Designers and Information Architects

Welcome to the Designers and Information Architects group. The focus here is on aesthetics and Drupal, whether it be improving the look of your customized site or creating themes to giveaway. Design novices and "theme ninjas" alike are encouraged to contribute by asking questions and sharing their tips.

This group aims to cater to designers first and foremost by making Drupal easier through sharing knowledge. For developer discussion about improving Drupal's theme system please visit the Theme Development group.

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Design for Mobile - bikeshed!

We need to start thinking and talking about what approaches we're going to take in Drupal 8 with regards to design for mobile.

My own opinion is that we should probably be looking really closely at responsive design and how we might apply or adapt the patterns emerging in that field. The idea of "one web" and a unified design and user experience independent of device appeals to me. I don't want an impoverished mobile experience, so please don't assume what I want to see or do just because I'm on a tablet or handset.

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UX Designer |

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed is a Chicago-based firm that works with corporate, educational, cultural, and public sector clients to help enable people to share information online. We deliver technology solutions that are informed by years of open source Web technology and Drupal expertise. Our goal is to empower and enable people through seamless, highly functional interactive experiences.

Our UX designers take business goals and objectives as well as user needs and expectations, then throw them in a blender to create a delicious UX milkshake. These people have deep understandings of digital strategy, design efficiency, and patterns in interaction...and they aren't afraid to use them.

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Drupal 7 SEO Checklist

I would love to put together a Drupal 7.0 SEO checklist. Please feel free to add/edit.

All comments should be related to SEO in Drupal 7.0 and unless directly relevant should not contain Drupal 6.0 advice (although links to D6 are welcome).



  • The SEO Checklist module (available for both 6 and 7) has most of these included it in with automatic checks, datestamps, links to the download pages, and links to the config pages. Very, very helpful module.
  • Alt Text for Images
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    Senior / Mid Information Architect (NYC) | Ruder Finn

    Employment type: 
    Not allowed

    Interactive division within a global public relations firm seeks a motivated Information Architect (5+ years experience) in New York City to create a strategic, creative and innovative solution for a content rich web initiative. The Information Architect will devise the fusion of content strategy, key client goals, and user needs through the execution of various project deliverables including Site Map and Wireframes. The right candidate will be thorough and detail-oriented, have Drupal experience, and be comfortable leading a junior IA in the execution of actionable wireframes.

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    As Drupal professionals and Drupal shops, we work with Drupal version...

    6 for now
    20% (2 votes)
    7 on all new projects
    40% (4 votes)
    depends on project
    40% (4 votes)
    Total votes: 10
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    GSoC idea: Update menu_block module to use new D7 menu APIs

    Drupal core's menu module provides “strict hierarchical” information architecture with its menu system. Menu module currently provides just 3 ways to navigate that strict hierarchy:

    1. Breadcrumbs output to the $breadcrumbs variable in page.tpl.php
    2. Blocks containing full menu trees that can be navigated by clicking into deeper levels of the menu.
    3. A list of links that represent a single level of a menu tree. Output to the $main_menu and $secondary_menu variables in page.tpl.php
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    Graphics Designer | x2corp

    Employment type: 

    Hi our company X2Corp is a storage server provider located in Los Angeles, CA, we are developing a GUI front-end for ZFS called X2Zetta, we have decided to license the project under the AGPL and would like to find someone to work on the general look and feel of the project web-page located at

    If you are interested please get back to me with an estimate or contact me at 1 (213) 325-2533 or for more information if necessary.

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    Invite Any input and advice for recruting Experienced Drupal Instructors

    Hello All,

    Our institute is now planning for several short Web courses teaching Drupal technology to many college students and experienced IT engineers, so we will soon use very competitive salary to recruit several qualified instructors located around Boston area to teach the above courses, we will post the full job information here later. But before this, we would like to hear some advice about the above. Any suggestions and advice for the above will be highly appreciated.

    Helen Yu

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    Drupal 7 Distributions

    Did I forget anything?

    Please check:

    Thanks !!!

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    Promote Drupal at the Global Ignite Week 2011

    What is Ignite?

    Ignite is a geek event in over 100 cities worldwide. At the events Ignite presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes.

    I made a short summary about this and my talk here:

    My talk is not focussed on drupal, but of course I´ll finish my talk with the fact, that there´s a modul for Processing in development.

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    Just launched !!!
    It´s a Community- and Tutorial-Website dedicated to Drupal 7 for Administrators, Content-Administrators, Designers and Non-Programmers which want to create a website with the new Drupal 7. Support, critics and links are welcome.

    Launchdate: 2011-01-07
    Contentupdates: in progress
    Languages: mostly english, but german articles will follow

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    I apologize

    I would like to offer my sincere apology to the Themer groups here on Groups.Drupal.Org and to this community in general ... I meant no disrespect to anyone. Being a non-artist I have the highest regard for those who can do what I cannot; create beauty in web designs and other visual art forms. Likewise as a programmer I have an equally high regard for all web developers and the difficulty of the work we do.

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    Question about GPL and NON-PHP Themes

    If I build a Theme that uses no PHP or GPL'd JavaScript but does incorporate PERL code in the template would that PERL code need to be GPL'd?

    I realize of course this would mean that the hosting installation would have to have PERL enabled on their server (not a normal Drupal setup) but I don't think that is the same as "requiring a 3rd party proprietary program" since PERL is open source and quite common on many hosting services.

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    Drupal server consultant for social network | Morningtime

    Employment type: 


    I am scoping server/hosting options for a social network project. If this project is OK'd, then I need a Linux/Drupal/Apache specialist to help configure a multi-server environment for high performance.

    European help preferred, but any talented freelancer is welcome.

    I am looking for a Drupal server consultant to help with the following:

    • design and setup a multi-server environment for scalability to at least 100K-250K registered users (first year), perhaps 1-5K logins per day or even more
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    GPL group recommends CMS templates be licensed under a different license.

    ... but templates are a special case, because they are combined with data provided by users of the application and the combination is distributed. So, we recommend that you license your templates under simple permissive terms.
    _ --- "Frequently Asked Questions about the GNU Licenses"

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    Themes versus Modules

    There has been much discussion through the years about the automatic GPL status of Themes and Modules, and I will weigh in on that topic itself in another post (see the bottom of this post). But for now suffice it to say that I see an argument in favor of requiring GPL for Modules but I see a very different and very compelling argument in favor of excluding Themes from the GPL mandate. This post is to address a pre-cursor to that argument ...

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    Drupal Themers | CivicActions

    Employment type: 

    CivicActions is seeking Drupal Themers to join our team, bridging the gap between function and form. Themers work on project teams to translate visual design comps and wireframes into accessible, usable, browser-compatible interfaces. 

     Excellent CSS chops, mastery of cross-browser functionality
    Experience with GNU/Linux/Unix shells
    Excellent and professional communication skills 
    Demonstrated technical proficiency 
    A focused attention to detail
    Demonstrated project experience 
    Ability to multi-task, prioritize and deliver 

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    Drupal 7 and Sencha Touch

    I've created a demo to show how Drupal and Sencha Touch can work together. The demo is called "Tea Sencha Network" and it displays information from Sencha's official blog.

    Please access:



  • the Mobile UI (, built on top of Sencha Touch,
  • the Green TEAm (, built on top of Drupal 7,
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    Amazon's picture redesign to launch monday. Outstanding design issue we need your help with

    Hello, we are actively doing QA testing and a number of design issues have arisen. We have dedicated implementation resources, and themers who are helping but we need help translating design issues into actionable improvements. This is the beginning of ongoing design improvements that we will be constantly deploying on

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    D7 Theme Docs

    Can anyone help out on D7 Theme docs? There is a big need for help there, and it's an area I am totally clueless about. 2 issues on my radar:

    I think it needs a lot of love, so if anyone can adopt these and help out, that'd be fantastic!

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