Drupalcon North American Selection Committee

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

The 2013 DrupalCon North American Selection Committee is looking for input from the Drupal community to help select the location for DrupalCon North America in 2013 (and beyond).

For more information on the 2013 process, see: http://association.drupal.org/node/1014
For the 2013 straw poll (open through June 19, 2011), go to: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/drupalconpoll
For the 2013 City Nomination form (open through June 19, 2011): see http://association.drupal.org/node/964

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Drupalcon Austin Women in Drupal Event

The Women in Drupal reception, sponsored by Aten Design Group and Amazee Labs, will be held at Max's Wine Bar on Tuesday night starting at 5:30pm. This is an open event, so if you can't make 5:30, show up when you can. We have a fantastic selection of wines and good picked out for you. These events are a great opportunity for women of all experience levels, to meet other Women in Drupal and technology.

Please visit the web page on the Drupalcon Austin site for more information and to register for the event. https://austin2014.drupal.org/women-drupal-reception.

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Create DrupalCon Code of Conduct (Old Draft)

The code of conduct draft has been re-written based on community feedback and is available for community review here: http://groups.drupal.org/node/235308 - we ask that you please offer your comments, questions, and suggestions on that page. Comments have been closed on this page.

The following is the proposed DrupalCon Code of Conduct that has been drafted by a group that includes past DrupalCon organizers, Drupal Association staff and board members, and other community volunteers.

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Is the Caribbean considered North or Latin America?

I am from Jamaica, it depends on who is choosing, we tend to fall in one of the four categories, Central America, Latin America, Caribbean or North America. The first two tends to cause a lot of trouble, eg: We sometimes get the Latino cable channel feed, the Cheerios box in the supermarket has spanish labeling. Although we were once possessed by the Spanish, since 1665 the English has ruled, therefore making our primary language English. Other countries like Trinidad which is only a few miles from the coast of south America share this same categorization issue.

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Conflicts of Interest and potentially Private Benefit / Inurement on the Drupal Association board

I would like to formally request an investigation into two members of the Drupal Association board who I believe have acted in a Conflicts-of-Interest with regards to DrupalCon Chicago. In addition I formally request the investigation of one member of the Drupal Association general assembly for the same.

I believe that these members of the Board and General Assembly have behaved in ways that not only run counter to basic morals of our community, but I believe that they have also potentially broken nonprofit tax law and have put the tax exempt status of the DA's 501(c)3 at risk.

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Call for community input on DrupalCon North America 2013

The 2013 DrupalCon North American Selection Committee is looking for input from the Drupal community to help select the location for DrupalCon North America in 2013.

Tell us what you think by taking the 2013 straw poll (open through June 19, 2011), go to: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/drupalconpoll

Or, if your community is interested in being considered as a host city, please use the 2013 City Nomination form (open through June 19, 2011): see http://association.drupal.org/node/964

For more information on the 2013 process, see: http://association.drupal.org/node/1014

Please let us know what you think!

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DrupalCon San Diego - Leave your coats at home

I'd like to start discussing the possibility of a San Diego DrupalCon!

We started talking about this idea while wandering home from the bars around midnight in Chicago and there was alot of grumbling about the freezing temperatures in the city. Historically, every North American DrupalCon has been held somewhere cold...Chicago, San Fran, DC, Boston. Of course it's pretty cold in most places during the time of year when Drupalcon is generally held...but not in San Diego We're the southernmost American city with a powerful enough Drupal presence to host a Con.

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Drupal Dojo Session: DrupalCon Chicago PREVIEW

2011-03-02 12:30 - 13:30 America/New_York
Event type: 
User group meeting

Going to DrupalCon Chicago? Co-chair George DeMet will be joining the Drupal Dojo for this special preview! Find out what you need to know before next week!

Archived Webinar: http://drupaldojo.com/session/drupalcon-chicago-preview

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Drupal 7 books?

So, my father-in-law gave me Using Drupal for Christmas, I already have it though. Wondering if anyone could suggest another good book? He also gave me Cracking Drupal. I was thinking of maybe getting my hands on a Drupal 7 book? Anyone here have any experience or recommendations?

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DrupalCon Chicago 2011, March 7-10th at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers

2011-03-07 08:00 - 2011-03-10 17:00 America/Chicago
Event type: 

In March of 2011, thousands of Drupal users, developers, designers, evaluators and businesspeople will descend on Chicago's Sheraton Hotel and Towers for sessions, talks, code sprints, and more at DrupalCon Chicago. Whether you're already using Drupal or considering it for your company or organization, you won't want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind event.

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Childcare option for Drupalcon Chicago?

Based on my own experience, and on conversations at Drupalcon San Francisco, I think on-site child care may be a well received option at Drupalcon Chicago. It does require some space, and organization. I could help with the organizing, and raising money for the childcare and space. This does not mean that it would not cost parents who use the service in addition to their registration fees, but hourly childcare is much cheaper than a nanny full-time plus travel expenses.

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Help Us Pick the Location for DrupalCon North America 2012!

The DrupalCon North American Regional Organizing Group is looking for input from the Drupal community to help pick the location for DrupalCon North America in 2012 and beyond.

To do so, we’ve put together a brief “straw poll” intended to gauge community interest in various cities that have either expressed a desire to host a North American DrupalCon and/or been suggested as potential good locations by our event management company. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, and community members are welcomed to suggest alternative options.

You can make your voice heard by going to http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/drupalconstrawpoll now!

The poll takes less than five minutes to complete, and we’ll be accepting responses until 11:59pm PDT on August 4.

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Totally unscientidfic attendance prediction for DrupalCon Boston

I completely realize that there's no rigorous scientific method to this, but I'd thrown it together in an effort to convince someone that Drupal was not a risk and was on the upswing. My argument was that the real strength of a CMS was evidenced by its developer community.

WordCamp SF (May 2010): 770 attendees
DrupalCon SF (Apr 2010): 3000 attendees

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What is the status and plan...

...with respect to the selection of the venue for the 2012 North American DrupalCon?

  • Has a shortlist of cities been discussed?
  • How can cities ensure that they are at least considered?
  • Is anything cities can do to bolster their candidacies in the absence of the formal RFP process?
  • What is the next step?
  • When can we expect a decision to be finalized?

If would be good to get answers to these questions, and probably others, as soon as possible since the big venues are often booked years in advance.

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Towards a proposal for DrupalCon Montreal 2012

Montreal would be a great place to hold a DrupalCon. Not only is it a great city that people actually want to visit, being outside of the US avoids participants having to worry about crossing the US-border, which is a widely recognised as a limiting factor for international events that take place in the US.

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RE: Draft Post-Drupalcon Survey

Rather than clutter up the Wiki post with self-signed comments, I'm starting this thread to discuss the survey.
First, Thank you, Ms Amye, for moving this topic along.

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Draft Post-Drupalcon Survey

A lot of this is open sourced from OpenSourceBridge's survey last year.
Question 16 will need to be revamped to speak to all of the depth in the Drupal community, but I left it as we had it to get an idea of the breadth of topics we had there.

Page: About you
1. As of today how many years old are you:
18 to 25
26 to 35
36 to 45
46 to 55
56 +

  1. With what gender do you identify?

  2. What is the highest level of education you have achieved?
    Some High School
    High school Diploma or GED
    Some Undergraduate College
    Associate/Junior College

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Meeting Today?

Is there a meeting today?

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Post-Session Audience Evaluation (Draft)

I tried to keep this pretty short since I think most people won’t want to fill out anything too involved after every Drupalcon session. While I agree with gdemet’s thought that passing out evaluation cards and pencils would result in higher participation, sadly it’s probably not practical. My suggestion would be to include a short form on each session page. Most folks have laptops at these conferences, so there could be a few minutes at the end of each session to allow attendees to fill out the evaluation online.

Please rate the quality of the speaker:
1 - Poor
2 - Okay

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IRC Mtg - Drupalcon Programming: Tracks and Session selection

2009-10-01 11:00 - 12:00 America/Chicago
Event type: 
Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

We'll be discussing: Programming: Tracks and Session selection in #drupalcon.

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Programming: BOFs, Pre-conference content

  • Should there be some free content (could be N00b sessions, author talks) available in an exhibition hall to registered free passes?
  • What content, if any, should be pre-Conference: core developer conference, code sprint, paid workshops, etc?
  • BOF: how many rooms should be allocated?
  • Should BOF content be free?
  • Should some BOFs be pre-scheduled?
  • Should room(s) be allocated for an unconference to differentiate unscheduled presentations from traditional BOFs (roundtable discussions)?

The group will discuss these topics after we have reached a consensus on the Programming Tracks and Session selection.

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