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Please do not post local MEETUPS in this group :-)
Provide resources, discussions, and best practices for anyone involved in running their local user group.
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Some resources you may be interested in reading:

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Building Successful Local Communities @ Drupalcon


Check out our session at Drupalcon: http://chicago2011.drupal.org/sessions/building-successful-local-communi...

I'm sure there is a lot to exchange and to learn from each other on this topic.

Ivo Radulovski

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Local Group Strategic Planning

Defining local Drupal utopia and planning the way there

We're working on a strategic plan for the Nebraska Drupal Group, and as we're not the first to think about this (or the last who'll need to), I thought it might be helpful to open up the discussion to the broader community. Perhaps we can come up with something of a reusable framework. To which end, I'm asking a two-part question: 1) what would a local Drupal utopia look like, and 2) what can we do in our local groups to help create one? After the pattern of a standard, goals-based strategic plan, I've drafted up the following mission and vision:

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Promote Drupal at the Global Ignite Week 2011

What is Ignite?

Ignite is a geek event in over 100 cities worldwide. At the events Ignite presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes.

I made a short summary about this and my talk here: http://www.drupal-rocks.com/node/183

My talk is not focussed on drupal, but of course I´ll finish my talk with the fact, that there´s a modul for Processing in development.

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DrupalCamp accounting practices

I was just wondering how other DrupalCamp organizers handled the money-side of putting on an event. We've hosted DrupalCamp Austin two times now, and both times we've just had the money flow in and out of our company's PayPal and bank accounts. Ideally, you would want the camp to have its own accounts so that the money can cleanly exist separately from that of the hosting company/organization.

Getting money

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How-to video or web conference dedicated to using OG Panels on groups.drupal.org

Would it be valuable to you, the group organizers and site admins on groups.drupal.org, to see a how-to video or participate in a live web conference and see how OG Panels on groups.drupal.org's "Pages" tabs can be used? I recently heard that the LA Drupal group's pages were helpful to organizers of a few regional groups, and I'd be happy to share what I know.

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A Summary Report of Your Drupal User Group

Please take a few minutes to briefly summarize how your local group is doing, and what kinds of things you are doing, perhaps include the following stats:
* How Long Have You been Meeting
* Average Attendance
* What kind of Venue do you meet in (donated office space, cafe, pub)
* Sample Agenda
* How do you do introductions

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Organizing effective (and fun) local user groups session at Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit

Andy Laken organized a great panel discussion about Organizing effective (and fun) local user groups at the Pacific Northwest DrupalSummit in Vancouver. There were a number of people who took notes, and I hope they will post them here on this discussion.

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LA Drupal is calling volunteers and organizers to join the ladrupal-organizing mailing list

LA Drupal now has an ladrupal-organizing mailing list. The list is unmoderated, publicly archived and any member of the Drupal community is welcome to sign up. This organizing list is intended for people who want to help organize LA Drupal events and activities and want an alternative to groups.drupal.org/la when doing it.

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Drupalcamp Atlanta 2010 Registration is Open!

2010-10-02 08:00 - 09:00 UTC

Drupalcamp Atlanta 2010 (www.drupalcampatlanta.com) is now open for registration, and will be held on Saturday, October 2nd from 8am – 5pm at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Our mission and purpose is twofold: (1.) we want to educate people about Drupal and (2.) further evangelize Drupal within our geographic region. The 2nd annual Drupalcamp Atlanta is an attendee driven, completely volunteer initiative modeled after the open, participatory nature of barcamps.

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Group Videos

In Drupal Camp Chicago this weekend, I lead a session about Revitalizing Local User Groups. One particular topic of interest was about video of the events. I had presented the idea of Ustream for events. You can stream any event live and record it for later reference on the Ustream site.

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Starting a DrupalCamp Install Profile for Drupal 6

In 2009, LA Drupal gave our DrupalCamp L.A. site code away to the world for other groups to adopt that would hopefully help spark new DrupalCamps across the world. At the time of its release we could only provide a ZIP file with the database dump and a folder of modules. Handfuls of user groups adopted our code and started to give us feedback. Up until now there has been no official documentation, instructions, or anything that would help get a new DrupalCamp site up painlessly. That is about to change.

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Rekindling the flame of local groups

As we all know Fernando [aka DevelCuy] and others down South are COOKING when it comes to Drupal events.
My own town [as I've mentioned] has slipped from twice a month to a very casual monthly dinner which is not as suitable for Drupaling as we'd like. My and the other organizer Dudenhofer are cooking up some plans for another hackfest. See hackfest definition here: http://www.dougvann.com/blogs/dougvann/09-01-31/drupal-hackfest-definition

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Hosted DrupalCamp Sites: Your feedback requested!

I've started a thread about the possibility of having a DrupalCamp install profile hosted on Drupal.org infrastructure. This would make it easy for regional groups to spin up a new, feature-rich site for DrupalCamps. It would be great if group organizers who are interested in such a service could express their interest *on the infrastructure issue* at http://drupal.org/node/782162.



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Guidelines for posting to the group?

Hi all -

At the risk of stepping on some toes, I have been noticing that I am having a TON of posts come through my "unread" list through this group, that are really just local user group or camp notices. It tends to feel like slogging through spam, since they're not really of interest to anyone outside the given region.

I'm not sure what the purpose of this group was originally intended to be, but the few posts that have been more relevant to all local user group organizers have been great, so I don't want to leave the group just to avoid all the extraneous posts.

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Drupal Dojos, Hack Nights, and Cafés in your community

This week over Drupalcon I had the chance to spend time with Lynn Bender who started the Austin Drupal Dojo after discussions with Josh Koenig (the Dojofather) and others in the Austin community. Here's, to paraphrase, a description of what they're doing...

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Panels pages on group home pages

I am interested to see how other group admins use panels to facilitate usage of their group. NZ is my best/favourite one of the 3 or so groups I admin; http://groups.drupal.org/nz. Please share yours.

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March ADUG Meetup - Site Building w/Open Publish (Part 2)

2010-03-09 06:30 - 08:30 UTC

For our March program, Jeff Walpole and Frank Febbraro, co-founders of Washington, DC-based Phase2 Technology, will join ADUG to continue our discussion of OpenPublish (OP).

Last month ADUG’s Kent Lester talked about his first “out of box” experience using OpenPublish to build a news site. In Part 2, Jeff and Frank will discuss the past, present and future vision for OpenPublish and the enthusiastic community that is building up around it. At this meetup you’ll:

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Calling all Local User Group Organizers

Hey all!
I'd like to start this thread as a place for everyone to post a quick update on how their local group is doing.

I'll start by saying that I manage the groups.drupal.org/indiana site.
We've stepped away from the monthly meetups in office-spaces and moved into monthly bar-meets. Where we grab a large section of a local bar and have dinner and drinks together. Group co-founder Aaron Dudenhofer started this after we wnet a few months with no meetings at all. Last month was the beginning of our 3rd year as a group and it was fun to relax w/ dinner, drinks, and friends.

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DrupalCamp at SouthEast LinuxFest in Spartanburg SC. Sun. June13

2010-06-13 08:00 - 18:00 America/Indianapolis

A call for presenters AND attendees
PLZ reply with ideas and comments. All input welcome!

The organizers of SouthEast LinuxFest have asked me to volunteer to organize a FREE one day Drupalcamp to take place on day2 of the SouthEast LinuxFest. http://www.southeastlinuxfest.org/
WHEN: Sunday June 13th
WHERE: Spartenburg Marriott at the Renaissance http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/SPAMC?groupCode=slxslxa&app=resvlink&fromDate=6/10/10&toDate=6/14/10
Spartenburg SC

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Visión de Drupal Perú para el 2010

En los minutos finales de la inolvidable Invasión Drupal Perú Enero 2010, cuando todos comenzaban a irse, se me acerco @assoritam para hacerme una grata pregunta:

"¿Cuáles son los proyectos actuales del grupo y cómo puedo apoyar?"

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