Designers and Information Architects

Welcome to the Designers and Information Architects group. The focus here is on aesthetics and Drupal, whether it be improving the look of your customized site or creating themes to giveaway. Design novices and "theme ninjas" alike are encouraged to contribute by asking questions and sharing their tips.

This group aims to cater to designers first and foremost by making Drupal easier through sharing knowledge. For developer discussion about improving Drupal's theme system please visit the Theme Development group.

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Free Website Style Guide Photoshop Template

If you are a website designer, you probably know that having a clear and well prepared style guide can save an enormous amount of time for developer and save the designer from having to explain the design details over and over. That’s why I have created a blank website style guide template. I hope it will enable designers to speed up their design process and bring more beautiful designs to our community.

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Accordion Blocks module released for Drupal

Folks, we're happy to roll out yet another module for Drupal. It's called “Accordion Blocks”. As the name says, this module provides an accordion effect to all your blocks. You can also apply jQuery UI themes through the configuration settings of the module.

This block is for those of you who deploy apps with a lot of blocks on either side bars, and are looking for newer usability enhancements with regards to visibility of the blocks. It not only minimizes all blocks on a Drupal page, but provides a cool accordion effect to help your user to concentrate on a single block at a time.

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LA Drupal videos galore (DrupalCampLA + Meetings)

For over a year LA Drupal has been recording our meetings and many of our events. View the videos online...

Subscribe to our video podcast... (available directly on iTunes too)

We provide these videos for free for people to learn Drupal of course. Over the next handful of weeks you will see us release videos from our meetings and DrupalCampLA '08. Learn the basics of Drupal, theme design, module development, advanced views, Services module (Flash + Drupal), and many, many more topics all relating to Drupal.

Follow us on twitter...

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Website launched! Drupal Design Camp Boston

The Drupal Design Camp Boston website is launched and we are getting ready for the June 13-14 event at MIT.

The attendee list is growing, and the sponsors are almost as excited as we are!

If you plan to attend, jump in at and sign up before it fills up completely.

Attendees can submit sessions, post to forums, join live chat on IRC, make small financial donations, and check out the latest News.

You can also follow us on twitter at D4DBoston

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Do you think it would be helpful to invite the g.d.o community to provide input during the development phase of public themes?

Yes: More POV is good for development
44% (4 votes)
No: Let em wait to see the results
11% (1 vote)
You must be crazy
44% (4 votes)
Not sure
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 9
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Organizing the madness

Please note: The following was originally posted at in relation to starting a theme design competition to get some new "Quality" themes at Drupal.

-------Original post--------

Hey all,

In my opinion competitions tend to create more alienation than quality. If you really want to get professional themes for Drupal then here is what I would do.

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What level sessions would you attend at DrupalCamp LA 2009?

Beginner (get familiar with Drupal basics)
9% (4 votes)
Above Beginner (I use Drupal already and want to grow my site)
7% (3 votes)
Intermediate Themes/Design (I use Drupal, but I still have trouble going from design to theme)
33% (15 votes)
Intermediate Module Development (I use Drupal, and I need to code for it more)
28% (13 votes)
Advanced (I know Drupal already, but I'd like more magic for my wand)
24% (11 votes)
Total votes: 46

Design and Usability: A Drupal Learning Track

[This is a wiki - please don't hesitate to update, revise, and contribute your ideas!]

Overview: focus on the site builders, themers and those interested in delivering a killer user experience both for Drupal itself and for their own sites.


  • Attract more designers to Drupal
  • Improve Drupal’s visual design
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Drupal Design Camp Boston on June 13-14, 2009

2009-06-13 (All day) - 2009-06-14 (All day) America/New_York
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Drupal Design Camp Boston is a free, two-day Drupal conference on June 13-14, 2009, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is being organized by members of the Boston Drupal group as part of the growing Design 4 Drupal initiative that launched when designers and themers took DrupalCon DC by storm this past March.

This camp also coincides with the redesign sprint at the MIT Media Lab on Friday, June 12. The sprint picks up where the San Francisco redesign sprint left off and participants at the Boston sprint will be learning how to contribute to theming as well as implement the redesign.

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module developper | cedricm

Employment type: 
Full time

Project start : beginning of May

Progammer(s) needed to build an inventory/CRM system to :

-Create an inventory of products to associate to multiple locations.
-Manage product purchases through a sales form.
-Manage a team of sales persons through a calendar and location list.
-Manage customers history of purchases and discounts based on different criteria.
-Reporting system for each purchase/discount used grouped by customer, product , venue, sales person, date.

Please contact me for more details in order to talk about pricing.

Thank you.

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Displaying fields in tpl files

Displaying fields in tpl files, like the node.tpl.php files, is a common desire to designers/themers. After conversations in IRC, at drupalcon, and in the parking lots of the Internet the common thought is that you need to make calls to something like $node->content['field_FOO']['#XXX']; to get to the information.

I've recently learned that there is an easier way to get to it. According to yched, on of the gurus of CCK and fields, you can use $FIELD_NAME_rendered in your .tpl files where fields are attached. This is true in Drupal 6 CCK and Drupal 7 fields.

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Looking for Drupal Architect - Bangalore | System Logic

Employment type: 
Full time

Looking for DRupal Architect for Bangalore location

Please find the JD below

Drupal Architect

· 8+ years of Experience in IT industry of which 2+ years as Drupal/CMS Architect – Should have experience in leading teams and in client interaction

Should be able to evangelize CMS and Web 2.0 architecture into product road-map. Experience with Content Management System – Drupal (preferred) or others. Should have domain knowledge in integrating with Web 2.0

(Wikis, Blogs, REST,RSS etc) with Enterprise Applications - Mandatory

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Drupal7 UX Project is Go! - Now's the time to get involved

You may have heard the excellent and very exciting news that following on from our work on, Mark Boulton Design has been contracted to take a look at the User Experience for the upcoming Drupal 7, and I'm very happy to be working with him on this project as well.

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Proposal: New theme file structure to Drupal

Note: This proposal envolved for discussion over Go there to get the background and continue the discussion.

This proposal is designed with following goals in mind:

  • Minimal amount of code changed, most of implementation is just reorganization of existing files
  • Better visibility for Drupal core templates and CSS
  • Clearer separation of functional and aesthetic parts of the theme layer
  • Offering several flexible and clear starting points for themers to build their work on
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Wishlist for Theme/Design Contest

This is a proposal for a contest to promote Drupal theming and design.


  • Get more beautiful themes into Drupal
  • Get the designer and theming community involved
  • Showcase Drupal theming done right
  • Increase awareness of Drupal

What to call it:

The Drupal 2009...

  • Theming and Design Contributions
  • Theming and Design Initiative
  • Design Contest
  • Theming Contest
  • Design Challenge
  • Theming Challenge


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Was the Design Issue Queue a pipe dream?

At Drupalcon 2009 in Washington, the Drupal design community were asked to become active participants in contributing feedback to the Drupal project.

mfer was kind enough to give members of the Design for Drupal (D4D) Group a tour of how we could provide feedback through the Issue Queue. As a matter of fact, we were shown a version of the issue queue in which any project could be flagged as "needs design review".

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Theming Contest

We need a theme contest. It's been talked about many times over the past few years. I give you the previous attempts...,,,

I think these attempts have failed due to lack of funding, support and clear organization. I want to get the ball rolling on this. Please reply with your ideas and comments. Here are my ideas I'm tossing around.

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Drupal Media Camp 2009 (English Version)

2009-05-08 08:00 - 2009-05-09 17:00 Europe/Zurich
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

The Swiss Drupal User Group is organizing the Drupal Media Camp with a special focus on the media and Drupal in Aarau, Switzerland. It will be covering:
- how Drupal can be used to develop complex web based media solutions and
- what is happening in the Drupal community in the media area.
We are interpreting the term media to mean all web media including video, audio, pictures, publishing, communities etc.

The conference is targeted towards:

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DrupalCamp Copenhagen may 2009

2009-05-22 (All day) - 2009-05-24 (All day) Europe/Copenhagen
Event type: 
User group meeting

DrupalCamp copenhagen in may is gonna be a blast!

Planned Higlights for the weekend:
* Friday night install party - so come by and get you laptop tuned up, and party with the geeks nerds & designers
* Code Development
* Nerdy presentations
* geeky presentations
* Frontend presentations
* Documentation & Drupal Understanding
* Noobs & übergeeks united!
* ----------------------
* Theming & design in drupal - will carry on the d4d momentum from DC/DC
* Why do front end html lovin geeks hate drupal?
* carry on the d7 discussion - how should drupal work

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CSS subystem design (was: CSS reset in core?)

I posted a preliminary patch over issue queue to stir a discussion whenever we need CSS reset in core and how core CSS setup -- file structure, rulesets etc -- should look like in D7. reset.css proposal is could be the first step in having decent CSS framework in core -- or if that is not gonna happen, just enforce some sensible CSS practices.

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