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For an introduction to how Drupal can be used by libraries, take a look at Ellyssa Kroski's excellent overview.

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If you're attending DrupalConSF, please vote for library-related sessions you want to see

Just a reminder that voting for DrupalConSF sessions ends March 1st. If you're attending and want to see one of these library-oriented sessions, please vote for them:

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Filtering Vendor Databases by Branch

Hi folks,

I've run into a problem that I hope someone can help with. My library district has a lot of vendor database subscriptions, but a handful of these databases are only available at certain branches or just inhouse.

Currently we use a vbscript file that defines the branch IP range for each branch. If the vendor database is tagged with that branch in a home-grown SQL database access is limited to that branch.

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Drupal for Libraries Article in Library Journal

I was interviewed for an article that got published today in Library Journal: This was the first time I've been interviewed for an article about Drupal. I hope I represented Drupal and the Drupal community well. Please feel free to post feedback here, or contact me with it, which I will happily take into account in any future interviews or writings, if there are any. Much thanks to Karen Coombs for writing the article and to Library Journal for publishing it.

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LibraryCamp DC --- Venue?

Thank you to those who are looking into possible venues for the LibraryCamp
I'd like to offer this thread as a chance for those looking into venues to report to the group on the opportunities that exist.

Thank you,
Doug Vann

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Drupal Developer--Temp Position | Douglas County Libraries, Castle Rock, CO

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

The Douglas County Libraries has a f/t (40 hrs/wk) Drupal Developer position available in our IT Department. This is a temporary job, lasting for about 9 – 12 months. The position will support our transition from the Drupal 5 to the Drupal 6 platform. The position will work with our web team to build a solid Drupal 6 infrastructure and framework based on industry best practices. This will require working with some Drupal 6 module configurations such as RSS feeds, themes and styles, search, and TinyMCE. Subsequent phases of the project will involve a complete redesign of at least four district web sites, incorporating interactivity with flash and graphics for an appealing and user friendly design experience.

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Taxonomy for Booklists/Book Reviews?

Hi everyone,

Has anyone made a taxonomy for booklists or book reviews? We have been asked to create our "taxonomy terms/vocabulary" for our materials, but I'm having trouble contexually understanding how these words are going to be critical in pulling wonderful drupal booklists in different ways, or what the possibilities are. HELP! Please give me any examples you can that I can use as examples to visualize how this can be rendered.

Thanks always for your help. My e-mail is

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Simple Drupal Book -> SCORM package export. Is it worth it?

I'm thinking of doing a simple module that would take a Drupal Book and output a SCORM package (.zip) with the necessary components.

My questions are:
* would there be interest for such a module?
* what SCORM standard (pick one) would be the "best" (least worst?) one to use? (Pointers are welcome, I'm kind of a newb regarding all the available standards).
* do you have any features you'd like this to have?

Planning Library DrupalCamp around ALA 2010

This is a wiki page to help get started on organizing a Library DrupalCamp in DC adjacent to the ALA conference in June (Based on this discussion:

Thursday June 24th [dv]


Here's a discussion of specific venues:
It looks like we'll be at the Arlington County Central Library's auditorium [dv]

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Drupal at PLA

Does anyone know of anything Drupal happening before, during, or after PLA in Portland this spring (March 22-27)? I'd love to get together with other librarians to talk about all things Drupal. I'm launching our website on January 1 ( and our library system is thinking about switching their site over as well.

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OPAC module -- Millennium vs SOPAC vs Other?

First off, I'm new to library development so tell me if way off base.

It seems that there are a handful of modules for harvesting records from ILS's, into your Drupal site as nodes (biblio or what have you). The two that I keep seeing are Millennium and SOPAC.
* Originally I thought Millennium was better -- it has higher D.O usage statistics, and it's a more Drupal-integrated solution (since it saves records as nodes, on which you can use views/fivestar/comments/etc).

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The New York Public Library launches public beta of new Drupal powered site

We're proud to announce the public beta of our new site, available at Please use the feedback mechanism available on the site if you would like to give us your input, but I'm happy to try answering any informal questions here.

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Web and Digital Library Specialist | Center for Research Libraries

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) is seeking a creative Web and Digital Library Specialist. Under the direction of the Director of Information Systems, the candidate selected will work independently to design, develop and implement grant and non-grant funded web projects.
Essential Duties:

* Conduct development and system administration on the Drupal content management system: evaluate and implement modules, implement and monitor work flows, develop site wide theming, templates, content types, etc.
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LITA Drupal Interest Group Meeting

2010-01-16 16:00 - 17:30 America/New_York

It is time to start planning for the Drupal Interest Group meeting to take place at ALA Midwinter in Boston. The meeting is scheduled for Saturday, January 16, 2010 from 4:00-5:30, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center-Room 157B.

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Library DrupalCamp

Following up on my note to the Drupal4lib list, I propose that we have a library DrupalCamp. Presuming that this would be a one day event, I suggest Thursday, June 24th (ish) immediately proceeding ALA Annual in Washington, DC. Of course, it could be two days.

Formal or unconference?

If anyone is interested in getting involved or, preferably, taking charge of this, please step forward.

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Informal Drupal meeting at ILA in Peoria

2009-10-07 14:00 - 15:00 America/Chicago

For any Illinois library folks who will be at ILA in Peoria next week …

Since I haven’t heard of any Drupal-related goings-on there, I’m organizing an informal (i.e., not part of the conference program, no formal presentation) “lets talk about Drupal” meeting.

When: Wednesday, October 7, 2:00pm
Where: A Table Talk table in the exhibit hall (the “official” Table Talk sessions are not scheduled for that time)

We can chat about our projects, useful modules we’ve found, etc.

I’ll bring chocolate.

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Automated Readers Advisory - Taxonomy or Node Reference

I was wondering if anyone had any experience building something for automating readers advisory. My librarians are calling it "read-a-likes." The idea is that there is a list of authors. Each author would link to their page with links to other similar authors. You can see the example below.

If you like David Baldacci, then try:

William Bernhardt
Stephen J. Cannell
Linda Fairstein
Vince Flynn
James Grippando
John Grisham
Brad Meltzer
Kyle Mills
Robert Tanenbaum
Stuart Woods (Will Lee Series)

A further example can be found here.

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Chicagoland Drupal4Lib BoF (9/25/2009) - Report

Drupalicon We had a great turn-out with about 20 librarians representing a good cross-section of both institutions and areas in and around Chicago. The discussion was so engaging that I totally forgot to take a picture!

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SCUG Meetup this Thursday, September 3

2009-09-03 18:30 - 21:00 America/Denver

It's that time again, folks. Drupal Southern Colorado Users Group (SCUG) will host its monthly meetup at East Library this Thursday September 3, from 6:30 - 9 p.m.

This meeting will cover two broad topics:

  1. We will continue our discussions surrounding "Fix My Site", appropriate for people brand new to Drupal along with people who have very specific problems to be fixed.
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Chicagoland Drupal Library BoF - Fall '09

2009-09-25 14:00 - 16:00 America/Chicago

We'll be having our Chicagoland Drupal Library BoF on Friday, Sept. 25, 2pm-4pm at the Offices of the Metropolitan Library System (224 S. Michigan) in Chicago.

Cost is free but we need people to register at:

The Chicagoland Drupal4Lib BoF is an opportunity for librarians to get together and discuss how they use (or would like to use) Drupal in a library context. We'll ask people to present projects they're working on and we'll field questions on problems and approaches to implementing Drupal. All levels of knowledge from expert to beginner are welcome.

[Agenda after the jump... ]

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Taxonomy for Public Libraries?

Can I invite you to share insight on your library website's TAXONOMY?

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