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Newbie Warning: In-house Content Development and Deployments to Live Sites

Hi Techies, Drupul Geeks ... and Newspaper Content Managers--

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Creating section pages

I would like to know from others what they use or how they create section home pages.

I gather one of these three would be fine: Sections, Composite, Panels.

I would like to try out panels, but the documentation seems to be quite inadequate.



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Easy Image and Caption Inserts?

This has likely been discussed, but I'm looking for solutions to the following: grab an image (maybe field field sources), resize and align it (maybe img assist), give it a caption, then insert it into a story node. I've read many different ways to the point they've all become a blur - I guess I'm looking for some hands-on experienced words from the publishing trenches.

I've tried both ProsePoint and Open Publishing. Both have their good and bad points; I'm building an online publishing back-end from scratch, using the TMA theme without PP hooks and off-the-shelf Drupal modules.

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Drupal Management Assembly

I am bhaskar tiwari
and this is my first piece of software ever written
i have build a wpf c# application running on .net framework 3.5 which runs around the services framework for delevering portal management capabilities from the desktop itself
it means that you no need to open the old lazy web browser and navigate to the old lazy URL's anymore
All you need to do is open my software and configure it for services and keys and it will do the user management (create , edit user accounts), node management (create , edit nodes) and taxonomy wise node management from the desktop itself

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Working on an email newsletter distribution system

Pushing Drupal's ability to distribute graphic rich content links via email is what I do best. For a while Send, News, MLM and MIME modules were working well in D5 and I was able to create newsletters and pass them to a mass email app. Send module for D6 has been broken for some time now and Id like to hear if others have found solutions that work.

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New version of the Context Ad Serving and Analytics (CASAA) has been released.

CASAA v6.x-1.10-beta2 has been released.

This release contains many fixes but, mainly it contains the fix for the Yahoo! APT module allowing ad slots to individually selected per tagging/mapping setting. This fix addresses the issue with ads being over-scheduled thus not allowing certain campaigns to not show.

For more information on all included fixes with the apt plug-in and the core module, itself please refer to the above link.

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Looking for Drupal theme developer

We are looking for someone who can create a drupal theme from three html template pages to replace our news network sites. Anyone interested, please contact me at editor [at]

Eric Stevenson - Knoxville, TN

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CASAA and Yahoo APT


I'm not sure where to start this discussion here, or on the CASAA's module page.

My problem is, that I can't seem to find a way to have different ad sizes on different pages with the CASAA using apt_plugin. I hope there are some members of the Yahoo!'s Newspaper Consortium here.

Let say we have a following setup:
Homepage - 2 leaderboards, 2 boxads
The rest - 2 leaderboards, 2 skyscrapers

If I define all 6 ads in the Global settings of the plugin, I can see all the ads/blocks being available, but the yld_mgr init code in the

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Online Pay Models

I'm looking at a couple of different pay models for our online news venture. The most intriguing is metered access where each user is allowed access to a certain number of articles before they have to subscribe.

I'm leaning toward using Ubercart but was wondering if there was an easy way to set this up. Perhaps there's a module that tracks how many times specific CCK content types are viewed by each user before kicking it over to the subscription page.

Tall order, I know but many thanks in advance for your insight.

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NITF Views module needs you!

Hi all,

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