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Photo Essay

Hey -

I am looking at setting up a way for my newspaper site to handle "photo essays" or articles that are simply a collection of still photos.

I have played with Views and the Views Slideshow module and achieved the desired end result, however that will work for a one-time configuration. I am looking for a solution that will support multiple "photo essays" that are added on the fly to the site...

Anyone have any ideas?


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Google Standout

Is anybody working on an implementation of Google's "standout" tag?

Note that it can either be a link or meta tag, which makes me think a minor modification to nodewords for d6 would do the trick.

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Pay wall

I'm sorry if I've overlooked this, and I'm sure I have...but for you guys who use Drupal for your newspaper and have content that is exclusive for paid subscribers, what modules do you use to make it work effectively?

What I envision are abbreviated nodes that will request users to login or buy a subscription for the full version.

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What do you use for your search?

What modules/solutions are you guys all using for site search?

We were using Apache Solr in our early days ... but we had issues with it (took forever to index, had to turn the index rate way down because of server load).

We're now using Google Site Search, which I'm pretty happy with, but there is a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth because we do not have a sort by date feature.

Are there any other good alternatives?

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Best Panels-Based Drupal Framework for News Site?

I'm looking to build a news framework over the summer using Drupal. I've settled on the Pressflow version and the Precision theme to build my child theme. I now need help finding tutorials on building panels aimed at news sites. Any suggestions?

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Shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server?

I've been developing a website for several months now which I intend to launch before I graduate from college in the fall. It'll run as an online magazine and blog with fresh content rolling in weekly. I've been eying VPS hosting but don't know which package to choose from. What amount of RAM, storage space and transfer allotment is good to start off with?

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A module to calculate how much money each editor has earned

Hello there,
I am quite new to drupal but I was very impressed with some of the newspaper sites using Drupal, and have decided to use Drupal for developing my newspaper website.
However , there is one functionality that I need, which is calculate the fee for each publisher when an article is published, so that the manager of the website can see how much money they owe to each publisher.
I have gone through the forum but haven't found a module that do the job.
DO you guys know any thing like that, or do I need to write a module on my own?

Thanks for your help.

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Enthusiastic Developer - London (25k-30k) | Demotix

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

We are Demotix and we are looking for a full time developer to join us and become Demotix too.

Demotix (from demos/Δήμος, meaning ‘people’) is a street journalism website and newswire.

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Newspaper-Specific Panels Question

I'm developing my frontpage with Panels 3 and Drupal 7 with Panels960gs. Here is a common question specific to newspapers I hope someone can answer. I'm using the 960/16 5-7-4 Right Sidebar layout, putting my menu at the top of the "Top" region with my logo image directly below.

The problem is the SuperFish menu displays on the top line, then the logo displays on the second line, but right after the menu ends, so it looks something like this:

[ Menu ]
            [ Logo ]

What I need is this:

[ Menu ]
[ Logo ]
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Panels Help: Any Newspaper-Specific Layouts I Can Import?

I've decided to use Panels (and Panels Everywhere) to create my site's frontpage. Are there any layouts suitable for news? I'l like the secondary menu on top, followed by the logo banner, below which is the primary menu in a menubar. A Featured Post should display below, followed by a taxonomy of news headlines in the main content area and two 250px sidebars aligned to the right.

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