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The Public Press, a new daily newspaper for the San Francisco Bay Area

The Public Press is a concept for the next-generation daily newspaper. We're organizing a group of journalists, technologist and nonprofit managers to organize a new newsroom for the San Francisco Bay Area that would produce a Web site, daily print newspaper and collaborations with nonprofit news-gathering organizations locally and nationally. We've built a simple Drupal 6 site that we will be growing in the coming weeks and months, and we plan to start publishing on the Web using this platform.

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Event / venue module?

Folks -

Wondering if there is/are any modules that integrate events (think classic community-calendar stuff) with places (think of directories of restaurants, nightclubs, parks, other places where those events might take place).

A "big iron" / proprietary CMS example are the sites being launched by my corporate masters and Gannett: Metromix New York Metromix Denver .

What are some examples of similar event/place driven sites that use one or more Drupal modules?



Tom Davidson
Tribune Interactive

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Basic Coupons with Drupal

Ok, it's not anything great yet, but I'm using Drupal to put together an Online Coupon section for my grassroots journalism sites.

Things I still want to do:

  • Track how many times each are printed
  • Choose two (or more) coupons that you want printed on 8.5x11...
  • Attach to PayPal for automation
  • Auto expiration of coupons
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Menu for a news website


I already have a news website built on Drupal, but now o work on another news website and at this point i have a problem...
What i need is to display a tree of terms like this:
"News" and "X" are terms in a vocabulary. "Industry" and "Technology" are therms in same vocabulary but the have as parent the "News" term.
When i go to /news (the path alias of the "News" term) i want there to be list of all sub-terms of this term.
Another posibility will be to display teasers of the nodes in "Industry" and "Technology".

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College newspapers and Drupal

This thread is for colleges/universities who currently use or are planning to use Drupal.

My name is Greg Linch and I'm the editor of The Miami Hurricane at the University of Miami (Florida, USA).We're in the early stages of building our site.

To kick off the conversation, here are some blogs and posts discussing our redesign:

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OpenCalais from Reuters

Just wanted to throw a link to this out there to see what people thought and try to find someone to hook Drupal up to their API. ;)

I haven't read up on it a lot yet myself...

K. Paul Mallasch - Publisher

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Article editing screen advice needed

Hello All

I am working with an online youth media publication that is looking to upgrade their website/e-publication and I am looking to upgrade/switch them to Drupal. I need advice on the article adding, node add/edit screen and functionality.

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Install profile for Newspapers – any further along?

We are beginning the development of a green building news portal and we are wondering if there have been any further advancements towards creating an install profile that covers many of the aspects of a good newspaper site. We are game to work with other end-users and a development team to arrive at this solution. What about someone who has a decent newspaper site that can have a generic version created to accommodate practically any type of focus topic? Am I over simplifying the task?

Thank you,

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Drupal best features for newspapers


We ( are giving a 2-days seminar to 15 african journalist/web project managers.
As the technical manage, I will give a presentation of drupal and why is it good for newspaper. We have used Drupal for 3 newspaper related website, so I am starting to know why drupal is good for that use. As an engineer I also know that I like Drupal for its technical qualities (think modularity, quality of code, performances; extensibility, ...).

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Drupal and Subversion

One of my developers has put up a blog post explaining how he's using Drupal and Subversion.

For anyone interested.

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