Drupal Worker Cooperative

Drupal is big! Practitioners are already working together.
Why not work together with a workers cooperative model as an option?

Questions of interest:

*What would it take to start a Drupal/FLOSS cooperative?
*What would the cooperative do?
*How could this facilitate international collaboration?

Look over the wiki pages:
*Drupal Cooperative How-To Resources
*Membership/Ownership Agreement
*Members Services
*Rights of Ownership

Do you know of a technology cooperative?
Add it to the directory.

please no recruitment job postings here unless you are willing to hire a worker co-operative; try Drupal Gigs, Worldwide, instead.

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Drupal Site-Building *Educator* | USA Cooperative Youth Council

Employment type: 

USACYC is seeking to contract with a youth or group of youths (age 17 to 30) or a youth ally to provide Database & Web Development & Education services for a three month period following the award of the contract, with the potential for a longer term maintenance contract. You can read more about USACYC (a group of youth doing coop stuff) here: https://www.facebook.com/USACYC If you are a non-youth, please identify your commitment to allyship in your proposal.

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An open cooperative website dev group with fair share reimbursement.

The Plan

The purpose of this document is to describe the requirements for an open community of web developers, themers, designers, accountants, server admins, marketers and customer-sales'n'support-friendly-angels to work with, not for, customers of a website.

(Crap, does this count as a "recruitment job posting"??)

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Wisdom of the Bees

let me share a story about a recent experience and perhaps it resonates around the Backdrop story

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Project manager plus | Quilted

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Application Deadline: May 6th

Who are we?

Quilted is a worker-owned, cooperatively-managed company stitching together technology and social change. We take on work that challenges us to be more critical and insightful designers, engineers, and thinkers while remaining pragmatic and focused on adding real social value to our projects. Most of our projects are websites built with the Drupal content management framework. We provide services in visual design, user experience, content messaging, Drupal custom module development and theming, HTML/CSS, and strategic web consulting.

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experienced Drupal developer | wave design co-operative

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Wave is a design co-operative based in Hastings, on the South Coast of England.

Our web team plans, designs, builds and maintains websites using Drupal and WordPress, and currently consists of front end designers who dip into the developer's world, with more extensive development work contracted-in as needed.

We are looking for an experienced php/Drupal/WordPress developer who is keen to get involved in all stages of a project from initial planning onwards, so that we can provide a more complete, joined up, bulletproof, quality in-house web service.

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Bad internet connection error

I got (Bad internet connection, server error, browser problem, Please try again shortly.)" error in drupal6?

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Drupal Developer | Healthcare Company in Jacksonville, FL

Employment type: 
Not allowed

We have the following Drupal Developer position open with our client in Jacksonville, FL. Upon interest send your resume to bpourciau@capitalstaffingsolutions.com for review.

**manager is seeking Drupal transactional experience in addition to Drupal content creation and management experience and Drupal theming experience.
**This position will be working closely with the hiring manager and will eventually move into a lead role (Sr to lead experience is preferred).
**candidate must be willing to work onsite 100% of the time in Jacksonville, FL.

Thank you,
Ben Pourciau

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Las Indias - cyberpunk, anarchism, network thinking, and cooperatives

http://lasindias.com/ multinational worker cooperative, Las Indias

In this interview, Shareable publisher Neal Gorenflo, John Robb of Global Guerrillas, and P2P foundation's Michel Bauwens talk to David de Ugarte, one of the originators of the Spanish cyberpunk scene about his more recent work developing a multinational worker cooperative, Las Indias, that is a culmination of his community's thinking and work for the last decade.

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International Bible System

I have been created a website two years ago, Considered the sensitive of this kind of website in my country, I purchased a Java Shared Hosting in Godaddy, It has very good performance, even in China, We can connect it very fast seems like in a locale server.

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Learn Drupal 7 Site Building with Open Outreach - Enroll Today for Community College Short Course

2012-01-01 (All day) - 2012-01-31 (All day) UTC
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

Enroll Today

Enrolments Now Open

Call Ms. Dera Williams at Merritt College, Oakland, California (510) 436-2413
Tell her that you want to enroll in EDT 801 Class Code 24295
This is the only way to enroll in this class!
Cost: $ 130
Class completely online, class materials run by Moodle
Scheduled interactions via Elluminate

More information: http://opensourcecollege.org/enroll-merritt
Email info@opensourcecollege.org
Enrollments: Phone Ms. Dera Williams at Merritt College, Oakland, California (510) 436-2413

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Drupal Cooperative to create and manage projects

I always liked to create and manage drupal projects, but it's a high time consuming task for just one person. If you work for a company you can lern a lot and it's also nice but you finally don't own the money and the work. That's why I would like to set up an ¿international? cooperative. It can allow us to work for us and do what we like.

¿Any ideas or previous experiences?¿Payment/earn methods, bug/tickets systems, managment?


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Talking about a drupal service providers co-op (and how thats different than a worker co-op)

There are many different kinds of cooperatives - worker coops, producer coops, consumer coops, social coops, housing coops, etc.

Though this group is called Drupal Worker Cooperative - it seems that the intent is not just around worker co-ops themselves, but also around fostering something like a producer (in our case, service provider) cooperative for drupal workers (say - freelancers and existing businesses/worker co-ops).

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Are there Drupal Cooperatives?

I'm curious if anyone knows if there are any Drupal cooperatives. Looking for a model.

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Slogan for Drupal Guilds?

I was thinking "Magister Declinatio" -- Master the Drop. Any other ideas?

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Worker Cooperative School - Edvisions

I filmed a talk by EdVisions Cooperative, a worker cooperative, democratic school system with 60 schools...

its indirectly related, lots of similar ideas about democratic schools, worker-cooperatives, student led, project based etc

ps: funded by the Gates Foundation, so something must be up

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Drupal Teams Working with OSAlliance

Whether you are a freelancer or an employee you might be interested to know there's yet another way to team up for a big Drupal project.

OSAlliance is a cooperative that is based in Austria. Many of the cooperative's members have experience with Drupal, and some of them work with it every day.

The Alliance is a way for teams, companies, and individuals to work together to get a project done and to share a central project management scheme that is designed to benefit each of the players in the project.

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Wireframe of Front Page of Drupal Guilds (Authenticated)

Front Page of Drupal Guilds (Logged-in User)

Suggestions please!

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Bylaws of the Open Drupal Guilds (version 0.9)

Bylaws (version 0.9)

Open Guilds
Open Guilds refers to the organization these Bylaws apply to. Its website is at http://openguilds.org/.
Drupal Guilds
Drupal Guilds refers to a subset of the Open Guilds, and is fully subject to the rules laid out in these Bylaws. Its website is at http://drupalguilds.org/.
An Individual must be a human being. Corporations, Organizations, or any other collection of individuals may not be considered to be an individual for purposes of these Bylaws.
  1. Purpose of the Open Guilds

    Open Guilds acts as an organization for the training, certification and professionalism of practitioners of various Open Source crafts. The website at http://openguilds.org/ serves to facilitate the purposes of the organization.

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CIPS skills program

Hello Comrades! :-)

I recently joined the board of the local 'CIPS' chapter, see : http://www.cips.ca

They're currently updating their 'BOK' - Body of Knowledge, so that their 'ISP' certification has more street value. I would like to propose to this group a partnership of some sort with them to this effect, ie integrate the 'Drupal Guild' practice into their framework, provide their members with associated training yadda yadda

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Transcript of the Drupal Guilds Presentation

Here is an idealized transcript of the recent Drupal Dojo session I did regarding the proposed Drupal Guilds, which you can watch here if you didn't catch it earlier:


Also, here are the slides I used during the presentation, which the headers generally refer to, if you want to follow along the text:


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