Contributed Module Ideas

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When a developer has an idea for a module, they are often not the only one with that idea.

By announcing module ideas here, this group aims to:

  • Reduce module duplication. We can prevent two independent developers from writing separate, duplicate modules.
  • Increase developer collaboration. We can get interested developers working together at an early stage of development.
  • Improve module quality. Others can shape and improve the ideas, leading to a better module from the beginning (or, at the least, a better road map for future development.)

Before submitting a new module idea, please do a little research and search for an existing module with the same functionality.

ajlozier's picture

UPS Tracking Number Field Type

I have created a module for a client which I am calling "ups_tracking_number" which is more or less a custom field type with three displays: text, link (links tracking number to UPS Web site) and detail.

The detail view is the most interesting, and renders tracking numbers as a table showing latest status (uses the UPS tracking Web service). Clicking on the tracking number link opens a page within the Drupal site showing the full package history, just as you would see on the UPS Web site.

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camoa's picture

Drupal Sales and Service Integration

The Drupal sales and service integration module come from a long live idea we have had about an ideal model where a company, using software and procedures, can have a model where customers receive a better service across the organization, and sales forces can have a better experience while offering products and services.

There are tons of Drupal modules oriented to these two goals, our proposal is to help create an integration among them so an scenario like this: is possible.

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CHiLi.HH's picture

Virtual Field Collection

A brief summary of the idea:

Data within entities that do not need to be processed individually within a view (or better: are not required to be addressed individually in any case) should be stored in a single database table, rather than being spread over N tables like they would if stored by the Field API "the usual way", in order to reduce the number of (sub)queries or subsequent queries and hereby reduce the load on the site's database.

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Ari Gold's picture

D8 Snappy?

I just discovered Snappy

"a PHP5 library allowing thumbnail, snapshot or PDF generation from a url or a html page. It uses the excellent webkit-based wkhtmltopdf and wkhtmltoimage available on OSX, linux, windows."

I'm interested in learning to create Drupal 8 modules and was wondering if people thought it was a good idea to implement Snappy as a D8 module so that a link field could be rendered as an image or pdf, similar to and ?

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Andy Tawse's picture

S3 static site module


I wanted to get feedback about whether releasing our module sounds like a good idea.

Our company has developed a module that publishes static Drupal nodes to S3 as they are saved or during a full site crawl. We've used this on a few projects where there is a need to cope with large traffic spikes (e.g. websites that support TV broadcasts) and where the content is relatively simple but there is still a need for content management. So quite niche but hopefully useful to some.

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Kars-T's picture

Issue Helper - Handle and close d.o issues more quickly


Issue Helper is a GreaseMonkey script that helps you administer issues:

This could / should be merged into dreditor and is more like a "what do people think about this" sandbox. Maybe it grows into an own project maybe not.

As I wrote on the sandbox page my experience are good and why not share it. I will use it anyway and bug the d.o team with my results so this script becomes obsolete and a cron job will do most of the work.

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fchandler's picture

NC county sales tax

I have written (edited) a module (example module in addressfield module) to allow NC residents to select their county in the checkout process, in D7 Commerce, in order to apply the appropriate sales tax*. In the process I have written rules that apply the tax and exported them such that others could paste them into a rules component. I was wanting to make it available for anyone who is building D7 Commerce sites for companies in NC. Is this Drupal worthy? With about an hours worth of editing it could be turned into any other state that charges sales taxes in the same manner.

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Caseledde's picture

Display Cache

A way to skip the render process of all displayed entities.

For a project, we needed a caching solution which is not time-based and deals with logged in users. So we can't use Varnish and the caching methods of Views and Panels.
During the developement we built a module called Display Cache.

The idea

An entity, which does not change, does not need to render again and again.

So we provide a wrapper function, which calls entity_view() and drupal_render() and caches the result.

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RajeevK's picture

Drupal Commerce Rent


I have a e-commerce site dealing with books, which I have made using Drupal Commerce. We had requirement of renting books to for some particular user type.
So I am working towards making a module which will allow renting same product which has been listed as product if we specify that product availibility for renting.
Though I am making this specifically for books but don't know how much it would be useful for some other product type.

If somebody has any suggestion..please leave a comment.


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DarrellDuane's picture

Drupal Site Comparision

It would be super helpful to have a module that you could have installed on two separate sites (say a development site and a production site) that would give you a list of differences between the two sites.
To begin with, it'd be great to have:
-- A listing of discrepancies between module versions, and enabled vs. disabled vs. installed/not installed modules on the two sites.
From there, enhancements to this module might include:
-- A listing of discrepancies between content types
-- A listing of discrepancies between views

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Jax's picture

Languages per country

We're currently working on a site with a total of 18 languages. These languages are from 8 countries. I need to be able to group the enabled languages per country to display a correct language switcher and to simplify administration.

My idea is to create a module language_country that adds this information to the languages table (through another table). Is there already a module that does this?

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A field for displaying a list of entities

I started working on a module that will provide a field & widget for displaying a list of entities. One use case: You wish to add a field to a bean (block type) so your content editors can display a configurable list of entities in each block. For each block, the content editor can choose the entity type (e.g. node, user, etc), bundle, number of items to display, sorting, etc. The widget would be configurable.

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inline internal links and unpublishing/deleting

For those using things like linkit, or ckeditor_link (these modules allow you to have links to internal pages within your body), is there any module that tracks these inline links?

What I'm getting at, is that if the inline links are tracked, then we can do something about it, before the linked node is unpublished or deleted, i.e. display a warning, or ask the user to remove the link and rewrite the content of the referring page.

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Content type type?

I have a several modules where I add functionality to a node based on the content type, and it would be nice to have a checkbox on the "node_type" form so that administrators could identify which content types should have the special functionality. Other modules do this like Organic Groups where you can identify if a content type is a group node or a group post.

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Facebook Ads API module?


Some colleagues and I are beginning work on a module to create and manage ads via the Facebook Ads API. I understand that the demand for this module might be small (not everyone advertises on facebook, and facebook requires approval before you get access to the API) but I'm hopeful that anyone else interested in this might benefit from building it and maintaining it together.

We're still very early in the process, but are trying to architect it in a way that our site-specific features are abstracted away from whatever we make for

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Views cluster

A module to group multiple views so you can call something like views_embed_views_group('group') in a theme, assuming the display id would be block as you could only output multiple blocks and not pages. It would also have integration with panels to add a views group to a panel. A views group would allow for easier site workflow where views will be added and removed automatically and dynamically.

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Ubercart Attribute Tokens for drupal7 ?

I am interesting in this module and think about the maintaining this module for Ubercart 3.0. Is there any need for drupal ? All suggestions are welcomed.Here it is

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Tag Cloud FX/Taxonomy Cloud FX (Possibly an API)

The idea of this module would be to integrate JQuery/JS effects such as the plugins here:

With views and blocks to automatically create views and views blocks based on configuration.

Configuration would allow users to configure per vocabulary in terms of which effect would be used, the tags to be displayed and from their views and attached JQuery/JS plugin effects will be set.

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Campaign Monitor list with Auto Assign Role 'integration'


I have a D7 site that allows users to sign up as one of two user types - this functionality is provided through Auto Assign Role.

We also use Campaign monitor which has lists dedicated to each of the user roles.

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Audio Recording Directly to File

This is a module that uses the WAMI audio recorder and lets anyone record a message onto a Web page. The message is saved as a file in Drupal.

It currently works as a file field widget.

For user sessions, before actually saving the file permanently, I have a function called wami_jam_session_set(), and wami_jam_session_get().

Then, I use this capability to create a WAMI field widget.

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