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Centralizing the workflow

I'm in the process of planning a centralization of our workflow, so that a single story gets purposed multiple ways, and I was hoping to get some discussion going on this topic, perhaps sharing some brain cells and previous experiences with others on the group.

First, the idea: Currently we are copying and pasting from our news system (NewsEditPro) or InDesign (depending on which editor is working that day) into the Drupal system. It's not very effective obviously, but it's what we were forced to do for years using TownNews, and we're just now beginning to expand our sites.

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Managing Images with Imagefield

Obviously, newspapers tend to upload a lot of images.

Our site is using imagefield and imagecache to upload images and to size them dynamically where needed. In our first month, we've already uploaded about 500 photos, all of which are just residing in sites/default/files and then the various imagecache subdirectories.

It dawned on me that the files folder is going to get ridiculously huge, upwards of thousands of photos in the first year alone.

I was curious how other newspapers are handling this.

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Classifieds (specifically converting anonymous posts to owned when a user registers)

I want to allow people to post classifieds anonymously but then if they register they then get those classifieds associated with their account.

An example workflow

  1. User finds my site
  2. User posts a job
  3. User wants to register
  4. User registers
  5. User then sees post from before he/she registered in his/her profile/track page.

Has anyone done something like this before.

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Newbie question about site development ... why recreate the wheel?

I'm considering re-developing our newspaper website in Drupal.

So I've contacted two potential companies in our city. They both seem to suggest -- without any meetings to discuss site requirements in detail -- the cost will be about $15K Canadian for back-end and $5K to $10K for design.

So here's my newbie question ...

If so many newspapers are on Drupal, why doesn't a developer create a template -- back-end and design -- then sell it over and over again to publishers for a discount?

In other words, is it really necessary to start website design from scratch each time?

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How much is the performance gain from PressFlow

I recently saw someone post in regards to seeing a significant speed boost by switching to PressFlow's "enhanced/streamlined" version of Drupal.

However some googling and reading revealed no benchmarks on how much faster it is on average. Does anyone know how much of a speed gain we're talking about?

For comparison: The number I've seen tossed around for PHP accelerators is 15% for more complex sites.

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Password Sharing

I am new to both Drupal and this group so please bear with me… ;-)

We currently operate an ‘on-line only’ local news site. We would like to add some premium member (subscriber) only content to our site to increase revenue. We serve a small area where everyone knows everyone, and are concerned that people will share their login credentials with all their friends. This will seriously undermine our revenue potential and must be dealt with somehow.

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Using panels and views for a news site

Hi all,

My communications team would like a news type of site with main stories, images, and have it updated regularly. I've had good success with implementing a lot suggestions that i've found on the group but i'm having trouble over one issue. I'm hoping to use panels and then have views as blocks but can I theme these view blocks? I would full control over styling and theming the panel and all the view blocks but i don't know the best way to do this. I haven't found any good documentation on this.

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Context Ad Serving and Analytics framework

Geoff Maxey has released a beta of CASAA, the Context Ad Serving and Analytics framework. This is a unified tool for supporting any and all ad servers and analytics systems through plug-ins. A series of plug-ins not yet released (but coming soon) covers Google Analytics, Omniture, Yahoo Content Match, Yahoo APT, and Open AdStream. CASAA was developed for the Morris newspaper websites and is being released under our commitment to contribute back to the open-source community.

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How many development hours to expect?

I'm brand spanking new to Drupal and to this forum. I poked around a bit and didn't see anything posted on this topic yet.

I've just taken on a freelance project to create a newspaper (or newspaper-like) website for a client. So far what I know is that he wants to have different departments (I'm assuming things like "current events", "sports", "entertainment", etc.) and he also wants several different people to contribute content. He wants to be able to post different types of content: text, slideshows, videos, etc. Knowing this, Drupal sounds like a good solution.

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How we're handling images in news stories

David Johnson was wondering how we're handling images without getting sucked into the morass of img_assist and the various rich text editors. Our approach, which has some strengths (simple and idiot-proof) and some weaknesses (these images are not nodes), is as follows:

Both news stories and blogs are CCK content types. The key element is Emfield, more formaly known as the Embedded Media Field module. We use it with its close relatives Embedded Media Import, Embedded Media Thumbnail, Embedded Image Field and Embedded Video Field.

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