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For an introduction to how Drupal can be used by libraries, take a look at Ellyssa Kroski's excellent overview.

You can also check out library-related Slack channels on the Drupal team (#libraries) and the Code4Lib team (#drupal4lib).

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Drupal for database media

Dear all,
I'm broadcast librarian ,how can i build database for media tapes , cd and dvd by drupal

{Moderator note: I moved this post off of the CALL FOR SPEAKERS THREAD and onto its own thread, dougvann}

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DrupalconSF libraries BoF

The good: we're having a library-related panel!
The bad: it's on Wednesday morning, on the last day!

I wanted to nudge the Libraries group members to start coming up with a time for a BoF. (BoF, for the uninitiated, means "Birds of a Feather," or an unofficial meeting of like-minded individuals.)

Kate, Tammy, and I will all be in San Francisco by Sunday afternoon, but we're getting together that evening to review our presentation, so I think it's safe to say we aren't available before Monday morning.

If you're interested, post and let's figure out a time that works for everyone.

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Rookie in this drupal libraries


I am very rookie in this topic, "drupal for libraries", I do no speak english, sorry my mistakes, but I hope that the community can help me. I am working in the developmen of a digital library and like drupal for this work. before this project I worked with drupal. My idea is use OAI-PMH for the recolation of datas of external sources. I want to know about some modules for this kind of application in drupal. Service providers for OAI or data provider OAI.


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Drupal Developer-6 Month Position | Auraria Library-University of Colorado Denver

Employment type: 

The Auraria Library which serves the University of Colorado Denver, Metropolitan State College of Denver and the Community College of Denver, is looking for a six-month temporary employee to help us plan and develop our Drupal site. Please email a resume, a list of three references, and examples of work to Meg Brown-Sica at

Job Duties:
-Works with the Web Librarian and Associate Director for Technology Strategy and Learning Spaces to develop a plan for implementing the results of usability studies, and migrate the library web site to Drupal

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LibraryCamp June24th Call for Speakers

The ball has never been rolling faster on the notion of having a LibraryCamp just prior to the American Library Association National Event.
I just made some major additions to the wiki including the notion of a venue-decision deadline for April 7th and a financial commitment for Duo Consulting to pay the Venue fee on April 8th.
Within FIVE DAYS from this post we will know where the event is and the next day it will be reserved.

The following individuals expressed an interest in presenting at the LibraryCamp.

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Drupal on libraries spanish book

We are pleased to announce the access and download of the book which compiles experiences shared inside the 1st meeting of Drupal users in libraries, archives and information services hold on may 2009 in the FESABID (Federacion Española de Sociedades de Archivística, Biblioteconomía, Documentación y Museística) Conference (Zaragoza, Spain).

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LibraryCamp Signup

Figured we'd get a sign-up sheet going to estimate the # of attendees for best possible venue space...



  • Javier Gonzalez Media644 -
  • John Blyberg, Darien Library -
  • Christefano, Exaltation of Larks [possibly]
  • Sharon Clapp, CT State Library -
  • Cathay Crosby, Maryland AskUsNow!/BCPL - [possible]
  • Jason Domasky, Baltimore County Public Library (MD) -
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    Showcase: Database Pages & Research Guides Using Drupal

    The following is a list of library database pages and research/subject guides using Drupal.

    [Note from Leo: Feel free to add your page here - alphabetical by name of institution.]

    Canton Public Library (Canton, MI): Research

    Lafayette College (Easton, PA): Research Tools

    Pikes Peak Library District (Colorado Springs, CO): Research by Subject (under construction)

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    Anyone out there use Search Files module?

    I've been trying to use Search Files module to index pdfs on my website. So far I haven't got it to work. I think I may have the directory path wrong. My files are in the following:


    I've tried various relative paths and none of them seem to index. At least I think that's what's going on. Anyone out there able to point me in the right direction?

    Thanks so much!

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    How many View displays are too many?

    Hi folks,

    Anyone have a guess on whether or not having a lot of displays (block/page) in a View can slow down the site or have any other negative consequences?

    I'm wondering if I should make one BIG View with probably at least 30 block displays, or if I should make them into separate vocabularies and smaller Views.

    What do ya'll think?

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    LibraryCamp at ALA Update Request

    Hey gang!
    I can't believe that we're already in March and DrupalCon SF is right around the corner!
    With June rapidly approaching, I wanted to start a fresh thread on the topic of having a LibraryCamp at this year's national ALA meeting in DC.

    I'm ready to make my travel plans and hotel arrangements. I've reread the previous threads and looked through the wiki, but It's not clear to me if there will be a LibraryCamp.
    If there is anything that I or can do to help, let me know.

    Thank you,
    Doug Vann
    Drupal Developer/Trainer
    D U O : C O N S U L T I N G

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    Kate Lynch's session, "Shh, This is a (Drupal-powered) Library Site", made the cut for DrupalCon SF

    Kate Lynch's session, "Shh, This is a (Drupal-powered) Library Site", made the cut for DrupalCon San Francisco. It is currently slated for 9:45 AM on Wednesday, April 21.

    The room holds about 400, so we need to turn out for it. If you haven't planned to go, there are still plenty of tickets at a mere $195 (for another two weeks, I think), so please join us in one of the most beautiful cities in the world for three days of Drupal, food, and a few good librarians.

    Congratulations to Kate and her co-presenters.

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    Acquisitions processing

    Does anyone have any insight into how we might convert our access database which resides on one staff members computer - containing orders; processes reports etc for acquisitions in our public library system?

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    bookings api: add resource days/times

    I am working with bookings API-- have all modules needed enabled - I entered a room but can't figure out how to enter days/times available - I work for a public library system with 9 buildings and community rooms in each - when I edit the resource it open booking in Views and I am not sure how to configure to have times available for each room--any help much appreciated

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    If you're attending DrupalConSF, please vote for library-related sessions you want to see

    Just a reminder that voting for DrupalConSF sessions ends March 1st. If you're attending and want to see one of these library-oriented sessions, please vote for them:

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    Filtering Vendor Databases by Branch

    Hi folks,

    I've run into a problem that I hope someone can help with. My library district has a lot of vendor database subscriptions, but a handful of these databases are only available at certain branches or just inhouse.

    Currently we use a vbscript file that defines the branch IP range for each branch. If the vendor database is tagged with that branch in a home-grown SQL database access is limited to that branch.

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    Drupal for Libraries Article in Library Journal

    I was interviewed for an article that got published today in Library Journal: This was the first time I've been interviewed for an article about Drupal. I hope I represented Drupal and the Drupal community well. Please feel free to post feedback here, or contact me with it, which I will happily take into account in any future interviews or writings, if there are any. Much thanks to Karen Coombs for writing the article and to Library Journal for publishing it.

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    LibraryCamp DC --- Venue?

    Thank you to those who are looking into possible venues for the LibraryCamp
    I'd like to offer this thread as a chance for those looking into venues to report to the group on the opportunities that exist.

    Thank you,
    Doug Vann

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    Drupal Developer--Temp Position | Douglas County Libraries, Castle Rock, CO

    Employment type: 
    Full time
    Not allowed

    The Douglas County Libraries has a f/t (40 hrs/wk) Drupal Developer position available in our IT Department. This is a temporary job, lasting for about 9 – 12 months. The position will support our transition from the Drupal 5 to the Drupal 6 platform. The position will work with our web team to build a solid Drupal 6 infrastructure and framework based on industry best practices. This will require working with some Drupal 6 module configurations such as RSS feeds, themes and styles, search, and TinyMCE. Subsequent phases of the project will involve a complete redesign of at least four district web sites, incorporating interactivity with flash and graphics for an appealing and user friendly design experience.

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    Taxonomy for Booklists/Book Reviews?

    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone made a taxonomy for booklists or book reviews? We have been asked to create our "taxonomy terms/vocabulary" for our materials, but I'm having trouble contexually understanding how these words are going to be critical in pulling wonderful drupal booklists in different ways, or what the possibilities are. HELP! Please give me any examples you can that I can use as examples to visualize how this can be rendered.

    Thanks always for your help. My e-mail is

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