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Paid Classifieds, any ideas?

I'm really making headway into having a very usable website here, and I hope I'm not bugging anyone by asking for some expert advice.

I'm wondering how other newspapers, using Drupal 6, are handling online classifieds?

I've noticed there doesn't seem to be a workable out of the box solution for classifieds, especially if one wanted to charge someone to upload a picture, charge by the line inch, etc... But with this many newspapers using Drupal, I figure someone out there has to have done this before, and I'm just wondering what their solution was.

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How we implemented a Classified Ads system in Ubercart 1/Drupal 5

We wrote code for Drupal 5/Ubercart 1.x to implement Classified Ads that could be purchased online and are then copied by Customer Service Reps for print publication. The parts that deal with print aspects could, of course, be skipped for an online-only system.

The basic elements:

  1. The custom module: 'our_classifieds.module'
  2. Product Nodes
    • Taxonomy
    • Attributes
  3. jQuery snippets
  4. Requires custom_price module (uc_custom_price)
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Movie Show Times Service for a City Newspaper

Hey all,

I've seen a few services on the web that offer a widget or plugin to a web site to automatically populate the show times for a particular area. Fandango, to mention one.

The newspaper site I'm building needs to have film listings available on it, and currently, all we are doing is copying and pasting the show times from our paper into our CMS (non-Drupal as of now), and we need to update those same files each week for the films coming up. Ya, not a classy way to show events.

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How to Create Multiple Front Pages for different categories of News ?


I want to make a theme that can display the same front page theme layout for some categories/links .

For instance the site will have News categories like local, national, international, business,etc. Each menu link to these should display the same home front page format. And news promoted to front page to these categories should move to the corresponding front pages.

Any ideas, inputs to achieve this will be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


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Newspaper Site Building

Hi to Newspaper Group drupal

i am new to drupal how can we bulid a newspaper site in drupal , i am using the latest version of drupal ie Drupal 6.10 i want a full discription about theming what are important modules to be used and also views to be used
how we can go about this i have searched a lot but no one is able to give full details
This time hope so will give a full details abot this
which is bestmethod to go around it and play


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Advice on Sections for a News Site

Hi everybody,

I started using Drupal a few months ago and am now redesigning the newspapers website that I work for. Before, we had a local web development company creating it for us, but they've become pretty unresponsive to your requests over the past year, so we've decided to create it in-house using Drupal.

Maybe this is a newbie question, but I'm sure everybody has ran into. It regards sections for our news site.

I have set up a Taxonomy vocabulary called "Sections" and inside of it there is a hierarchy for our consistent articles that run each week. Example:


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Suggestions wanted: 3rd Party Ad Serving Services

Looking for opinions on 3rd party ad serving systems. Our current service (Burst Media AdConductor) was inherited from earlier development efforts and I'd like to compare it against other systems popular with media sites. Anybody have any relevant insight and or good experiences with a particular system? Thanks.

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How to make Sports page?

I have a newspaper web site I have created and am expanding in Drupal. I wish to have a second "front" page of the site - a Sports page, which will look like the front page and have more spots for advertising, etc. Users will be able to select Sports via navigation and be directed to this page.

When I create a page in Drupal it shows the title of the page on the upper left of the page, but on the main page of the site, there is no title. I want a page like the main (front) page w/o the title so that I can display a "SPORTS" banner on the top.

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Newspaper Home Page

I am looking into the options for a home page of a newspaper site. The basic design we are looking at is similar to the site. This is the functionality we are looking for and haven't seen one with it. I have looked at slideshow, but it doesn't seem to be exactly what we are looking for. This also could have been custom built, but I'm not sure. I like the ability to click on a number and be taken to that article. Thanks in advance.

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yelvington's picture and the Morris site management system

I've previously mentioned that we at Morris have been working on a standard configuration to support moving all of our newspaper sites to Drupal. We began by jumping into the deep end of the pool with our biggest and most complicated problem (oops, I mean newspaper): the Florida Times-Union. We threw the switch Wednesday morning and made the new site live.

We do plan to release code, templates and configurations, but we're not nearly ready to do that yet. We have to move on to rebuild the Topeka Capital-Journal's website,, and evolve a standard setup that we're happy with. Meanwhile, I've been blogging about some of the details, and you can follow along.

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