Drupal Guilds is a central location for grassroots certifications for practitioners of various Open Source software. The idea is that rather than a top-down certification process where people pay money to an organization to take a test, people instead prove to their peers their ability to craft in their field.

The organization of Open Guilds is set up to foster a peer review system. Anyone may create a guild within the organization, and set up their own certification procedures at various levels within the guild. Each guild will stand on its own merit, and gain the benefit of camaraderie from other related guilds.

Each guild within Open Guilds will have its own charter, which will specify, among other things, its system of governance and procedure; process for gaining membership; and a scope of certification. A charter may, for instance, specify that it is to be run by parliamentary procedure with an elected council, that it is an open democracy, or that it is run entirely by a single Guild Master.

The Open Guilds organization itself is run by a council of Vested Members, who are individuals who have paid their dues. The meetings themselves are conducted on-line in a visible format, with all matters decided by the majority vote of Vested Members.

Other than the right to vote on procedural matters, membership to Open Guilds is free to all individuals, who may join as Journey Members. Journey Members may join any guild, according to its charter (which may, for instance, require an invitation or approval vote by its council, specific certification within another guild, or other requirements).

A guild may specify many certifications, each of which may have requisite certifications. Although a guild’s charter may specify otherwise, in most cases, a certification will require a test or demonstration of ability to be evaluated by one or more certified members of the guild. The reputation of an individual guild will depend on the continuing diligent and truthful evaluation by the guild members.

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A discussion on Hacker News

We are all in this together (
23 points by craiglockwood 3 hours ago | 21 comments

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Wisdom of the Bees

let me share a story about a recent experience and perhaps it resonates around the Backdrop story

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Meet up attendee? Tell your group about Drupal ladder!

If you're participating in a local Drupal user group- give them this 5 minute presentation to tell them about and how we're going to reach 1% contribution level. That's 1% of total active user contributing to the project.

Go to :

Download the keynote version or Download the PPT file.

Play it right here in your browser (slideshare)

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DrupalEasy Community Mentors

Hey everybody,

I want to let everyone know about a mentoring program that I'm organizing for a group of students that I'll be training over the next few months.

The tl:dr version is this: I run a 10-week, 70-hour Drupal training program in Brevard County, Florida (home of Kennedy Space Center) for recently laid-off residents. With the retirement of the Space Shuttle, there have been over 8,000 layoffs - many of these people are skilled IT workers looking for new careers.

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Status of ?

Hi all,

Just heard about this group for the first time today from @nickvidal.

Followed the link offered -

and got the following PHP error...

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Learn Drupal 7 Site Building with Open Outreach - Enroll Today for Community College Short Course

2012-01-01 (All day) - 2012-01-31 (All day) UTC
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

Enroll Today

Enrolments Now Open

Call Ms. Dera Williams at Merritt College, Oakland, California (510) 436-2413
Tell her that you want to enroll in EDT 801 Class Code 24295
This is the only way to enroll in this class!
Cost: $ 130
Class completely online, class materials run by Moodle
Scheduled interactions via Elluminate

More information:
Enrollments: Phone Ms. Dera Williams at Merritt College, Oakland, California (510) 436-2413

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A distributed certification

Open Curriculum: DefinitionsScenariosRoadmapSkill setsOpen certificationReferences - Roles
Join the upcoming IRC meeting! Follow discussions here on g.d.o, on IRC at #drupal-skillmap, or on Twitter with the tag #drupalskillmap!

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Drupal Guilds in Certifications Panel

Today is the last day for voting on Certifications and Drupal: Three strategies at DrupalCon Chicago. Drupal Guilds is one of the three, so be sure to vote!

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Trust metrics and reputation basis

I'm not deeply versed in the Drupal ecology, so please excuse if this is misdirected! My interest in the Guilds movement (and Voting Systems) is for something with wider applicability, namely a generic reputation system for community sites. I would like an implementation that could handle varied protocol for awarding 'merit' to users based on feedback on their contributions.

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Slogan for Drupal Guilds?

I was thinking "Magister Declinatio" -- Master the Drop. Any other ideas?

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Could this be a good place for Open Atrium?

In response to Aaron's wireframe for an Open Guilds website, I thought I'd post a couple of screenshots of a site I just put together for a friend who asked me to put together an intranet where he could kick around some business ideas with a few other people. My site a very lightly modified version of Open Atrium, with the main change being that I used the stringoverrides module to rename OA "groups" as "businesses" and "books" as "plans." I wonder if a structure along these lines might be a good fit for a guild website.

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Wireframe of Front Page of Drupal Guilds (Authenticated)

Front Page of Drupal Guilds (Logged-in User)

Suggestions please!

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Bylaws of the Open Drupal Guilds (version 0.9)

Bylaws (version 0.9)

Open Guilds
Open Guilds refers to the organization these Bylaws apply to. Its website is at
Drupal Guilds
Drupal Guilds refers to a subset of the Open Guilds, and is fully subject to the rules laid out in these Bylaws. Its website is at
An Individual must be a human being. Corporations, Organizations, or any other collection of individuals may not be considered to be an individual for purposes of these Bylaws.
  1. Purpose of the Open Guilds

    Open Guilds acts as an organization for the training, certification and professionalism of practitioners of various Open Source crafts. The website at serves to facilitate the purposes of the organization.

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Learning Drupal Chat -- Mentoring & Drupal Project Based Learning

2010-10-01 12:00 - 13:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
User group meeting

Join us for a discussion about mentoring in the Dojo and Kata.

There are a large number of issues to explore including Kata roles and incentives for Mentors and Apprentices.

Chat will be in #drupal-dojo IRC, starting 12 noon ET, 9am PT and 5pm GMT.

Points of reference include:

Call for Drupal Mentors! -
Define participant roles, responsibilities, and incentives -

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Scheduling Support Hours in #DrupalDojo IRC

Until such time as we have a better solution for managing support hours in the #drupal-dojo IRC, we thought we would simply start a wiki page where Volunteers could post 'Office Hours' for specific types of Drupal support.

If you are willing to try your hand a mentoring or supporting others having difficulties in particular areas please sign up here. We'll do our best to create events and to promote that you are available during those hours in the Drupal-Dojo IRC.

Ideally we would eventually work toward having a regular support schedule, but we will work up to that.

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Transcript of the Drupal Guilds Presentation

Here is an idealized transcript of the recent Drupal Dojo session I did regarding the proposed Drupal Guilds, which you can watch here if you didn't catch it earlier:

Also, here are the slides I used during the presentation, which the headers generally refer to, if you want to follow along the text:

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What about Apprentice? How does one "pay dues"?

In the discussion for this group, it talks about Journey Members and Vested Members, but what about Apprentices? I know we're trying to be egalitarian but an apprenticeship is both an important screening process to protect the integrity of the guild and a valuable training period for the new person. The mentoring of an Apprentice could also be a valuable learning tool for a Journey or Vested Member.

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Learning Drupal Chat--Drupal Guilds

2010-09-10 12:00 - 13:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Description: A discussion regarding the concept of creating a peer-driven certification system for Drupal and other Open Source projects. Please see for some background information.
Leader: Aaron Winborn(aaron)

The session will be held in #Drupal-dojo IRC in conjunction with a webinar GoToMeeting.

Register to attend the webinar here -

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Drupal Guilds mentioned at DrupalEasy! starting a bit before 29:00. This is an interesting discussion, that brings up some questions about the Guilds. Specifically, they discuss the worth of a peer driven certification.

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Have you seen other examples of guilds and peer review systems in other software?

Curious about other models and working examples.

Seen any?

Is this based on any examples which are further along?

Looking forward to finding out more!

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