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Welcome potential, current, and alumni Google Summer of Code students and mentors! Learn more about current group activities below or view (legacy projects with pass/fail stats). Drupal is currently seeking students to write applications for Google Summer of Code 2016. Potential students are required to read documentation @

Join this group for updates and find us in IRC in #drupal-google @freenode to chat in real time or more specifically during office hours below:

IRC Office Hours (Tuesdays)

  • Asia/Australia 04:00 UTC (India 09:30)
  • Europe 13:00 UTC (Slovenia 14:00)
  • Americas 18:00 UTC (California 11:00)

Google Summer of Code (GSoC)? - an annual contest for university students organized by Google with projects managed by open source organization mentors such as us (Drupal!). This group is for organizing GSoC project ideas for annual applications and overall contest collaboration if/when accepted. Learn more about the overall GSoC process from webchick's point of view...

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Tips for students porting modules to Drupal 8

Recently Drupal 8 has gone under many changes due to which students are facing some difficulties to find some of functionalities.

You can browse to link below if you want to know what are the changes that have been taken place between various drupal versions. It gives you entire list of functions and variables that have been removed or renamed from version to version.

List of changes @

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It was fun GCI, Welcome back GSoC

Our awesome community recently became a bit more awesome. Drupal was accepted into Google's Summer of Code 2014! Student applications started March 10th and are open until March 21st. It's not too late to become a student, mentor, or submit a project idea. Not available to join the GSoC fun...maybe you can send an email to your alumni university mailing list?

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GSOC 2014 Project Idea - Offline Sync - Content Staging Solution for Drupal 8

Project Mentors: varunity, penyaskito

Interested Students:

Project Difficulty: CHALLENGING

Project Skills/Prerequisite: php, mysql, cms, content sync, local sync, local dev, OOP, Yaml, SQL

Problems to solve

In Drupal 8, the Configuration system empowers teams for using staging workflows based on their version control of system of choice.
However, those teams often need to include content in the mix, which can be redacted and evolved in a staging site. We need some way of pushing those into production.

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GSoC Student Application Template for Drupal

Goal of wiki is to help students write applications to Google's Summer of Code. The best tip for students who are applying is to get involved in the Drupal community and if possible, start moving forward with your project. Please see the notes on "Drupal Ladder" below. Here are some additional tips: Sample applications from previous years can be found @

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Google Summer of Code 2014 - Late/backup mentors

Did you miss the deadline to participate in Drupal's Google Summer of Code 2014? No worries, please add your mentor profile information below. GSoC is a very time consuming program and we welcome all the help we can find. Not to mention backup mentors can be essential to saving certain projects.


FULL NAME: Clayton "Andrew" Predmore
d.o/user URL: 99280
UTC TIMEZONE: US Eastern, GMT -05:00
LANGUAGES: English, French
SKILLS: development, theming, testing

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Organised project ideas for Google Summer of Code 2014

Hello potential students and GSoC application review team. Welcome to Drupal's 2014 "Project Ideas Page" properly organized for application submission.

Student Questions?

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Google Summer of Code - how to encourage participation

This page/wiki is a place to document tactics utilized to encourage participation from the Drupal community for Google annual Summer of Code program. This is not an easy job and documentation of what worked/failed is essential to update yearly. I'll personally add to this more after application is finished...

Successful Tactics

*Contacting all of Drupal's GSoC alumni students/mentors
*Contacting all of companies @
*Reviewing issue queue to manually found open issues turned projects

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Drupal's GSoC pass/fail rate wiki (update every year)

Google Summer of Code application requires pass/fail rate of every year from veteran organizations. It might be on application again in the future. Plus this is valuable information for us to review each year and try for more projects with less failures each year. We can use this information to document who attend mentor summit each year. Please update this wiki at end of every gsoc.


Admin: Slurpee Backup: skyred
Reunion Summit: open
Accepted Projects: 0 Passed: 0 Failed: 0


Admin: Slurpee Backup: skyred

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Google Summer of Code 2014 - Announcement and Application

Major announcement! The 10th annual Google Summer of Code application period kicked off Monday, February 3rd (GSoC 2014 announcement from Google[1]).

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Posting GSoC to Drupal's Official Social Media Accounts

GSoC 2014 application requests our official social media pages. To be honest, it took me several minutes to track them down. Maybe I missed it, but I could not easily find links to the official Drupal twitter, facebook, g+. On another note, who manages these social media accounts and how do we setup a post about GSoC2014?

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General GSoC group instead of for specific years

Maybe we should take webchick's advice at the end of this thread:

and create a general "Google Summer of Code" group instead of doing one for each year?

What do you think, should we edit the name?

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Google Summer of Code 2014 - Task Organization Wiki

Utilize this wiki and template to add/organize potential tasks for Google's Summer of Code 2014 contest. We need at least 30 solid project ideas to help our chances of being accepted. Recent years of GSoC have shown lower participation and we hope to change that with the 10 year anniversary!


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Google Summer of Code 2014 - Application Wiki

Utilize this wiki to organize our application for Google's Summer of Code 2014 contest. Our plan is to have an initial application draft ready Wednesday February 12th. Please edit this wiki and add your feedback. Application URL @


Organization ID: drupal
Organization ID is used as part of various URL links throughout the site. You may reuse the same id for different years of the program. ASCII alphanumeric characters, digits, and underscores only.

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GSoC 2014 Schedule

Mon Feb 03 - Application Period Starts 19:00 UTC

Fri Feb 14 - Application Period Ends 19:00 UTC

Feb 17-21 - Google program administrators review organization applications.

Mon Feb 24 - List of accepted mentoring organizations published on the Google Summer of Code 2014 site.

INTERIM PERIOD - Would-be students discuss project ideas with potential mentoring organizations.

Fri Feb 28 - IRC meeting with rejected mentoring organizations.

Mon Mar 10 - Student application period opens.

Fri Mar 21 - Student application deadline.

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