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This group is for Drupal developers and other interested parties to discuss Drupal development at Cornell University.

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Video embedding?

What are people using to embed/manage videos in drupal 7? I have .flv files that I'm trying to embed/manage, and I've installed both "media" and "video" modules and they aren't giving me what I need. The video module looks promising, but when I use it in conjunction with jwplayer, the output looks ok, but it omits the filename at the end of the src tag.

I think I might install mediafront (its a bit more than what I need, really), but thought I'd put the question out here to see if anyone has other suggestions :)

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20120531 CU Drupal SIG meeting minutes

We met May 31 in MANN B30A classroom, which seemed to work out ok, though folks in the back were a bit far away. Acoustics are good though, and having computers could be helpful for future meetings if we do working sprints. Will try next meeting there as well.

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Drupal Vendor Requirements

Folks, Please post your managed Drupal vendor requirements here! -y

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This is an unmoderated discussion group

I would like to assure everyone that this forum is open to all who would like to join, leave, or post.

For whatever reason there is a statement "post has been submitted for moderation" at the top of this group page. When I first created the group I tried the "Broadcast" feature linked in green at the top of the page. This apparently is some sort of Moderated feature.

I hope this helps!

My best,

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CU Drupal Core Modules discussion

Use this discussion for creating a common list of Drupal modules that will support needs.

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Drupal SIG


This discussion is to help facilitate the formation of a Drupal SIG (special interest group). I've heard interest in a centrally run SIG (CIT run?) and also the desire for a more dispersed effort. If folks would like to offer their opinion it would certainly help us determine our need (or not) to invest staff time in organizing this effort.



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