Contributed Module Ideas

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

When a developer has an idea for a module, they are often not the only one with that idea.

By announcing module ideas here, this group aims to:

  • Reduce module duplication. We can prevent two independent developers from writing separate, duplicate modules.
  • Increase developer collaboration. We can get interested developers working together at an early stage of development.
  • Improve module quality. Others can shape and improve the ideas, leading to a better module from the beginning (or, at the least, a better road map for future development.)

Before submitting a new module idea, please do a little research and search for an existing module with the same functionality.

varenius's picture

Glift for Drupal

Hi everyone,
I'm planning to write a module to integrate the wonderful software Glift ( into Drupal. Glift is a Javascript viewer for SGF files, a format commonly used to store game records for the game of Go (

I did a detailed check and found no trace of any plan to integrate Glift into Drupal yet. There is however a wordpress module already doing this.

I have created an empty sandbox here: to serves as home for development.

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Facebook venue search module

Hi Folks,

Planning to develop a drupal module that basically helps user display list of venues details of configurable categories like nightclubs/bars in the city.And also planning to provide options to integrate it with browser navigation api to auto detect user location and display the venue details.

Did a detailed check did not find any module that does similar functionality.

Please let me know if any one has any concerns or any thoughts or suggestions which i can plan to include in the module.

Suggestions will be sincerely appreciated.


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Batch background

Until now there are two ways to handle batch processing in Drupal: Batch API, queue worker and cron tasks(although i count the last as one since they most likely will run due to server operations).

What good about Batch API? It run when you choose to and you can see the progress.
What bad about Batch API? When triggering it the user can go to somewhere else, he must hold still. If something failed, you need to start it all over again.

What good about queue workers? They run when the server go over the queue workers.

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How to find the users details of a logged in user?

Hello, I'm just started Drupal module development, I just want to create a module, which can send mail to the Admin if anyone logged in in his/her profile.
please help me.

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Module to Archive the entities

Hi there,

I'm going to make module that allows replaces this default behavior with an archiving system so that instead of being deleted entities(nodes,term) are “archived” and can later be “restored”.

An archive entity should be automatically unpublished and there should be special permissions to view the archive entities.
I want this functionality for normal users instead of administers rights users.

Does anyone want to stop me? :) Are there any modules that makes same thing?

Naveen Valecha

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Spatial Joins in Views

I wish to develop a small module (GeoJoin) to expand Views join functionality to include spatial operators (intersects, overlaps, contains). Aims to be compatible with various underlying spatial data structures such as GeoField, GeoPHP and PostGIS. Users of GeoJoin will add spatial relationships via the "Relationships -> Add" menus in Views.

Sandbox project underway with single GeoField instance overlaps completed:

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User created by property in user object.

Hi All,

I am planning to create a module that will provide the user created by - uid,role,name in user object. this is the required when mutiple roles are present in the site and few of them have permission to create the user then with the help of this module you can find the user who created the given user.

is this good the create that module or not. if yes interseted can help me in creating this module.


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suggestions on node form to avoid duplicate nodes

For large organisations with lots of content there's a risk different content creators may create duplicate content unknowingly.

One of the cool features seen when asking a question on stackoverflow is the "Questions that may already have your answer" block that appears below the question title after you've typed it in:
Only local images are allowed.

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Browser Automation Scripts Like Features but for Training

I propose a module that will create a database of selenium scripts that perform many different tasks. This would be used to give a visual guide on how to perform various tasks, but also actually completing the tasks. For example, if someone is new to Drupal, and doesn't know how to create a user, they would select the premade user create script, entering the various field information, and after clicking "go" or whatever, the automation would kick in, adding the new user, but also showing the newbie how to do it.

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Module to track the logged in users who viewed the entity

Hi there,

I'm going to make module that will track the logged in users who viewed the entity.
With this module you will be able to make "People viewed your profile" block like Linkedin does.

What I need:

  • Relation user to entity
  • Store last viewing date
  • Integration with views

Does anyone want to stop me? :) Are there any modules that makes same thing?

Update: Too late, module is ready: Entity Visits

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Running Drupal as daemon service


PHP Frameworks are becoming more and more complex, specially now that almost all of them are fully object oriented. In serious applications huge amount of code needs to be interpreted and loaded into the memory for every request, it's a needles waste of huge amount of resources.
But what if we could serve requests not by using traditional request/response method but by using sockets and asynchronous calls?

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Archive Message

I apologize in advance if this is a dupe--kept getting a message that this post was Spam even though it's obviously not.

Hello everyone.

Often, when users search the web for content, they sometimes get old stories from our site and think that they're reading something current.

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MailChimp Users

I've developed a module (MailChimp Users) that extends MailChimp functionality to users via an email center as opposed to the admin interface. The module is fully functional but currently requires modifications to the mailchimp library. It was developed using the Mailchimp 2.0 API, however, the currently existing Mailchimp module runs off the 1.3 API. The new 2.0 mailchimp library defines the same classname as the 1.3 mailchimp library.

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Importing facebook events into nodes

Hey everybody

I was wondering why there's still no proper module on Drupal which offers an easy import / aggregation function for facebook events. Other CMS's have similar extensions already, but Drupal still misses this one.

My knowledge about fql and opengraph API is rather limited but with this topic, I'm just trying to throw this idea in the community and see if anyone's already working on something similar.

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Drupal Commerce Payu latinAmerica(Colombia) payment Method

we are starting to develop a commerce module for the new API for PAYU Colombia, old pagosonline, We are ready to collaborate with anyone in this same endeavor.

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Alternative approach on Internationalization trough user input and display manipulation

I have created several multi-language Drupal based sites and I found that for most cases, in order to implement multilanguage support, it is easier to maintain per-language Drupal sites, than one site with multilingual support.

I believe this is because the approach used by the community on multi-language support is to implement multi-language compatible features on every single module created for Drupal. I believe that with this approach there is never going to be a complete multi-language Drupal distribution because there will always be critical features missing i18n compatibility.

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Panels Context Plug "Taxonomy Children Context"

With panels we can setup a context that gives us the parents of a term. But we needed the children of a term. So we created this little plugin.

If it's not already somewhere available we will publish this as a full project asap.

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widget selector for enduser // switch widget while adding / editing entity

sometimes one widget for entering data is good for this and another would be great for something else.

i would love to see a module that would make it possible to offer the end-user multiple widgets while adding / editing an entity. So he could switch / select the widget that fits best for his actual needs

my personal needs are for taxonomy and entity references... but i think it would make sense for many other fieldtypes too...

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Support links to

This popped into my head for no particular reason - a module to encourage (proper) use of the support queues. Real simple module to throw together, but I don't need any more modules to maintain - a good opportunity for someone's first contribution. Basic functionality:



  • On the modules page, for each module with a 'project' key in the .info file, provide a 'Support' link.
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    UPS Tracking Number Field Type

    I have created a module for a client which I am calling "ups_tracking_number" which is more or less a custom field type with three displays: text, link (links tracking number to UPS Web site) and detail.

    The detail view is the most interesting, and renders tracking numbers as a table showing latest status (uses the UPS tracking Web service). Clicking on the tracking number link opens a page within the Drupal site showing the full package history, just as you would see on the UPS Web site.

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