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rickvug's picture

What training material do you give end users?

Hello to everyone in this group. I work at a web design firm that frequently used Drupal for the backbone of our sites. We always advertise to our clients that their sites are editable and give them an hour or two of training to show them the basics of content creation. However, its rare that a new user retains all of the information that they need to. What we need is a simple end users guide going over the basics of content editing, making pages, using the menu system etc... I have been given a full day next week to put together the best guide possible (given the time constraints).

So my question is What training material do you give end users?

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Robert Castelo's picture

London Workshop Content

We're building up some courseware content here for the London Workshops:

We have two events a month, one for beginers and intermediary, the other for intermediary and advanced - which explains why the difficulty levels jump around.

Feel welcome to use or add to these tutorials.

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adrian's picture

Courseware Meeting Agenda - 18 May 2006

Apologies for this only publishing this now, I lost my earlier revision to a browser crash.



  • If you haven't voted on the teaching platform Please do so now
  • Choose a project for the second unit. Ie: how does the brochureware site and the story evolve from the previous unit.
  • Match up the existing documentation and courseware, to the units, and find out what is lacking, and needs to be written
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    adrian's picture

    Curriculum Development Meeting

    2006-05-16 12:00 - 2006-05-18 13:00 Etc/GMT

    Meeting to discuss the curriculum development.

    The time is tentative, and we want to try and include as many people who are already tasked with developing courseware, as there
    are several of us. Please comment with what time would suit you.

    Todo list and agenda to come.

    UPDATED: Time moved ahead 2 hours due to request from Rowan.

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    rkerr's picture

    Theming courseware

    I've posted my notes from last Friday's DrupalCamp Toronto session on building themes with PHPTemplate. Hopefully this will be a start for others to work from and improve on.

    It was a 1 hour session, and video should be available "soon".

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    adrian's picture

    What software platform should the courseware be aimed towards?

    Each student has his/her own local work environment (e.g. XAMPP)
    43% (3 votes)
    A web server is provided on a LAN for students to upload to
    14% (1 vote)
    A publically-accessible server is provided for students to upload to, and also work remotely from.
    43% (3 votes)
    Pen and paper ;)
    0% (0 votes)
    Total votes: 7
    adrian's picture

    Drupal Courseware IRC Meeting Agenda - Wed 3 March 2006

    Here is the agenda for the weekly courseware IRC meeting.

    1) Review the unit 1 outline from last week's meeting.
    2) Disccus the overall scope of the course. Do we include module development? if so, to what extent? etc. etc.
    3) Where/ When does install take place and what platforms are supported. (put up for vote)
    4) Break up tasks for unit 1 (at least) granularly enough to be able to assign them to individuals.
    5) Spec out next unit.

    Any other thoughts?

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    Justin Freeman's picture

    How do you train your Drupal end users?

    G'day Drupalicons

    We need to deliver training to our community of Drupal users. (And I expect many of you need to do the same). There's a good collection of how-to's on the website, but I was really looking for a training guide or material to support instructor led training which would cover the basic web author and then a more advanced website editor type level (or basic web master types with little HTML knowledge).

    Want to exclude all the technical web developer type topics/activities, such as installation, Database/SQL, theming and PHP coding etc.

    Does anyone have or know of suitable training resources for a Drupal end user? Maybe this could be a contributed project, if these end-user orientated resources do not already exist?

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    adrian's picture

    DrupalCamp courseware irc meetup

    2006-05-03 14:26 - 15:26 US/Pacific

    Another of our weekly IRC meetings.

    If you are interested in development of the courseware, please join us.

    update: Please take a look at the Agenda

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    adrian's picture

    Should we spend more time together on #drupal-courseware?

    I am going to register the channel with chanserv, and I think we should all set it to our auto-joins.

    A lot of us are already online all the time, and I think it would be constructive to open up the channels of communication
    more, so that we don't just talk about this stuff once a week at the meeting.

    I'm really happy with the progress we made on wednesday, and I think this could really help the cause =)

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    samik's picture

    Log from meeting 2

    I have posted a log of meeting 2.

    Anyone who has anything to contribute please create a wiki page on and post your information. You do not need permission and there are no rules (yet) governing the process. So go ahead, add your content.

    The wiki is here:

    Sami Khan

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    adrian's picture

    Agenda for Curriculum Meeting 26 April 2006

    1) Go over decisions made at previous meeting, most notably the units as defined here :
    2) Discuss the project goal for Unit 1 - Basic Brochureware site. Preferably by the end of the day we should be able to configure the site ourselves, and have a list of modules , with a list of subjects we need to discuss to implement those modules.
    3) Go over angie's lesson plan ( and choose which parts of it are applicable to Unit 1.
    5) Set up courseware mailing list for public discussion, and notifications.

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    DrupalCamp courseware irc meetup

    2006-04-19 14:00 - 15:00 US/Pacific

    We are meeting to discuss the development of the open courseware that we will teach at DrupalCamp events.

    The meeting will be held on #drupal-courseware

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    adrian's picture

    DrupalCamp courseware IRC meeting

    Hey guys.

    I would like us to get together to discuss the design of the courseware for DrupalCamp training. I just wanted to confirm with everyone what would be a good time. I'm leaning towards 2pm vancouver / san francisco time on wednesday the 19th of April 2006.

    I'll put up an agenda sometime this weekend.

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    adrian's picture

    DrupalCamp Johannesburg

    Due to the bad exchange rate, and the general distrust of international outsourcing local clients are completely unwilling to pay people overseas to do any development, and the lack of (quality?) Drupal developers
    makes the Drupal industry here stillborn.

    I have several friends who are now doing freelance development, who areeither interested in, or have started doing Drupal development here in South Africa. All of these people I introduced / got interested in doing Drupal, and most of them just need a short introduction to get them up to speed.

    So in the interest of getting my friends into the fold and improving the community, I have decided I want to run a short primer course on Drupal, for people who already know php / web development.

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