christefano's picture and ads: one month later

At several meetups in December and January, I asked during the opening announcements if there were opinions one way or another about using ads to support the LA Drupal video channel at (which we use to post meetup presentations, podcast episodes, etc.).

There weren't any objections and in experiment intended to offset costs and help make LA Drupal self-sustaining, pre-roll and post-roll ads were turned on.

In the last 30 days, LA Drupal has earned less than $5. This is less than the $8 a month that a "Pro" account costs (which is currently paid for by a sponsor *), which I upgraded it to last summer in order to get the necessary machine time to convert some of the longer videos, like the Git with Drupal workshop in June.

This brings us to today and I think it's a good time to check in.

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