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Welcome potential, current, and alumni Google Summer of Code students and mentors! Learn more about current group activities below or view (legacy projects with pass/fail stats). Drupal is currently seeking students to write applications for Google Summer of Code 2016. Potential students are required to read documentation @

Join this group for updates and find us in IRC in #drupal-google @freenode to chat in real time or more specifically during office hours below:

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Google Summer of Code (GSoC)? - an annual contest for university students organized by Google with projects managed by open source organization mentors such as us (Drupal!). This group is for organizing GSoC project ideas for annual applications and overall contest collaboration if/when accepted. Learn more about the overall GSoC process from webchick's point of view...

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GSoC/GCI BoF @Drupalcon Austin

2014-06-03 15:45 - 16:45 America/Chicago
Event type: 
User group meeting

It's official. Our GSoC/GCI BoF at Drupalcon Austin is on the schedule for Tuesday June 3rd 3:45pm-4:45pm in room 10A "Ashday" on 3rd floor. BoF will take place after the afternoon break. Anyone interested in learning more about Google's Summer of Code and/or Code-In is encouraged to join. Current GSoC students and mentors attending Drupalcon are advised to attend as meeting with our peers in person is invaluable. This BoF will provide us a chance to meet in person to discuss past, present, and future initiatives to ensure Drupal's success in both programs.

We hope to see you there!

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GSoC Project : Mapping Tool

I’m Sachini Herath, following my bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Currently pursuing my third year of study, I have worked on some projects using PHP and Symphony framework (You can find the source codes in github). I’m delighted to contribute to Drupal as my Google Summer of Code project this year.

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GSOC 2014: Porting and improving of the Drupal FAQ module


my name is Peter Hurtony, I am from Hungary, I study software engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

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DrupalCon Austin 2014 Meetup?

Hi everyone,

I'm the main Google Summer of Code mentor for Vivek Pandya's iOS app for Drupal 8. I'm excited that native mobile application development for Drupal 8 has started before Drupal 8 is released, and that we're going to have a great open source example application.

Are any mentors or students attending DrupalCon Austin? It would be great to have a BoF (I think there usually is one at most DrupalCons).

Jeff Linwood

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Hello GSOC! I'm porting the IMCE module to Drupal 8.

Hi, my name is Alexia Mandeville, and I'm from Florida in the US. I currently attend the University of Central Florida and I'm in my senior year of Game Design, with a specialization in game programming.

I have worked with Joomla! and Wordpress, but I have never worked with Drupal up until now. Since being accepted with my mentor, I have been learning PHP and Git. I use PHP at my job, along with Git, so I'm becoming familiar with it.

I expect this to be a fun project, and should be helpful to the community since the IMCE module is widely used by people needing to upload photos.

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GSoC 2014: Port XMLSitemap module to Drupal 8


My name is Andrei - Marius Dincu and I am a Romanian student who loves Drupal. I study Computer Science at Politehnica University of Bucharest and I heard about Drupal about one year ago.

During the GSoC 2014 coding period I will try to port XMLSitemap module to Drupal 8. XMLSitemap module is one of the most used Drupal modules and I think it is a requirement to make it compatible with Drupal 8.

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GSoC: Port Diff module to Drupal 8


I am Lucian Hangea from Romania and I am a Computer Science undergraduate. My project for Google Summer of Code 2014 is 'Port Diff module to Drupal 8'.
Diff module:
I think this module doesn't need a lot of introduction since it is quite popular and its functionality is pretty straightforward: it provides the ability to make comparisons between entities and make the differences visually noticeable (more details here :

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FluxPocket : Pocket Integration on Fluxkraft

Hello Everyone,

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GSoC: Incorporate Plugins and config entities in Monitoring module for D8

Hello Drupal Community,

I am Karan Poddar, a Computer Science student from India. My project is: Create sensor instances for Monitoring D8 (Idea Page:

Monitoring module ( provides sensors which can be used to monitor web applications. These sensors collect information which can be collected and used by standard monitoring products like Nagios. This module is already ported to D8.

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My GSoC Project: Porting Securesite Module to Drupal 8

I am Shivanshu Agrawal, a Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate from India. My project for GSoC is - Drupal 8 port of the securesite module( Let me first describe the functionality and use of this module.

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Entity Embed: A module to allow any entity to be embedded.

Hello Drupal!

This is my first blog post after my proposal got accepted into Google Summer of Code 2014. I'll briefly explain the idea here, and in following posts I'll provide further details.

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Drupal 8 and iOS

Hello Drupal Community. I am Vivek Pandya, computer engineering student from India. I will try to create an example iOS application that connects to Drupal 8 via REST services as part of my Google Summer of Code program. For more details about my project you can visit following links.

Idea Page on :

project source on github :

companion website on which my application will operate : ( Thanks to OpenShift Redhat PaaS)

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Ready, Set, Code - GSoC 2014 Starts NOW!

Good luck to all students that have officially started coding today. August will be here quickly...make sure to get started ASAP.

Everyone else in the Drupal community, it is time to say hello to a few new faces. Below is a list of our projects and students contributing to Drupal all summer via Google's Summer of Code 2014.

*Build an Elastic search module for Drupal
++ xan_ps from India ( )

*Build a mapping tool for Drupal 8
++ sachini from Sri Lanka ( )

*Create sensor instances for Monitoring D8

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Gsoc Project: Disqus Module for Drupal 8

Hello everyone I am Jayesh Solanki, IT engineering undergraduate student from Mumbai, India.
I have been accepted for Google Summer of Code this year. I have always loved Open Source Softwares and now becoming a part of the Drupal community is just amazing.

For the next 3 months I will be working on porting Disqus module to Drupal 8. The module is available in Drupal 7 where commenting is only supported on Nodes and Users. For Drupal 8
the Disqus module will be generalized to all entities.

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Secret tip for GSOC success from git developer

Here is the great read for some tips to be followed after being selected for GSOC

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Seeking Mentors - Google Summer of Code 2014

I'm making a last minute entry into Google Summer of Code, and I need two mentors to sign on! So, I'm putting my proposal out there, and if any mentors are interested, please (please (please!)) let me know. You can reach me Thanks!

The proposal:

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GSoC 2014 - Student Application DEADLINE THIS FRIDAY!

Reminder to all students AND mentors that GSoC 2014 student applications are due this Friday March 21st at 19:00-UTC. Moving forward all students need to be submitting applications directly into Melange for review. Students need practice submitting proposals into Melange to realize it can be a pain and understand Google will NOT accept ANY late proposals.

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Helpful beginner resources

Hey guys,

I just discovered couple of interesting resources which will be very helpful to new contributors:

    NOTE: this is still a work in progress, and updates will be made on a regular basis. You can find this information and materials available on GitHub at, and we encourage pull requests.
  2. A video series teaching all required community tools:

I hope you'll find this helpful.

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2014 Drupal中国营提议: Google Summer of Code 2014 with Drupal

会话描述: This is short discussion panel @DrupalCampChina 2014 on what is Google Summer of Code with Drupal

会话目标: Help potential students who are interested in GSoC to apply 2014 program or prepare for the next year

发言人经验: Spoken at multiple DrupalCon


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