Gallery2 Integration

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

This group is a central place for people (users and developers) to talk about the Gallery2 integration package for Drupal.

The gallery module bridges between Drupal and the
Gallery2 photo album organizer.

Here is a good place to ...

  1. discuss problems with the existing module
  2. propose new ideas and features for better integration
  3. coordinate documentation and development tasks

Please take time to think about your idea/problem before posting here.
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Getting Error: "Gallery2 must be installed under the same document root as Drupal"

My Drupal site is installed under
My gallery site is installed in

When attempting to configure G2Drupal I keep getting the following error message "Gallery2 must be installed under the same document root as Drupal".

I've tried to input my actual server path in "Gallery2 Server Path" of the configuration page as follows /home/content/55/5555555555/html/gallery2/ but to no avail.

Please help

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G2Drupal Module for Drupal 7

Just to let you all know that a new Gallery 2 module, G2Drupal, has been created to integrate with Drupal 7.

You can find documentation here:

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trouble with g2 image chooser in drupal 6.x with config.php

in reference to your post

I'm in trouble with the integration of g2image chooser

particularly I've followed instruction installing gallery2 and embedding g2 image chooser. however I had to upload several libraries and modules

particularly as below
1. .../sites/all/modules/wysiwyg/plugins/g2image ---> config1.php
2. .../sites/all/modules/gallery/gallery_g2image/g2image ---> config2.php
3. .../sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/g2image --->
4. ../gallery2 ---> config4.php

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Slideshow not working from the embedded gallery page.

It works from the gallery2 page and not from the embedded page. I posted about his issue originally on the gallery2 forum which can be found here:

The above link gives all the details and the troubleshooting that has been done so far. It looks like that drupal is dropping the ball. any help or pointers is highly appreciated.


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First timer almost there, but need help with g2 image chooser


It is my first time integrating Gallery2 with Drupal. I never had the need to easily bulk upload lots of pics to my Drupal installs before...

I have it almost working. I am stuck with the Gallery2 Image chooser (standalone mode). I see it, am able to select my pictures, but when I click on "Insert", nothing happens.

Can anyone help?

I am happy to give more details if needed, but just did not know where to start.

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Problems with search results

I have several albums that have urls for titles, the search results from drupal reveal the [url=]MY Item[/url] as the title

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Changing the Gallery Title

Anyone have any ideas how to change the 'Gallery' title into something else. I have a section on my site called Image Archive which uses Gallery 2 via the Gallery Module. My ,menu says "Image Archive' it points to an embedded Gallery 2 that says 'Gallery'.

Thanks in advance!


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Drupal Anonymous user can not access Gallery2

Only Authenticated users to Drupal can view gallery bock in Drupal.

How can I fix this?

Drupal 6

David Link
New York

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User profile integration

I'm looking for some code that will find g2_itemId for albums that users own.
For instance, a cooliris slideshow album reference:

print $profile['field_g2dropdown']->value;

// the $profile['field_g2dropdown']->value;
would reference an available gallery2 album as a dropdown menu in a php enabled block visible in the user profile content, and signify the album that the user wants to use for his or her user profile photo gallery.

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2 Problems with the integration

Hey Guys,

i have a little Problem with the integration from gallery in drupal.

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Drubal embedded Gallery2 double album path and photo title

Drupal v. 6.14
Gallery2 v. 2.3
Drupal gallery module gallery-6.x-1.0.tar.gz

So far I have installed twice everything from sratch having same problems

Standalone Gallery 2 ( works correctly

Problem 1.

Embedded Gallery 2 ( shows the album path twice:

Home > Gallery > Album > Subalbum

and below the same again without "Home"

Gallery > Album > Subalbum

Problem 2.

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Generating valid HTML from G2 Filter

I've just raised a bug over @ ( and would appreciate any thoughts or comments on it.

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The TinyMCE can't select local image?

I install my Gallery2 and bridge it with Drupal successfully.

But after I install Wysiwyg and TinyMCE, I can edit my blog entry in full text editor mode.

But while I select to upload my local image, I think I can't select my local PC's image. There is just one blank for me to input the URL of image.

so, how?

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Gallery / Wysiwig integration

Hi all,
I've been doing some work looking at the integration of the gallery module with wysiwyg & tinymce, posted on here.

Basically it's a patch to tie gallery into the current wysiwyg module with tinymce to allow simpler g2image integration. Tied to helmo's patch for the wysiwyg hook it allows a g2image button to be used in tinymce.

I'd appreciate anyone's thought's or comments.


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module installation help needed please

Hi all,

I need some help getting the installation setup, I think I'm in the right place.

I've installed Drupal fine, and Ive installed Gallery2 inside it fine... but I can't get the module to appear in the Administration bit of Drupal...


Can someone give me an idiots guide ;) to getting the module to work?


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FLossEd Bangkok 2009: Call for Presenters, Facilitators, Evangelists

2009-10-31 08:00 - 2009-11-01 17:30 Asia/Bangkok
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This is a call for proposals for an educational technology conference (Free/Libre and Open Source Solutions for Education) in which I think Drupal should play an important part. If you agree, please read on and I strongly encourage Drupal users, developers and designers to join us. Here's the blurb with links to the proposal description and submission pages:

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Wouldn't be better to create a troubleshooting category , so all the problem solution requests will not mess with other discussions ?
I think that it would make things easier for a user , and a developer , if this discussion was not scattered between the forum posts

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language setting??

Hi every body
i have change the language for gallery 2 from language settings but nothing happend
i mean the new language didn't appears for all links words or list
Could any one help me?
thank you all

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Limit user accsess

I setup gallery 2 in my site 2 days ago
but i coudn't know how to
let user to create his album in registration
and no one can see his album excpet some roles
how could i do that
please any idea

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Role that's logged into Drupal, but anonymous in G2

For performance reasons, I'd like to define a role (or something like) that is logged into Drupal, but never into G2. I also need an admin role that is logged into both Drupal and G2. Has anyone done such a thing? Is it currently possible?

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