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Some resources you may be interested in reading:

California Drupal Travelers Program Wiki

The mission of the Drupal Travelers Program is to connect businesses and traveling community members with local communities and events in the areas that they are visiting.

You are welcome to edit and add to this wiki, but keep the list organized and do not remove entries unless you are that meetup or group organizer.

Adding links, dates and geographical locations is encouraged.

Table of Contents

Participating Meetups and Groups

4th Tuesday of Each Month 4th Wednesday of Each Month 4th Thursday of Each Month
Frontend Drupal / Design 4 Drupal Downtown Los Angeles Drupal San Gabriel Valley Drupal
San Diego North County DUG

Detailed Descriptions of Meetups

When editing and adding meetups below, be as descriptive as you'd like. It may be helpful to businesses and traveling community members for them to have as much information as possible.

Frontend Drupal / Design 4 Drupal

The Frontend Drupal / Design 4 Drupal meetups are on the 4th Tuesday and are usually in Culver City, CA. They focus on design, theming, usability, typography and other frontend-related topics.

Downtown Los Angeles Drupal

With enough notice, Downtown Los Angeles Drupal organizers can produce special events at Droplabs on the 4th Wednesday in Downtown Los Angeles.

Droplabs already hosts several Drupal meetups each month, including the High Performance Drupal and general Downtown Los Angeles Drupal meetups. These meetups have had attendance of between 20-65 attendees.

San Gabriel Valley Drupal

The San Gabriel Valley Drupal meetups are on the 4th Thursday in San Gabriel Valley (usually Pasadena, CA). They have a general focus and have an attendance of between 15-30 attendees.

San Diego Drupal Users Group

The San Diego Drupal Users Group meetups are on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at the San Diego Hall of Champions in Balboa Park. We have a mixed structure with some planned content and some ad-hoc content, and we usually have a small social meetup at the Prado down the street afterwards.

San Diego North County DUG

The San Diego North County DUG meetups are on the 4th Thursday of every month in Carlsbad, CA at the NAMM headquarters in the Museum Of Making Music. This meetup averages about 10-15 users, most of which are seasoned Drupalers. Content is purely ad-hoc, and you may be asked to talk about what you've been doing recently.

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Atlanta Drupal Business Summit

2011-09-30 08:30 - 14:30 UTC

Pleased to announce that Atlanta will be holding its first ever Drupal Business Summit on Friday, September 30th 2011 at Georgia Tech.

The event is targeted towards business professionals that are involved or have oversight of web-related initiatives within an organization. There will be particular value for those considering open-source based solutions, evaluating CMS options, or in the process of standardizing part of or all of their web properties to Drupal.

Registration is FREE - for additional info please visit:

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DrupalCamp Singapore to take place Q4

On July 26th we will announce the first details about our DrupalCamp Singapore.
The announcement will be made in Hackerspace.SG, 70 Bussorah Street,
where there's a major CMS event taking place.

See the event page here:

Also, check out the SG Drupal Community's meetup post:

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Leveraging Facebook, and efficiently managing the tools available for community communication and growth

I'm wanting to get a discussion going, primarily about creating a Facebook page for the South African Drupal community, secondarily about the other communication tools at our disposal and how best to use them.

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Users Group in smaller college town

I just started a local group for Ithaca, New York. Ithaca is small college town, 30k, 100k metro with about 25k college students. We are about an hour an away from Syracuse which is the closet city of any size. There are 2 groups, Western New York and Albany, NY near us which generally meet 3 hours away from us.

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Drupal Camp Asheville and Drupal Carolinas LLC

Drupal Camp Asheville 2011

Well it's about time we got the ball rolling on planning for Drupal Camp Asheville. The goal is to have a meeting (presumably at Top Floor Studio in Asheville, NC) in two weeks to get the base plan laid out.

I started a google calendar here: https://www.google.com/calendar/b/0/embed?src=7i9imrputs2u7divjrt9p041gg... and can give write access to whoever wants it. I plotted the major drupal events I could find from a quick search. If you know more please comment and I will add to the list.

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Online PR person (Drupal Blogger outreach) - DrupalCon London 2011

The DC London Marketing Team needs to urgently recruit an Online PR person to help write press releases and distribute useful information and news about DC London to the Drupal blogging community and other interested stakeholders. The role will involve building a mailing list of Drupal bloggers, plan communications campaigns, write interesting press releases, and distribute information and goodies to bloggers. Also, importantly, get feedback from the blogger community and listen to their ideas and respond to requests for info where required.

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Drupalcamp Atlanta 2011 (Potential Date Discussion)


We are in the early planning stages for Drupalcamp Atlanta 2011 and wanted to throw Saturday, October 8th out as a potential date.

Does anyone know if this conflicts with any other Drupal/OSS events or major happenings in the Atlanta area? I know Do it With Drupal and the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit are scheduled for the following week.

Finally, interested in volunteering? We will begin to tee up committee meetings soon. If you would like to help out please reach out to me at dave dot terry at mediacurrent dot com


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First Photos of DrupalCamp Lisbon 2011

Here's the first photos of our very first drupalcamp in Portugal.


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OSScamp Lucknow 11.03

2011-03-26 09:00 - 2011-03-27 18:00 Asia/Calcutta

OSScamp Lucknow 11.03 is an open source unconference being organised at the Babu Banarsidas Group of Institutions, Lucknow, on March 26-27 2011, in Lucknow (UP), India

At the OSScamp, we are organising a Drupal Hindi Localisation Sprint, plus have other hands on activities planned around Drupal. Please participate to make it a success.

Registeration/Signup and more details at: http://osscamp.in/event/osscamp-lucknow-1103

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Building Successful Local Communities @ Drupalcon


Check out our session at Drupalcon: http://chicago2011.drupal.org/sessions/building-successful-local-communi...

I'm sure there is a lot to exchange and to learn from each other on this topic.

Ivo Radulovski

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Local Group Strategic Planning

Defining local Drupal utopia and planning the way there

We're working on a strategic plan for the Nebraska Drupal Group, and as we're not the first to think about this (or the last who'll need to), I thought it might be helpful to open up the discussion to the broader community. Perhaps we can come up with something of a reusable framework. To which end, I'm asking a two-part question: 1) what would a local Drupal utopia look like, and 2) what can we do in our local groups to help create one? After the pattern of a standard, goals-based strategic plan, I've drafted up the following mission and vision:

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Promote Drupal at the Global Ignite Week 2011

What is Ignite?

Ignite is a geek event in over 100 cities worldwide. At the events Ignite presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes.

I made a short summary about this and my talk here: http://www.drupal-rocks.com/node/183

My talk is not focussed on drupal, but of course I´ll finish my talk with the fact, that there´s a modul for Processing in development.

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DrupalCamp accounting practices

I was just wondering how other DrupalCamp organizers handled the money-side of putting on an event. We've hosted DrupalCamp Austin two times now, and both times we've just had the money flow in and out of our company's PayPal and bank accounts. Ideally, you would want the camp to have its own accounts so that the money can cleanly exist separately from that of the hosting company/organization.

Getting money

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How-to video or web conference dedicated to using OG Panels on groups.drupal.org

Would it be valuable to you, the group organizers and site admins on groups.drupal.org, to see a how-to video or participate in a live web conference and see how OG Panels on groups.drupal.org's "Pages" tabs can be used? I recently heard that the LA Drupal group's pages were helpful to organizers of a few regional groups, and I'd be happy to share what I know.

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A Summary Report of Your Drupal User Group

Please take a few minutes to briefly summarize how your local group is doing, and what kinds of things you are doing, perhaps include the following stats:
* How Long Have You been Meeting
* Average Attendance
* What kind of Venue do you meet in (donated office space, cafe, pub)
* Sample Agenda
* How do you do introductions

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Organizing effective (and fun) local user groups session at Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit

Andy Laken organized a great panel discussion about Organizing effective (and fun) local user groups at the Pacific Northwest DrupalSummit in Vancouver. There were a number of people who took notes, and I hope they will post them here on this discussion.

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LA Drupal is calling volunteers and organizers to join the ladrupal-organizing mailing list

LA Drupal now has an ladrupal-organizing mailing list. The list is unmoderated, publicly archived and any member of the Drupal community is welcome to sign up. This organizing list is intended for people who want to help organize LA Drupal events and activities and want an alternative to groups.drupal.org/la when doing it.

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Drupalcamp Atlanta 2010 Registration is Open!

2010-10-02 08:00 - 09:00 UTC

Drupalcamp Atlanta 2010 (www.drupalcampatlanta.com) is now open for registration, and will be held on Saturday, October 2nd from 8am – 5pm at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Our mission and purpose is twofold: (1.) we want to educate people about Drupal and (2.) further evangelize Drupal within our geographic region. The 2nd annual Drupalcamp Atlanta is an attendee driven, completely volunteer initiative modeled after the open, participatory nature of barcamps.

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Group Videos

In Drupal Camp Chicago this weekend, I lead a session about Revitalizing Local User Groups. One particular topic of interest was about video of the events. I had presented the idea of Ustream for events. You can stream any event live and record it for later reference on the Ustream site.

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