urge everyone to participate. It's a great way to give back to the Drupal community.

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Simplified UI for inserting images into blog content

Hi folks,

There is a significant hole in Drupal when it comes to a simple, clean workflow allowing content creators to upload an image and insert it into a piece of content. This functionality has been implemented elsewhere on the web (e.g. Blogger, Facebook, etc.) in a variety of ways. Under Drupal, the 'img_assist' module burdens users with creating an image node and the 'upload' module provides insufficient UI integration that couples images with a text block, rather than with a node.

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IBM DeveloperWorks on NITF parsing

Tip: Read News Industry Text Format (NITF) files with PHP
Parse and extract news content for use in your applications

The News Industry Text Format is an XML-based format used by the news industry to encode and share the content of news articles. PEAR's XML_NITF package provides an extensible API to read and parse NITF-formatted files, making it easy to extract bibliographical information and article content for use in any PHP application.

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Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 


I am a journalist preparing an editorial B to B IT news portal in France, and I am looking for some help creating this portal with Drupal 5.2 +.

I need an expert in development, portal, themes

Speaking French would be a bonus

Please contact me to learn more about this project.



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Modules that might be useful for newspapers

This wiki page lists a number of modules useful for newspaper sites. Please add any module you think is missing!
Discussion about this wiki is held on this page.

Last addition: Memcache API + Boost (090722)
Please note: The previous list has been moved to this page. It was old and dusty list, mainly presenting modules for Drupal 5. The drop is moving!

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